Acivir Cream 5 10g

Acivir Cream 10 gm (Acyclovir)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Acyclovir
Indication: Herpes labialis, Genital herpes infection, Eye infections by Herpes simplex virus
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 10gm Tube
Strength: 10gm
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Acivir Cream 10 gm (Acyclovir) - 10gm

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Skin specialists and general physicians prescribe Acivir cream 10 gm to treat more than one viral infection on the skin of humans.

Today, it is the most prescribed antiviral medication globally to treat herbs, infections caused by sexual transmission, and chickenpox boils.

It is an effective medicine to heal such viral infections within a week. Today, you can buy Acivir cream 10 gm online and from retail, medical stores. 

What is Acivir cream 10 gm?

Acivir cream 10 gm is a topical cream to heal more than one antiviral infection caused on human skin.

Acyclovir is the active ingredient in Acyclovir in the strength of 10 gm n a single tube. The World Health Organization has listed this antiviral cream under the list of essential medicines.

It is also an approved antiviral medication in the USA by the FDA. It is advisable to read Acivir cream 10 gm reviews to know from real-time patients.

Uses of Acivir cream

Skin specialists use Acivir cream 10 gm to heal herpes simplex virus infections caused by HSV-1 and HSV-2. A blood test determines the HSV types.

Acyclovir is also the most prescribed by sexologists. They use this antiviral topical cream to heal male and female genital herpes.

It is also the best antiviral topical cream to treat shingles in children and adults. Acyclovir is most used to heal blisters caused by chicken pox.

Benefits of Acivir cream 10 gm

Compared to other antiviral medications of topical application type, the Acivir cream 10 gm price is affordable for people in developing and underdeveloped countries.

Acivir cream has benefited people with more than one viral infection on the skin. It has benefited men and women with STI infections.

The people infected with chickenpox have found no marks of blisters within a month of applying Acyclovir.  

How does Acivir cream 10 gm work?

Acivir cream’s active salt, Acyclovir, acts as a nucleoside analogue. It stops cell multiplication by breaking down the cell’s DNA. Thus, the spread of infections happens.

A patient will feel healing effects as the cells die within two to three days after applying Acivir cream on the infected area as a topical antiviral medication.

Buy Acivir cream in UK and US

People in the United States and the United Kingdom can buy Acivir cream 10 gm with and without a prescription from online pharmacies and retail, medical stores.

Acivir cream 10 gm USA comes under the approved medicinal list of the Food and Drug Administration.


Acivir cream is the proper dosage to heal viral infection on the skin in the beginning stage. Yet, your skin specialist decides on the doses of Acivir cream to heal viral infections on your skin.

The dosage depends upon lab tests taken from your blood and findings on what type of viral infection you have. Acivir cream 10 gm for sale is available in varied strengths.

It is advisable to buy what your doctors prescribe as an antiviral medication for topical application only.

Your doctors will use Acyclovir in a higher dose as an injection if necessary to heal a large infection that has started spreading to other areas of the skin.


  • Anyone can buy Acivir cream 10 gm online and from a medical store without a prescription. Thus, do not use them as self-medication to cure bacterial infections on the skin.
  • Acyclovir is not recommended for pregnant women in 3rd trimester and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Do not use this cream with other alternative medicines like herbal skin creams to heal infected wounds.
  • You must not buy any Acivir cream alternatives if the stock of this antiviral medicine is unavailable.
  • You must check with an online store or another medical shop and buy Acyclovir as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Such scenes with happen when you do not take medical prescriptions.
  • Acyclovir and alcohol will never bring a faster healing effect.
  • Acivir cream must be applied at the suggested intervals, and the half-life cycle of this cream lasts up to four to six hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

My sex partner has genital herpes Is it safe to have sex with such infections? 

It will help if you can have safe sex by wearing a male condom. Yet, consulting a skin doctor is the best way to heal genital herpes. Today, you can buy Acyclovir to heal or treat herpes on the female genital.

I got chickenpox, and my boils are not healing yet What to do? 

It is advisable to consult with a nearby skin specialist. They will prescribe Acivir cream 10 gm, the best antiviral cream to heal boils on the skin caused due to chickenpox. It suppresses the pain and burning sensation caused by boils.

What to do when rashes and blisters are found on my penis?

Today, Acyclovir is there to treat sexually transmitted viral infections. It would help if you could consult a sexologist or a skin specialist to take treatment such that it will heal and lover burning sensation and further spreading of infection. Using this cream during the night is advisable.

I have severe shingles and use Acivir cream How long does it take to heal shingles?

It is advisable to follow what your doctor prescribes for other antiviral medicines along with Acivir cream. Any antiviral infection in the begging is healed within a week. Conditions with bleeding and pus formation will take more than a week to recover.

Do skin specialists suggest Acyclovir when infections are in the worst condition, like smelly, large wounds, and spread on large areas? 

Skin specialists will prescribe antiviral medications, which are injectable, oral tablets, and Acyclovir to cure boils, blisters, and wounds caused due to virus. Thus, doctors decide on antiviral medication for a patient. You will need a blood test if the infection condition worsens.


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