What you should know about the Morning after pill

morning after pills

Backup birth control

  • Maybe a condom ruptures sometimes.
  • Besides, you do not remember to use the pill.
  • Moreover, it hardly matters what situation you are facing.
  • Then you can utilize emergency contraception like backup birth control for nearly five days.
  • Also, the backup birth control saves you from unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sexual activity.
  • You perhaps want to use emergency contraception by way of the morning-after pill.
  • However, that thought is in reality slightly a misnomer.
  • Also, there exist various types of emergency contraception options.
  • Moreover, a female can utilize them for five days subsequent to unprotected sexual activity.
  • Additionally, a few of the contraceptive options are not tablets.
  • However, Ob/Gyms do not advise utilizing morning after pill as the main option of birth control.
  • Though, there are other choices that a woman can employ in an emergency or unexpected circumstances.

A woman needs to employ emergency contraception in case:

  • A woman goes for sexual activity without any sort of birth control method
  • Or a female forgets to use her birth control method whatever she uses
  • Birth control method-a condom leaks or ruptures
  • Maybe someone forces her to go for unprotected sex against her will

The four types of emergency contraception methods

1-Levonorgestrel pill

levonorgeser pills

  • A woman can get this hormone pill without a prescription from any pharmacy or medical shop.
  • Also, this effective pill carries progestin in it.
  • Besides, this mode of birth control is also popular by name of the morning-after pill.
  • Moreover, a female does not require sharing any personal information for buying it.
  • Also, several over-the-counter pills like EContra and Plan B are available.
  • However, you also come across other choices there.
  • Moreover, while buying any morning-after pill necessarily see for main component Levonorgestrel 1.5mg.
  • Additionally, this pill acts top in case you consume it within three days subsequent to unprotected sex.
  • This morning after pill may not yield results in case your weight is above one- hundred-sixty-five pounds.
  • Moreover, it becomes ineffective in case you have 30 body mass index or above.
  • Besides, the pill delays ovulation.
  • Therefore, there occurs no fertilization.

2-Ulipristal acetate pill


  • A female will find merely one option of this emergency contraception pill.
  • However, it is popular as Ella.
  • Besides, you require a proper prescription from your GP to obtain it.
  • Moreover, this pill also inhibits ovulation.
  • Also, this morning after pill does not act if a woman is already pregnant.
  • Additionally, a woman can use it up to five days subsequent to unprotected sexual activity.
  • Moreover, the pill functions just effectively on the 5th day as it efficiently works on the 1st day.

3-Copper IUD

copper IUD

  • This mode of birth control needs insertion by a doctor into the uterus.
  • Moreover, go for it within five days subsequent to unprotected sexual activity.
  • This is also a highly efficacious method of emergency contraception that yields 100% results.
  • Besides, once placed into the uterus, it saves you from getting pregnant for 10-12 years.
  • Or for the period you want it.

4-Yuzpe regimen 


  • In this method, a female needs to use multiple birth control tablets.
  • Moreover, the pills must offer 1mg of progesterone and 100 mcg of estrogen.
  • However, she needs to consume it two-times within the time of twelve hours.
  • Besides, this mode of the morning-after pill for birth control is the slightest efficient method.
  • However, this method cannot yield results in case you are already pregnant.

The way emergency contraception acts

Emergency contrapaction act

  • It is not possible to get pregnant without an egg.
  • However, emergency contraceptive tablets function by stopping ovulation.
  • Moreover, these pills do not allow the release of an ovum.
  • Besides, emergency contraception methods do not bring about abortion.
  • In case you are already expecting a baby, it does not influence your pregnancy.
  • Plus, the morning after pill does not play a role in protecting you from sexually transmitted infections.

Do emergency contraception methods carry risk factors?

cary risk factor

  • Luckily, emergency contraception is not unsafe.
  • Moreover, it does not induce grave and long-lasting side effects.
  • Besides, emergency contraception tablets as well as copper IUD do not interfere with your capability of getting pregnant.
  • Also, the copper IUD defends you from getting pregnant for up to ten or twelve years.
  • And as you choose to remove it, you can become pregnant.
  • Additionally, several females go through several mild side effects like stomach pain, headache, vomiting, and nausea.
  • However, this takes place after one or two days of consuming an emergency contraceptive tablet.

Opting for the correct emergency contraceptive method

opting for correction

  1. You will have to think of many factors before choosing the kind of emergency contraceptive method to utilize, like:
  • At what time you went for unprotected sexual activity.
  • Can you buy it with ease?
  • Your weight & height also matters.
  • Have you used a ring, pill, or patch in the bygone five years?
  • A breastfeeding mother needs to think.

What time a woman can wait to use the emergency contraceptive?

  • It is perfect to eat hormone pill Levonorgestrel or Plan B within seventy-two hours.
  • This means the time of three days after doing unprotected sexual activity.
  • Moreover, a woman can eat it five days after having sex.
  • However, the more time you wait, the more risk of failure rate increases.
  • Besides, you can eat Ella up to 5 days after doing sex without the fear of the ineffectiveness of the pill.
  • You can also have Copper IUD inserted into the uterus after seven days of doing sex.
  • However, the Yuzpe mode is suitable within three days of doing sex without any protection.

Is it possible to use the morning after pill two times a month?

two time in month

  • A woman can eat the morning after pill over one-time in a month.
  • However, doctors do not suggest taking it as a chief way of birth control.
  • Moreover, only the cost factor does not matter but she can go through irregular cycles.
  • Besides, using a pill can have a high failure rate in case your BMI is greater.
  • Therefore, for females having BMI above thirty, the pills will not prove effective in any way.
  • Hence, your Ob/Gyn is the best one to suggest the highly suitable contraceptive pick for you.

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