Acivir Eye Ointment

Acivir Eye Ointment (Acyclovir)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Acyclovir
Indication: used in the treatment of eye infections by Herpes simplex virus
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 5gm in a Tube
Strength: 3%
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Acivir Eye Ointment (Acyclovir) - 3%

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Acivir eye ointment is among the most trusted anti-viral medicines that will help treat the eye infection resulting from the Herpes Simplex virus. The medicine works well by preventing the virus growth on the surface. So this will stop the production of a new virus. Also, you will be able to get rid of the infection fast.

What is Acivir eye ointment?

Acivir eye ointment has been a trusted name in the industry for helping people suffering from an eye infections. It is an anti-virus medicine that will avoid the multiplication of the virus and offer relief fast. It is most commonly used for the treatment of cold sores around the mouth and the lips.

When you choose to buy Acivir eye ointment online, you can easily find the platform for the same. But remember, you also can consider using the same in the form of tablets. But as the cream is to be applied directly on the area, it will provide you faster results.

It is an over-the-counter prescribed medicine suitable for people of all age groups. However, a doctor consultation will be helpful to use it in the right way.

Acivir eye ointment is meant for ophthalmic use only. There can be certain side effects, but they will resolve over time.

Uses of Acivir eye ointment

The ointment has been used for years for the benefit it provides. It works well to treat eye infections due to the herpes simplex virus. But besides this, the medicine is also effective enough to treat cold sores. It will be helpful to consult the doctor first and enquire about the essentials. This will help you know about the right way of usage.

The ointment contains Aciclovir as the main ingredient, which has been quite effective for the issues resulting from the virus.

You can also check the Acivir eye ointment review to know about the details and effectiveness of the same. This will help decide the best.

Benefits of Acivir eye ointment

Acivir eye ointment is an over the count of prescribed medication for the treatment of eye infections resulting from the virus. The ointment will work well for relieving the symptoms like swelling, redness, and watering eyes. The ointment works well by killing the infection-causing virus. It has prevented any multiplication of the same. So, you can move on with your daily activity just as usual.

Consulting the doctor will be beneficial. This will help no about the right way of use and get the benefits of the same fast.

How does Acivir eye ointment work?

Acivir eye ointment has got Aciclovir as the main component. It is used for eye infections resulting from viruses. The medicine has to be applied correctly, or else there won’t be any effect. Make sure that you apply the ointment exactly to the area that is affected due to the virus situation.

The ointment has to be applied five times a day for better outcomes. Once the ointment is applied, it will take some time to absorb into the skin.

The active ingredient gets converted into acyclovir monophosphate using the thymidine kinase. A further breakdown of the chemical components finally works well on the affected area to help the person get relief. The ointment will stop the production of any new virus in that area to treat the eye infection.

The benefits of the same can be quite high. But it will be helpful to buy ointment online to avoid complications.

Buy Acivir eye ointment in US and UK

Acivir eye ointment is legal for use. Although it is available to the general public, the government still aims to regulate it to avoid any misuse. Acyclovir is the major component of the ointment which can result in complications when not used in moderation. It is an FDA-approved drug. But it requires the person to have a prescription from a certified professional for the purchase.

You can look for Acivir eye ointment for sale to find the platform or a local so that can provide you with the product. However, you will be asked to present a prescription before purchasing successfully.


If you have been prescribed the ointment, it is important to understand that the person’s needs can vary. You need to take a small amount of the ointment on your finger and then apply it around your eye area. Make sure to use it only on the affected part. Now let it absorb on its own.

The doctor will generally advise you to keep applying the cream at least five times a day. It will help resolve the concern faster and guarantee you get relief from any discomfort. Further, as the Acivir eye ointment price is affordable, you can easily purchase the same without worrying about the high price over quantity.

Common Side Effects

  • Eye redness
  • Stinging sensation


When hoping to make use of the Acivir eye ointment for treating the viral infection, it is important that you are aware of the precautions that have to be followed. The patient must know that it is common to experience a mild stinging immediately after the application. It will be helpful to avoid wearing contact lenses and make use of ointment.

The medicine is considered to be saved during pregnancy. But it will be helpful if you consult a doctor to get a proper understanding. Also, can you inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the components available in the ointment? This help avoids any severe complications later on.

As of now, there is no drug or reaction found with the medicine. However, it will be helpful if you avoid consuming too much alcohol when on the medications. After all, this can result in poor treatment.

If suffering from any heart or kidney-related issues, consulting the doctor first will be helpful. Besides, there have been studies that state the use of ointment can directly impact breastfeeding.

A search for Acivir eye ointment in the USA will be helpful for you to find the doctor and also the ointment easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the ointment with other medication?

If you are using any eye drops, then it is advised that you apply ointment at least 15 minutes after the same. Also, you need to remember the eye drops must be used before the ointment.

When to avoid the use of ointment?

It will be best to avoid using the ointment when you are allergic to any of the components. Also, it will be helpful if you consult a doctor to get the right help.

If I feel better, can I stop using the ointment?

It is advised not to stop using the ointment suddenly before talking to the doctor. This is because the symptoms can get worse, or even the infection can get back. Although you see your symptoms have improved, it will be helpful to complete the entire course of the medicine.


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