Erectile dysfunction test: Diagnosis and Treatment Option for cure ED

Erectile Dysfunction test

The way to diagnose ED or erectile dysfunction

  • Possibly you can yourself diagnose ED.
  • However, talking to your physician or urologist can aid make out the real reason behind your signs.
  • Moreover, it will help to determine the most exact cure for your lifestyle & health history.
  • For instance, maybe anxiety or stress is behind the symptoms of your ED.
  • After that, your physician can suggest counselling in the first place.
  • Perhaps an underlying health condition such as diabetes is the culprit.
  • Then your GP can advise a combination of lifestyle modifications and medicines.
  • To make a diagnosis of your sexual health, your physician will possibly undertake a physical examination.
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  • They will go for erectile dysfunction test, however.
  • Moreover, they will ask you about your medical history.
  • Besides, your physician can ask about your sexual history.
  • Or they will know about your relationship with your partner.
  • Moreover, in several patients, more testing is advisable for knowing the reason for symptoms.
  • But, erectile dysfunction test is necessary.

Medical history

  1. A sufferer’s physician will ask many questions to identify and see the real reason behind his ED.
  2. However, the questions can be as under:
  • Do you at present take any medicine? Are you making use of over-the-counter medicines or supplements? Maybe you are consuming. Which ones?
  • Are you suffering from any chronic disease?
  • Do you take alcohol?
  • Smoke cigarettes?
  • How many hours you do workout within a week?
  • How frequently you get erections?
  • What is the duration of erections?
  1. All these questions are part of the erectile dysfunction test.
  2. However, it gives your doctor an idea of how to start treatment.

Physical examination

  • During the erectile dysfunction test, the physician will take note of your heart.
  • Moreover, your doctor will check your levels of blood pressure.
  • They do so to know about any abnormalities.
  • For example, a heart murmur is likely to impact blood supply towards the penis.
  • Your physician will check your phallus and testes for symptoms of low testosterone.
  • The male hormone testosterone is significant for attaining an erection.
  • Moreover, physical symptoms like hair loss or small testicles signify a hormone issue.
  • Further, your GP can undertake a digital rectal examination.
  • Moreover, this way they check your prostate gland for symptoms of cancer or infection.
  • However, both conditions can be the reason for ED.
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  • Besides, the physician can also see the health of your reflexes.
  • They want to know about neurological difficulties.
  • In general, your physical examination will take only 10–15 minutes.
  • However, this is the beginning of erectile dysfunction test for knowing ED reasons.
  • Nevertheless, you may feel uncomfortable during a physical examination.
  • However, you know that your physician is a qualified person and ready to help you.
  • Besides, your doctor must know more about your health and physical condition.

Blood tests

Blood Test

  • Your physician can also undertake urine and blood tests.
  • Besides, they go for checking your triglycerides, blood sugar, cholesterol, and testosterone.
  • However, doctors undertake these ED tests to rule out diabetes and cardiovascular issues.



  • This erectile dysfunction test usually performs a trained professional. 6
  • However, ultrasound is a very easy procedure.
  • Moreover, it can aid see any blood supply difficulties towards the member.

Psychological examination

  • Your GP will ask questions regarding your mental wellbeing.
  • By doing so, they screen a patient for anxiety, depression and stress.
  • However, all these factors can damage the erectile function.

NPT or Nocturnal penile tumescence testing


  • Doctors perform NPT testing if the cause of your ED is uncertain.
  • However, this erectile dysfunction test determines whether the cause is a psychological or physical one.
  • NPT testing scrutinizes your erections when you are asleep.
  • However, erections during sleeping are quite usual and common.
  • Maybe your erections come involuntarily in sleep.
  • Then the reason for your ED is a possibly emotional one and not physical.
  • In case you do not attain erections in sleep, it can point to a physical reason.

The way to self diagnose ED

Stamp Test

  • You can do it at home.
  • The low-tech NPT or nocturnal penile tumescence testing shows whether you attain an erection in your sleep or not.
  • Use a strip of postal stamps about the base of your phallus before going to sleep.
  • However, the strip needs to be tight enough.
  • In case you experience an erection in sleep, the stamps must break.
  • Moreover, you need to lie on your back.
  • However, this is so because you need to avoid ripping the stamps.
  • Thus, you avoid disturbing the stamps too.
  • Maybe you find strip broken in the morning.
  • Then it means you had experienced erection in the night.
  • Moreover, this shows that your erection is actually possible.
  • However, the reason behind your ED is psychological problems.
  • In case you find stamps intact in the morning, it signifies physical reason.
  • To get better results, undertake the stamp test for three consecutive nights.
  • Perhaps, you think it is the ED.
  • Then immediately rush to a physician for further erectile dysfunction test.

Curing ED

  1. Only your physician can suggest a better cure for your ED.
  2. However, the treatment will be as per the reason and severity of your ED.
  3. Moreover, the cure can be natural therapies, lifestyle changes, or prescription drugs.
  4. Or they can also advise the combination of all these treatment options.
  5. Below are the highly widespread suggested cures for ED.

Oral medicines to cure ED

Lifestyle modifications 

  • Quitting illicit drug & alcohol use
  • Working through relationship problems
  • Decreasing stress
  • Giving up smoking
  • Increasing exercise
  • Losing weight
  • Meditating

Natural cures

  • Emotional therapy
  • Vitamins & supplements
  • Acupuncture

Other treatment choices

  • Penile implants
  • Testosterone hormone therapy
  • Penile vacuums pumps
  • Penile injections
  • Penile suppositories (alprostadil)

Your ED issue is curable with the correct cure. However, doctors will find what treatment option is suitable for your condition. Moreover, it is very much probable that your healthy sexual function will return.

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