How to Not Cum Fast?

How to Not Cum Fast?

Do you know getting ejaculating quickly doesn’t satisfy your partner? Now, to make your partner satisfied and happy in bed, you need to know the slow process of reaching the climax with your partner. If you are looking for the best tricks on how to not cum fast and slowly reach orgasm then you need to follow the steps on this page to overcome premature cum during sex.

The types of Ejaculation that we have studied in men so far are:

  • Primary Premature Ejaculation – This is a lifelong ejaculation that occurs during early childhood days.
  • Secondary Premature Ejaculation – This kind of ejaculation occurs due to health issues.

Generally, because of the shame of sex, men fear the bed. However, if you are confident, the problem of cumming vanishes and you can satisfy your partner with ease. Another help they can take is medication, such as Dapoxetine, which can help them delay their orgasm, slow down their sexual speed in bed, and achieve ultimate satisfaction with a strengthened relationship with your partner.

Now, let us discuss the causes of cumming fast and the tips to overcome your premature ejaculation issues.

What are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

What are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

What could be the reasons for premature ejaculation? Well, there can be certain reasons that can make you cum faster and a fast process doesn’t give satisfaction to your partner and this creates relationship problems between you and your partner. Other causes of premature ejaculation are as follows:

  1. Psychological problems like stress, anxiety, and depression
  2. Masturbation in teenage years
  3. Fear of performance issues when dealing with erectile dysfunction
  4. Traumatic past experiences like sexual assault or emotional abuse
  5. Poor body maintenance
  6. Abnormal hormone levels
  7. Infection in the urethra or prostate gland
  8. Inherited from ancestors
  9. A social belief: A fear of guilt and shame about sex
  10. Relationship problems
  11. Low self-esteem
  12.  Low libido or low-sex desires
  13.  Mood disorders like low mood during sex

Now, let us understand how to not cum fast with some tricks.

Methods to Overcome Cumming Fast: Expert’s Advice

Methods to Overcome Cumming Fast: Expert’s Advice

Cumming fast is a fear that men display as Sexual performance anxiety and there can be several reasons behind it, be it over alcohol consumption, a social stigma or a wrong conception about the sexual relationship or health issues such as erectile dysfunction, so rather than going after problems, let us look ahead with some powerful methods to overcome premature cumming during sex time.

Do Kegel Exercise

Pubococcygeus muscles are responsible for controlling urination and semen flow or ejaculation in men. When they weaken, ejaculation takes up its pace, however, by doing the Kegel exercise, you can manage to strengthen these muscles and control early cumming to achieve a higher level of orgasm.

How to do this exercise? Well, when you feel the urge to urinate, just control its flow and you feel the pressure between your testes and anus contracting. Often, perform this exercise for a few seconds before peeing, as this strengthens your Pubococcygeus muscles and provides you with regulated ejaculation.

Breathing Exercises to Control Orgasm

When sexually aroused, it happens that you urge to ejaculate before completing your sexual intercourse. However, you can control early release by diverting your mind somewhere else, this way you can avoid sensations in the penis, also, you can do breathing exercises to release tension that may come before performing.

Be open and comfortable with your Partner

When you are not open to your partner or feel anxiety before performing in bed, you may get sexual arousal but early semen flow as well, however, to prevent this issue to arise, you should openly discuss your issue with your partner, and your partner using words like “stop”, “wait”, or “go on” may help you be slow and cum at the desired time and you can give your partner a happy sex time.

Use condoms and sprays

Using numbing sprays or creams on the head of the penis 30 minutes before you get in bed performance or using delayed condoms numbing lotion can help you maintain prolonged sexual intercourse without compromising your ejaculation speed and you can make your partner happy in the bed.

Point to Note: Avoid keeping sprays on the penis for longer hours than suggested by your doctor, also stop using sprays on the exposed areas of the penis, while penetrating the vagina, the spray can cause vaginal numbness, would be better if you wash your penis 5-10 minutes before sex.

Use foreplay techniques and constantly change your sex positions

Foreplay works well in your slow sexual speed. Taking a break between every position you take, and changing your position relaxes your body, in this way, you can extend your sex time hours and make an enjoyable sex time.

Worry less and work on providing the best sexual experience

When you worry more, you focus on performance anxiety, which makes it hard for you to keep a prolonged penile erection or erectile dysfunction, however, when you work on controlling your overthinking process, doing some exercises, or breathe before performing in bed helps you maintain a happier sex life.

Another method incorporated is behavioral therapy, which is as follows:

Behavioral Therapy to Stop Early Cumming

Behavioral Therapy to Stop Early Cumming

This therapy helps you achieve control over premature ejaculation, see how this works:

The Squeeze Method

In this method, your partner stimulates your penis by sucking and rubbing your penis to create sexual stimulation and when you get excited and start getting an erection, your partner squeezes your penis and your erection partly goes away.

The objective of this exercise is to make you aware of the sexual sensations that occur on your penis and help you control your premature semen flow, and delay your climax to give your partner a satisfying sexual life.

The Start-and-Stop Method

This is a step-by-step process in which your partner stimulates your penis by sucking and rubbing. When you get an erection and are in excitement, you are going to achieve climax, your partner stops and keeps you waiting until your climax goes away. Once you regain control,  your partner starts stimulating you once again and this process is repeated three times, while the fourth time, you can ejaculate. This process is done 3 times a week to help you overcome premature ejaculation.


Using the tricks of how to not cum fast works well for men who desire to regain their happy and satisfying sexual life. There is no surety to a complete recovery, however, learning the ways to slow down cumming and relax may help. If the problem persists, take the help of a medical practitioner.

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