ED After Divorce

ED After Divorce

ED is one of the serious physical issues that middle-aged men suffer from. This issue is the ability to keep oneself and have penetrative sex. ED after divorce prevails because of many psychological and physical reasons.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Occurs after Divorce?

We all need a sexual partner with whom we can share our expected sexual life. As per the study, the average married couple in India likes to perform twice or thrice a week in a bedroom. This count is around 58 times sex a year.

In the current time, we see ED as the major issue for divorce around the world. There can be several reasons like lack of communication, failing to discuss expectations with your partner, lack of trust in relationships, and many more.

Men often intaking fast foods, do not take proper meals, take meals at an improper time, and lack exercise.

All these bad habits bring them many health issues like the desire for sex or no sex and even finding it difficult to keep an erection.

Now, let us discuss some reasons for erectile dysfunction after divorce.

What are the Reasons for ED After Divorce?

What are the Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction after Divorce?

There can be multiple reasons behind erectile dysfunction that can lead to divorces such as lacking proper diet, and overconsumption of unhealthy food items or beverages. Here, we are going to discuss the issues of ED after divorce.

The factors that lead to ED are:

  • Exhausting Masturbation
  • Bad lifestyle
  • Watching Unlimited Porns

Now, let us discuss the factors that cause ED after divorce one by one.

How does Exhausting Masturbation Lead to ED After Divorce?

How does Exhausting Masturbation Lead to ED?

Many factors like blood circulation, nerves, and brain (coordination and balance) play a vital role in erection. However, men after divorce feel afraid and insecure to meet a new partner just after divorce, so they excessively masturbate. The results are, that they damage their nerves.

Thus, when they perform on the bed with their partner, nerves become incapable of sending the bloodstream to the penis. So, when the blood flow in the penis is insufficient for sex even if the person is sexually aroused, the penis doesn’t stay erect for a long time, which is actually Erectile Dysfunction.

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What Lifestyle Habits lead to ED After Divorce?

What Lifestyle Habits lead to ED?

The following lifestyle habits men adopt after parting the ways with their partners:

There are categories of recreational drugs such as depressants, analgesics, hallucinogens, and stimulants.

  • Drinking too much alcohol to release the stress
  • Analgesics incorporate heroin, morphine, and codeine.
  • Hallucinogens include Marijuana, cocaine, Meth, Opioids, and heroin
  • Stimulants include cocaine, Molly, or Ecstasy (MDMA: 3, 4 – Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) 

Men take these four recreational drugs to remain unaware of their thoughts and surroundings, which, in turn, causes a severe ED issue.

Lack of Exercise

Brain – the powerhouse of coordination, and balance that keeps sending signals to all the parts of the human body for coordinating activities such as contraction, and relaxation of blood vessels, proper blood circulation in the body, and so on. However, for the effective functioning of our body, men should do exercise.

Men with a lack of physical health may prone to several cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

These health issues don’t allow enough blood flow to the penis and men find it tough to keep an erection and perform well in the bedroom. Therefore, due to a lack of physical health, they suffer from an arterial dysfunction or ED.

Unbalanced, unhealthy diet

Men after divorce forget their meal schedule because of which they eat unhealthy food items, which comprise heavy fat, high-level of salt, and salt.

First, consuming high-fat meals can accumulate in your arteries and can cause heart stroke.

Second, consuming a high-salt diet can raise your cholesterol levels.

Third, overconsuming sugar can cause diabetes hypertension, and even heart failure.

Watching too much porn

Man as a sexual being look for various alternatives to fulfill his loneliness after divorce, among these is watching porn. Men fear meeting a new partner just after divorce, men excessively watch porn videos to satisfy their sex drive.

However, watching a lot of porn and excessive masturbation can reduce their interest in sex or even leave them with no sexual desire. This lack can cause ED which they come to know when they are performing on the bed with a new sex partner.

How does Overconsumption of Alcohol/Smoking/Tobacco lead to ED After Divorce?

How does Overconsumption of Alcohol Smoking Tobacco lead to ED?

Overconsumption of anything can be dangerous, and so is alcohol or smoking. Alcohol is an antidepressant that reduces sex drive in men and therefore leads to ED issues commonly.

Talking smoking, it comprises nicotine. Nicotine thickens your blood and builds clots in veins and arteries because of which there is a restricted blood flow to the penis and therefore, premature ejaculation or ED.

How Does a Lack of confidence and self-esteem lead to ED after Marriage?

How Does a Lack of confidence and self-esteem lead to ED after Marriage?

Men after a recent breakup find it hard to build up a new relationship. However, when they explore the world and luckily find a new sexual companion, they lack the self-esteem and confidence to perform well in a bedroom.
There can be psychological reasons like depression, anxiety, or stress that block their ability to keep up an erection. Also, when they cannot satisfy their current partner or set up a good image in the bedroom, they feel embarrassed, which affects their self-esteem and confidence, this, in turn, causes ED issues.

Methods for ED Cure

Methods for ED Cure

Men often feel embarrassed when talking about the ED issue publicly, however, it is important for you to follow the given ED curing steps:

  • Consult a counselor (relationship counselor to avoid the stage of divorce)
  • Consult a sex therapist
  • If facing an ED issue, you can use a sex toy as an alternative to satisfy your partner
  • Natural remedy for ED cure includes the following:

Food items – legumes, green vegetables, low-fat food, nuts, salmon fish (it has Omega-3 fatty acids), Oatmeal, Chilli peppers

Fruits – Blueberries, Watermelons, Bananas, Avocados

Dry fruits – Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, and Hazelnuts

Daily exercising – Skiing, Brisk Walking, Running, Swimming, and Cycling


Hence, due to the lack of complete erection, partners do not get satisfying results and the cases of divorce rise. The results are, that men get stressed, overconsume alcohol and tobacco and suffer premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or ED after divorce. It is better to talk about ED openly and get a speedy recovery.

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