Alpostin 500 mcg Injection (Alprostadil)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Alprostadil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Samarth Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 1 ml in 1 vial
Strength: 500mcg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Alpostin 500 mcg Injection (Alprostadil) - 500mcg

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What is Alpostin 500 mcg Injection?

Almost 500 mcg Injection has a generic substance inside of it that is Alprostadil. Now, this generic ingredient has a curative benefit in helping patients suffering from ED to get hard. The Alpostin 500mcg Injection with generic Alprostadil in it can help you to find and achieve a harder erection and maintain it. remember that the effects of the medicine will only be present for a specific time in which the patient needs to have sex.

The Alpostin 500 mcg Injection comes in a powder form and a pellet with a liquid within which you have to mix the powder in the necessary proportions and then inject it directly into your penis.

What is the use of Alpostin 500 mcg Injection?

So, the use of the Alpostin 500 mcg Injection is for curing ED. Remember that this injectable liquid needs administration carefully as you are injecting it into a sensible part of the body that is your penis.

So make sure that you do it in the presence of the doctor and ask the doctor to administer it.

This is the only mode of the application using the Alpostin 500 mcg Injection. Now, let’s delve deep into this disorder first.

The ED or impotence disorder whatever you call it can occur in men only due to some existing physical or psychological disorders or else it may also happen due to being the man being naturally impotent.

What are the available doses of Alpostin 500 mcg Injection?

As you can see from the dose name itself, the Alpostin 500 mcg Injection is available in the 500mcg concentration. You may feel this to be very low but this can help you maintain and get an erection within a very short span.

The time you need to achieve an erection is way lower than what you can get from a pill. most of the ED pills available in the market have a longer waiting time than the Alpostin 500mcg Injection. For the pills, the average waiting time is around 15 to 30 minutes whereas for the Alpostin 500 mcg Injection Review it is around 5 to 20 minutes.

Do not change the dose without paying a visit to the doctor and it’s always better to visit the doctor’s chamber for dose administration.

How to take your dose of Alpostin 500 mcg Injection?

As we have already told you above that the Alpostin 500 mcg Injection comes in an injectable liquid format. You need to inject this liquid directly into the penis tissues to find erectile hardness.

If you have ever seen what’s inside the product cover you will find a powder and a pellet or vial containing a liquid. You have to take out the powder which by the way has a generic ingredient in it known as Alprostadil. Cut it and put the powder into the vial liquid and shake well for a few minutes.

Then using a syringe take the liquid from the vial and then administer it to the penis tissues directly. The utmost care and careful observations need to be done during the application time.

Missing a dose of Alpostin 500 mcg Injection

Almost 500 mcg Injection has only temporary purpose use. You can use this injection only till the time the doctors state you to. And in general, for the safety of the patients, you cannot take more than 3 doses of the medicine in a week.

Sometimes the doctors may have to interfere with the dose and make it lighter such that the patient can easily adjust to the generic Alprostadil.

Remember that missing a dose means that you will face difficulties to get hard. As this is a short-term temporary-acting pill, you will not find erectile hardness until the time comes for your next dose.

In case you have forgotten to take the dose we recommend first checking in with the doctor whether you can still recover it and have it.

Overdose scenarios that might be possible

Overdosing means that the patient has more amounts of the generic substance than what their bodies can cope with. But with a high and excess dose patients may have to find some discomfort and pain due to the occurrences of side effects.

The overdose scenario occurs only when patients are callous and not concentrating on the dose being administered.

So we recommend for patients find out what dose they are suitable for from the doctor and stick to the dose unless the doctor asks them to change the injection.

Depending on the health of the patient, and even the suitability to generic Alprostadil you may suffer from mild to extremely severe side effects. Always remember that overdosing on the Alpostin 500mcg Injection is quite a serious blunder.

Almost in 500 mcg Injection precautions, you need to take?

When you are on a dose of Alpostin 500 mcg Injection then you have to take care and maintain some of the following points that we have come out with.

Avoiding alcohol

You must try and avoid alcohol and this also includes grape juice and narcotic substances as these have highly contraindicating behavior with alprostadil.

Avoiding driving

Sometimes it is better to avoid driving right after the injection intake. You may feel a bit drowsy or have a headache as the most common disorder.

Side effects of Alpostin 500mcg Injection

The occurrence of side effects is a general indicator of the fact that you are having an overdose or it might be that your body simply does not permit you to have the dose.

The side effects of using the Alpostin 500 mcg Injection medication include-

Bleeding of the area

Bruising of the area of application

Pain in the penis during getting an erection

Pain in the legs and testicles also

Reddening of the penis


Back pain

Skin disorders

Vision disorders

But these are just some of the local less intensive side effects. Generic Alprostadil Alpostin 500 mcg Injection does have some more vigorous side effects too.

In general, as a tip for all patients using the Alpostin 500mcg Injection, you must avoid taking in the injection once the side effects don’t go away even after several weeks of consistent use.

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