Benefits of Cloves Sexually: Everything to Know

Before there were medicines for everything, herbal remedies reigned supreme. The benefits of cloves sexually is not a new idea but one of these. In this article, we will discuss these dried flower buds and their strong healing properties that support sexual health in males. We will also share how you can include them in your daily diet plan for optimal sexual health benefits.

A brief introduction to Cloves and their traditional uses

What is clove? It is nothing but a dried flower bud derived from the Syzygium aromaticum tree. Cloves are known for their rich flavor packed with nutrients. For centuries, it has been used for sexual enhancements (as a libido booster and stamina enhancer) and numerous health benefits. They have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and are used for treating infections, promoting liver health & allowing diabetes patients to regain blood sugar control.

Cloves are rich in several vitamins, nutrients, and minerals which make you rethink if these small-sized buds have this huge impact. Below is the list of nutritional elements found in the buds or Clove Powder.

  • Fibre
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin K
  • Eugenol
  • Antioxidants

Fertility Benefits of Cloves sexually

Cloves have some exceptional benefits for fertility in men and women. These aromatic flower buds have potential fertility benefits such as:

  • Reducing Oxidative Stress within reproductive organs
  • Protecting damage to the reproductive cells
  • Support overall reproductive health among individuals
  • Improves fertility outcomes
  • Helps maintain hormonal balance

Their rich nutrient profile has a wide array of benefits for men and women. Let us list them out respectively. Cloves have impeccable benefits for improving sexual performance among men and women. They are the secret promoters of sexual desire and ensure optimal pleasure during sex. When used right, they can make both partners touch the sky.

You should go through this video for more information regarding this topic.

Benefits of cloves sexually for males

  1. Libido enhancement – Traditionally, cloves have been used as aphrodisiacs. They are thus believed to increase sexual desire and boost libido in males. By promoting more blood supply towards the genitals, they support better sexual arousal.
  2. Improved sexual functions – Manganese and eugenol content in cloves are essential compounds for supporting heart health. They also play a vital role in enhancing blood circulation all through the body. This further helps in erectile function improvements, thus supporting stronger and prolonged erections.
  3. Increase in quality and quantity of sperm– According to some medical experts, the antioxidant properties of cloves protect against oxidative damage to sperm. This in turn improves the quality and quantity of sperm which is essential for successful conception.
  4. Lowers risk of premature ejaculation – Cloves alleviate premature ejaculation in men. They possess stimulating as well as warming properties which help men gain control over ejaculations. Also, they increase sexual satisfaction among partners.

Benefits of cloves sexually for females

  1. Enhances sexual arousal and desires in women– The aphrodisiac effects allow women to experience intense sexual arousal and fulfill their desires for sex. Cloves stimulate the sensational side of women which only makes their intimate experiences better.
  2. Helps strike hormonal balance – The phytoestrogens contained in cloves mimic Estrogen (a natural compound of the body) which helps in regulating hormones in women. Including them in daily diet diminishes hormonal imbalances. Overall, it maximizes sexual health in females.
  3. Promotes vaginal health – Cloves are rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which promote overall vaginal health in women. They reduce the chances of vaginal infection, further reducing the risk of pain or discomfort during intercourse.
  4. Improves lubrication – When vaginal lubrication is adequate, the pleasure and comfort during intimacies is just right. Cloves support natural lubrication by promoting blood circulation towards the genitals. This encourages sexual arousal and ensures smooth (almost painless) penetration during sex.

How To Use Clove to Achieve Sexual Benefits?

There are a lot of ways to use cloves to achieve their benefits sexually. Here are a few instances…

  • Clove tea
  • Clove oil massage
  • Clove infusion
  • Clove inhalation
  • Clove supplements
  • Using clove spice in cooking
  • Clove bath soak

You may incorporate either of these ways in your daily routine to gain optimal sexual health benefits. Over time, while you use this natural sex drive booster, you’ll find out the best way it works for you. However, consider getting medical guidance before doing so.

What is the Benefit of Drinking Cloves water sexually?

Drinking cloves water for sexual health benefits will make you reap these:

  • Improved blood circulation towards genitals
  • Stimulated sexual desires and arousal
  • Regain hormonal balance or sustain the same
  • Protect damage to reproductive cells
  • Minimize chronic inflammation pointing to sexual dysfunction or infertility

Recipes or Suggestions for using Cloves in cooking

Here are some top suggestions that you may utilize for adding cloves in cooking and extracting their sexual health benefits. As you traverse through them, you’ll find the general idea of adding the spice itself to the food items that enhance their taste and flavor. These are just a few suggestions, you can make your own if you are curious enough!

  1. Gingerbread cookies
  2. Spiced chai tea
  3. Clove-spiced ham
  4. Clove-spiced rice
  5. Pumpkin pie spice
  6. Anything baked with clove spice
  7. Fruit compote with clove spice
  8. Reaping the aromatic profile of clove with Indian spice curry
  9. Mulled apple cider
  10. Mulled wine

Other Health Benefits of Cloves

  • Battling Inflammatory Diseases – Any kind of inflammatory disorders ultimately risk your heart health. Cloves ensure reduced inflammation by introducing eugenol and essential antioxidants.
  • Safeguarding against infections – Infections affect reproductive health in ways you can never imagine. This flower bud protects against such infections due to its rich antimicrobial properties.
  • Detoxify the Body – Cloves contain antioxidants like eugenol which support liver health. They also possess detoxification properties which neutralize harmful toxins, thus supporting the growth of healthy liver cells.
  • Regulate Blood Sugar Levels – Several studies reveal that cloves are aiding the regulation of blood sugar levels. This will create positive effects on health and allow individuals to engage in sexual activities actively.
  • Keep Negative Sexual Health Impacts at Bay Diabetic patients mostly experience fluctuations in blood sugar levels which impacts energy levels, sexual desires, and overall mood. Cloves help regulate blood sugar levels which keeps its negative symptoms of killing sexual health at bay.

Cloves and medications commonly used to enhance sexual performance

While cloves support sexual health in men and women naturally, it is not used as a medication for boosting sexual performance. However, if cloves are used along with prescription sex drive boosters, their effectiveness is enhanced like anything. Here are some commonly prescribed drugs for boosting sex drive:

You shall seek medical attention before using any medication or adding cloves, particularly for improving sexual performance.

Potential risks or side effects of consuming Cloves

Although cloves have potential health benefits and are generally safe to use, excessive consumption can lead to health risks too. If you are allergic to them or use them excessively, the risk of side effects remains & they are as below:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Blood thinning
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Hormonal reactions
  • Skin sensitivity


Cloves can be your ray of hope and stand up to expectations if you are looking for a natural sexual performance enhancer. It supports overall sexual well-being by promoting hormonal balance, improving blood circulation, and a lot of benefits already discussed. Using them mindfully in your daily routine can lead to major benefits in the long run. Add them to your routine life to strike a balance in your overall lifestyle and enhance sexual wellness. Anyways, it is recommended to consult a physician before attempting the sexual benefits of cloves.

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