keep the hard-on after coming

It is a dream of every man to Keep hard on After Comming but we all are aware of the series of incidents followed by orgasm. After coming, the phallus becomes soft and comes back to the normal shape and form. You may have been hard for twenty minutes or so, but as you like your nuts flow, your penis will become soft immediately.

All we men want is to derive pleasure from sex and at the same time give our partners the best time in bed. Women can get orgasms multiple times in intercourse. However, to give your partner the best orgasm multiple times requires you to last long. For men to try Cenforce Pills to sex is perceived differently. The time that a man can spend in bed and last long is gauged by his performance.

However, it may seem dreamy to you! lasting long in bed is more of a dream for us. We all know that you fall asleep as soon as you bust your excessive nut. So, the main question that we men are looking for the answer to is how to Keep hard on After Comming. There are many reasons that make you not Keep hard on After Comming. We are going to reveal all the secrets that can keep you hard on after coming.

1. Use Delay Sprays

Most of us men struggle to Keep hard on After Comming, we all are aware of this fact. Instead of doubting yourself and shying away from your problems. It is better to use some delay sprays for help.

There are various sprays, creams, and lotions in the market that you can apply to your penis. You can use any kind of spray available in the market. It comprises of benzocaine that is present in most of the condoms meant for endurance. This element when sprayed on the penis makes the relax and delays softening of the phallus.

2. Try out natural methods to last longer

If you are struggling to answer the question of how to keep a hard-on after coming naturally then keep reading. It is very natural when you have a problem with appetite then you take appetizing agents. The same is the case for sexual appetite. So, the best way to keep yourself hard even after busting nut is to keep on going even after coming.

The market is loaded with enzymes and supplements that can help in performing longer in bed. It has great as well as adverse effects. It is considered bad as these drugs are utter rip-offs. And they are good as they are best for increasing the sexual stamina.

There are various herbs and supplements that can help in increasing sexual stamina. There are various kinds of pills that one can use. But, you have to be careful when using these pills. You don’t know which pill will actually work for you and which will not. There are large varieties of pills and you must figure out the ones that work best for you.

Top on the list for Medicine that will enhance your performance include:

3. Get your testosterone level checked

Testosterone is the main hormone in the male body. It can impact the sexual function of a man. It makes a boy, man. It can transform a boy-deepen his voice, grow facial hair, increase the sex drive, increase the sexual appetite. It the testosterone level of a man goes below a certain level then the sexual appetite can lower down significantly. A lower testosterone level is the reason the main cause of lower sex drive for a man.

Some of the indications of lower testosterone levels are:

For a man with lower testosterone, it is difficult to keep the phallus hard for a long time. One must monitor the sexual ability to track the testosterone levels in the body. High levels of testosterone levels are the reason for strong erections. So, if you want to know how to Keep hard on After Comming, then an increase in testosterone is your key.

There are many ways that you can use to increase testosterone levels:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Include exercise in your regime
  • Take testosterone boosters

The discussion of keeping it hard for a long time is important for men, but it is important to note that sex isn’t only about that. There is more to sex than that, it is not just 7-13 minutes of penetration. You need to be good enough as well. It has to be the right blend of penetration with foreplay. Even if a person has an issue with staying long, lousy sex is still not acceptable. Investing some time in foreplay, right moves in foreplay will make your partner ignore that you have come within just seven minutes.

4. Change sex positions frequently

One of the best ways to Keep hard on After Comming is to change sexual positions frequently. Every position has a different significance and can affect your time of ejaculation. In some positions, you may get soft immediately, i.e., you would come immediately. However, for some positions, the ejaculation is delayed. So, changing sexual positions one after another will give your penis a relaxation time. This will delay the ejaculation and can make you stay hard for a long time. Also, you can make your body resistant to nutting fast.

The key is to control when your body gets a nut. So, for instance, a position makes you come fast. Then you can stop with that position and go on with some other move. This will make you Keep hard on After Comming.

5. Practice Kegel exercises

Have you tried to stop urinating in between the flow? No, sounds strange? This is your trick to keep the hard-on after coming. If you master this trick then you would surely be able to stay hard after ejaculating. There are specific exercises for the purpose as well. They strengthen the muscles of the penis and keep the penis hard. These are a series of exercises that you can practice to make the penile area strong. It will increase the body’s natural tendency to keep hard.


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