How to increase immunity power to fight against coronavirus

How to increase immunity power to fight against coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is at its extreme point around the world. So far millions of persons have fallen victim to this unknown virus. Scientists and researchers all around the world are still unaware of the virus and how exactly it is deadly for humans. But the researches are continuing in this field. We are expected to get all these answers soon as scientists look to find the weak points of the virus and build the first coronavirus vaccine that can kill the virus.

Originating in Wuhan the disease has spread across far away counties and continents. Governments had no other option than to declare the total shutdown of the offices, schools, industries, factories, and everything else.

Role of Immunity in fighting coronavirus

One of the things that the scientists and researchers have stressed is that anybody having weak immunity is more prone to the coronavirus. So during such times, it is inevitable to follow certain basic precautions such as the use of masks and gloves to keep away from the deadly virus.

One of our main priorities to remain safe should be to try and increase immunity as far as possible. Here we have come out with certain basic precautions to follow and ways to increase immunity.

We can increase immunity by taking food items that are known to boost immunity power and doing yoga and exercise. This way we can remain safe from the coronavirus.

Improving lifestyle measures

These are a few simple things for keeping ourselves in proper hygiene. These are some of the basic steps that can protect and improve your health. It will automatically positively affect the immune function as well.

These measures have been introduce as a basic precautionary measure. It reduces the chances of a coronavirus attack.

Proper hand washing

Washing hands is a preventive and easy step to fight off the coronavirus. Use any soap or hand sanitizer that contains more than 60%alcohol. Apply soap and rub hands until the lather is forme for 20 seconds. Then wash your hands with water.

Stop smoking

Smoking has a direct relationship and can be explaine in the following way. Smoking can cause our respiratory organs like the lungs weak. This will prevent them from functioning properly. Smoking is known to cause damage and kill the cells within the lungs. As the cells of the inner wall of the lungs get damage. It can be easy prey for viral infections that can soon become highly malicious.

Getting proper sleep

Sleeping is a good way to increase your immunity. So sleep for 7-8 hours daily. If you do not sleep properly your body will become weaker and your brain may start to malfunction. Lack of sleep will also hamper the normal body functioning. This will directly weaken your immunity. It will also affect the actions of the flu vaccine.

Doing the right amount of exercise

Doing exercises has a huge effect on the immune system. Doing daily exercises for just 10 minutes daily will help you to increase your immunity power. You can do basic stretching exercises to keep fit and stay in shape. You do running, jogging, skipping or jumping exercises.

Doing exercises daily increases metabolic function. It also keeps the major body organs such as healthy like the brain and the heart. To get references you can take the help of YouTube or take the help of apps.

Managing stress

Stress management has a very complex level with your body’s immune system. During this period of global shutdown, you will have to stay indoors for many days. During such a prolonged period of inactivity, your mind may start to give up. You may develop anxiety and depression during such times. Other factors like fear may also take a negative toll on your body. Severe mental stress, anxiety, or depression may impact your brain and thus affect the immune system in your body.

Do meditation

During stress, a hormone known as cortisol is release and this severely affects the metabolic functions of the body. To control stress and anxiety you should regularly do meditation. Done the right way, it is a very effective way to de-stress you. Try doing it daily at least for 10-15 minutes in the morning or whenever you have free time.

Drink alcohol in low quantities

Drinking too much alcohol can severely affect the liver functions. And having a weak immune system you will easily catch some type of liver disease or infection. Doctors are also claiming that too much consumption of alcohol can make the patient suffer from (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). It is also one of the conditions in a person affect by the coronavirus. Reduce your daily amounts and avoid alcohol intake unless you needed.

Nutrients to improve immune system

Some nutrients are in need at these times. Taking food items rich in these nutrients can help your immune system to become stronger.

Eat foods with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is such a nutrient that can prevent the common cold and other viral infections. It also helps the WBCs to fight malicious disease-causing organisms. It is not clear that Vitamin C as a nutrient is beneficial for the fighting against coronavirus but it surely will protect your body from other types of viral infections in case the immune system becomes weak. There is also no side effect of this nutrient.

Vitamin D as an immunity nutrient

There have been tests and research conducted by scientists and researchers in the last few years to show that Vitamin D can act as an immunity-boosting nutrient. Scientists have proven that Vitamin D acts as a protective agent against respiratory infections.

So it can be beneficial for you if you take Vitamin D as a preventive measure to boost your immunity during the coronavirus attack worldwide.


Zinc is a metal that is need in minute quantities in our bodies. Scientists have found out that it can help WBCs to fight against disease-causing infections. People who are deficient in zinc have to suffer from colds, flu, and other viruses. It is not yet prove that zinc can prevent us from the coronavirus but you can take it for general immunity-improving purposes.

Carbohydrates and sugars

There have been researches conducte previously that show both can reduce immunity and thus should be avoide. The rise in blood sugar levels can reduce your immunity and make you more prone to viral infections and other complications.

As a suggestion from the experts, you can find out your blood sugar levels. If the diet you are having increases blood sugar levels then you may have to change your diet.

To reduce blood sugar levels you can switch to a diet that is low in carbohydrates, has a moderate amount of protein, and rich in fiber is good. There is no suggestive evidence to show that reduction in blood sugar levels can increase the immunity system but it can be indicate that at least you will have a decreased chance of suffering from infections.

Food items that can help to boost immunity

These are some basic food items that are available in every household. While their effectiveness in fighting the coronavirus is not known these are the simple food items that can help to increase immunity.


Turmeric is a spice containing the compound curcumin which gives its yellowish color. Recent studies suggest that it helps improve immunity in our body. Consult with your doctor before consuming too much turmeric if you have any medicines for blood thinners. Turmeric is known to have antiseptic properties.


Garlic is also a spice that is use in world cuisines around the world. It adds good flavor to food and has other immunity-boosting functions as well. In older times, people have used garlic too for preventing certain infections and flu. It was thought to have medicinal properties.


Broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has plenty of antioxidants and fiber as well. You can eat this good vegetable to have to improve your vitamin and mineral content.


It is rich in Vitamin C and also has beta-carotenoids. It helps increase the immunity in your body. When cooked it can still retain all the nutrients.


Greek yogurt is a famous type of yogurt because it has active cultures in it. Greek yogurt is famous for its ability in fighting certain diseases. Take plain yogurt and avoid the ones that are preflavore.

Can fasting help to keep the coronavirus away?

Fasting is generally not a very good option to boost your immunity. Tests and results show that the immune system can be restore when eating after fasting. But in such cases, the immunity power had been weaken due to chemotherapy. Also boosting of immunity power in elder people may be less after eating.

Intermittent fasting may help in increasing immunity but it is generally not consider to be a very good option in times like these especially because during the fast your immunity will be weaken.

What you can do is take good foods as mentioned above and it can help to fight against infections by increasing immunity.

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