How to Regrow hair?

How to regrow hair

How to Regrow Hair ? Hair fall can be one of the most serious problems. Not to mention the fact that it can trigger at any age and gender. Of course, as we tend to get older hair fall begins but external factors can also trigger massive hair fall leading to baldness at a very young age too.

Surely when people of young age suffer from hair fall problems it does bring about a lot of embarrassment, frustration and also deplete you of all your self-confidence.

In this article, we are going to find out some of the various techniques that can allow you to re-grow your hair. If you are looking for how to regrow hair then this article provides you with a sum of various techniques that can allow you to prevent hair fall Solution is Mintop Solution and rather induce hair growth.

Some known and common causes of hair fall

Some known and common causes of hair fall

We know that you are becoming impatient by the day about your growing and severe hair fall problems but at first, it is important for you to know about the common hair fall problems.

When you know about the common causes you might just be able to prevent them and the hair fall problems stop naturally.

So here are the common causes of hair fall-


Poor hair care practices

Some disorders and conditions of your body that might lead to hair fall due to genetic problems

Hormonal imbalance

Poor skin

While undergoing chemotherapy during cancer treatment

Finding the natural cures to hair fall and hair regrowth

So your journey to find out how to regrow hair begins off with knowing some of the natural techniques that you can use to regrow hair-

Rosemary oil

This oil is linked to having anti-inflammation properties and also improves blood flow to all parts of the body including the hair follicles that stimulate faster hair growth Herbal Solution is Hairzone Solution. You can directly apply rosemary oil on your bald spots or use a shampoo that contains rosemary oil.

Peppermint oil

It is widely known for its curative benefits linking curing of headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome. But when you use it for a topical treatment form and directly apply some on your bald areas on the head it can boost hair growth. You may also use a shampoo that contains peppermint oil.

Aloe vera

It is ideally used for curing a lot of skin disorders and for wound healing purposes. But did you know that using aloe vera gel can help in the retracement of hair fast on your scalp and also protect the scalp from various types of diseases? it contains varieties of enzymes and minerals that aid in hair re-growth treatment.

Did you know how to regrow hair using aloe vera or use it in your daily life? Well, just use some before bathing or before having a shampoo and then wash it off.

OTC treatments for curing hair fall problems

On how the next way on how to regrow hair we have a look at some of the OTC products that you can avail yourself of without the use of a prescription for hair growth.

Let’s begin…


It is one of the most common OTC products that you can use for hair growth and it is available in a wide variety of forms to give bald patients the option to choose a compatible product according to their choices. The forms in which you can buy Minoxidil include its liquid, foam, and shampoo options.

It might also be linked with side effects and suddenly stopping the use may cause hair fall problems to re-appear once again.

Collagen-based products

Collagen is a type of protein that you can find in our skin and hair. It is the protein that enables the thickening of your hair. If you are looking for how to regrow hair then look for shampoos and oil that contain collagen. This is available in many everyday cosmetic products. If the problem of hair fall is severe enough then you may as well approach an expert for consultation and getting treatment using injectable serums.

Look for vitamin supplements

Some vitamins enable hair growth automatically if taken in the right amounts. One of the symptoms that you are having specific vitamin deficiencies is hair fall.

So here are some of the vitamins that are directly benefitting hair re-growth-

Vitamin A

Vitmamin B that includes biotin

Virtamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

You can look for food items that are rich in this vitamin or consult a general health expert to find out a good vitamin supplement brand and have it.

Apart from these vitamins, two more substances are critical for hair growth. These include iron and zinc. Again you can choose food items that are rich in iron and zinc or choose to take supplements.

Medical treatments available for hair regrowth

If you are on the hunt for how to regrow hair using medical treatments then here we list you some of the commonly known treatments.

Of course, doctors may at first have a general discussion to gain insights on the severity of your hair fall problem and try to assess reasons for hair fall using various tests such as blood tests and scalp biopsy or ask you about your family history about hair fall problems to understand if the problem is genetic.

Here are some of the treatments that you can find for hair re-growth-


It is a drug that is the most common in the hair re-growth category. The best part is that it is safe for use in both genders that is males and females. Get a consultation from doctors if you want to be safe. Generally, doctors will avoid prescribing this drug to pregnant ladies as there is a chance of genetic diseases in your developing baby.


This is a treatment in which professionals will directly apply liquid forms of corticosteroids on your scalp. It is an effective treatment for curing alopecia areata.

Sometimes injections are directly given on the surface of the scalp to revive hair growth and boost hair growth from follicles. But remember that after all, it is a form of steroid that might affect your immune system and its functioning, generally making it weaker. This might in turn make you a bit vulnerable to seasonal allergies, flu, and fever.


It is a type of topical treatment done to cure hair fall problems. The doctors will generally apply it on bald spots to induce hair growth.


This is a much more powerful medication that doctors are reluctant to prescribe initially to patients. This medicine can also be used in combination with corticosteroids to make it work faster and more efficiently.

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