Beyond Mascara: The Truth About Best Eyelash Growth Serums 


Eyelash Growth Serums  

The beauty of an eye lies in the eyelashes.” This phrase is ancient but still not overrated, and several reasons exist for it. Whether a woman’s or a man’s eyes, this is a significant and expressive part of the body, and eyelashes are the accessories that complete the beauty. 

Using the best Eyelash growth serum helps to overcome none or less the growth of the hair on the eyelashes part with naturally grown hair on the upper eyelid.  

The lifecycle of eyelashes: An overview of growth stages 

Like every hair on your body, eyelashes also have a lifecycle that will define them. The natural process continues with old hair falling and new hair being replaced.  

There are three stages of the lifecycle of eyelashes: 

Stage 1 – The growth 

Stage 2 – The deprivation 

Stage 3 – The resting 

There are specific reasons that disturb this process, and thickness and darkness go away. 

How Eyelash Growth Serums Work 

The hair growth will start again with natural hair. The core element of eyelash growth serum is BimatoprostBimatoprost prolongs its growth stage; thus, the goal of longer lashes is achieved. Additional lashes will also start growing, and your lashes will get fuller. Two prominent names in this category are popular as generic eyelash growth serums and they are Lashona and generic Latisse

Beyond mascara benefit 

  • Beyond mascara, it will give natural hair   
  • It will grow full, dark, and thick eyelashes 
  • It will complete the beauty of your eyes 
  • Your confidence will lift as your eyelashes are not fake but natural 
  • There are no side effects of this serum 

Benefits and Realistic Expectations 

The benefits of the serum and realistic expectations should be attached to render the précised results. 

If the serum is used with proper instruction, it will grow your eyelashes, but they will not stay that way forever. You need to continuously use it. It will show its effect after 4 weeks, and by the 12th week, you will get the desired result. You need to remember that the serum’s effect could differ from human to human. You need to rigorously and with patience keep using it because we are not talking about days but weeks.  

When you have fully grown eyelashes after a particular week, and you stop using the serum, the hair will stay, and then after the lifecycle completes, it will fall, and then new hair won’t grow. The practice would be to keep using the serum, but you can dilute the frequency.    

Step-by-step guide for applying eyelash growth serums 

  • Open the bottle and dip the brush provided with the pack.
  • You need to apply the serum on the upper lid of the eye very gently.
  • Repeat the same process on the other eye as well.
  • Make sure the serum doesn’t go into the eye.
  • Avoid applying it to another part of the face or body.
  • Do not apply eyelash growth serum on the lower lid of the eye.
  • You need to apply regularly. If you can fix a time that would be better.
  • Keep the process going for at least 4 weeks for accurate results.

Safety and Side Effects 

With safety, naturally, the question arises: Are eyelash growth serums safe? 

You need to take care of these: The eyelash growth serum will not work on the lower lid of your eye. If it gets applied on the face or anywhere else, clean it. 

Assess the Dangers of using eyelash growth serums too, which will only occur if you use it wrongly.

  • Rashes 
  • Burn 
  • Red eye 
  • Burning eye 
  • Redness in the eye or surrounding part of the eye 

Best eyelash growth serum 

There are hundreds of Top eyelash growth serums in the market, and new ones are adding up yearly. But you need to choose the best one for you, which becomes a bit difficult when you have too many options. The following two are Natural lash growth serums


There is one authentic and inexpensive option called Lashona Eyelashes growth serum which is perhaps the Best eyelash growth serum available all around the globe. Lashona is manufactured by Actiza Pharmaceutical and it is a trustworthy company working with a vision and mission to provide pocket-friendly medicines to the common people. 

Careprost : 

There is another option called Careprost, which is also a good option compared to other fancy alternatives that have felt the market. 

These two are genuine products that will take care of your eyelash issue and will give you lush eyelashes, but remember all these are Prescription lash growth serums, so get one from your legal health provider. 

User Reviews and Testimonials 

Rihanna | Female | 29 Years 

I used to avoid social gatherings, and I didn’t have many friends either, and the reason for that was my eyelash. Then, one day, my aunt told me about the solution, and she took me to her doctor, who suggested Lashona eyelash growth serum. It’s been 6 months since I have been using Lashona, and now I have eyelashes that are natural ones. I still thank my aunt, and she is fed off of me for that. 

Georgia | Female | 38 Years 

I had a skincare issue, and I lost my eyelashes totally. I lost the hope that they would come back again. At the regular check-up visit, my doctor suggested an eyelash growth serum called Lashona, and within 4 weeks, I got positive results. It has been around 15 weeks, and I have my natural eyelashes back with dark and long hair.  


No need to worry now with a Lash growth serum that works well with eyelash, you will get fuller, darker, and lush eyelashes in just a few weeks. You have options such as Lashona and generic Latisse; these eyelash growth serums are effective and best in the market compared to their fancy counterparts. 

Take care of the application process and with safe use you can throw your embarrassment and shyness away from your life.   


How long does it take for eyelash growth serums to show results? 

4 weeks is the time it will take minimum to see the result, it may take some more or less time depending on your eyelashes condition.

Are eyelash growth serums safe to use? 

Eyelash growth serums are safe if you use them with caution, apply them correctly, and use them for the prescribed time.

Do eyelash growth serums work on lower lashes, too?

Eyelash growth serums will not work on the lower lid these are to be used on the upper lid only.

Are there natural alternatives to commercial eyelash growth serums?

Lashona and generic Latisse are very much naturally growing the eyelashes. In addition you can use Caster oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil.

How often should I use eyelash growth serums for optimal results?

Once every day would be the answer to this question, that too apply at a fixed time so you will remember to use the serum, and it will have a maximum effect as well. 

Can I wear mascara or makeup while using eyelash growth serums?

After eyelash growth serum gets dry you can apply other make-up stuffs or wear mascara.

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