Anawin (Bupivacaine)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Bupivacaine
Indication: Local Anaesthesia
Manufacturer: Neon Laboratories
Packaging: 20ml & 4ml in vial
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Anawin 0.25% Inj. (Bupivacaine) - 0.25%

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Anawin 0.5% inj. (Bupivacaine) - 5mg

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Anawin Heavy 5mg Inj. (Bupivacaine) - 5mg

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Anawin injection is a popular anaesthetic medication that gets use for numbing any part of the body during any surgical procedure. It also gets use for providing the pain with the needed relief during labour or in case of c-section. Consisting of Bupivacaine hydrochloride, the active ingredient of the medicine. The injection, when given in the correct dose and carefully, is very helpful for providing relief of the pain. Just make sure not to use this medicine without the administration of the doctor or the nurse and the hospital or the clinic.

Buy Anawin Online

If you are looking for any medication that can provide you with a relief from pain during labour or during any surgical procedure to buy Anawin injections is the answer for you. The injection is give to numb the body parts in adults and children who are above the age of 12 years. It is provid under the supervision of a medical practitioner who is register.  

The duration and the dose of the treatment get decide by the doctor after a careful assessment of the condition of the patient has been made. Make sure to provide the doctor with the complete medical history before the treatment is initiate to the next stage or is begun. It will help in avoiding any altered effects or side effects and will also help in providing the needed relief on time.

What is Anawin?

Anawin is an injection consisting of Bupivacaine as its active ingredient. The injection is use as the local anaesthetic during some of the minor surgical procedures, including oral, therapeutic, diagnostic or dental procedures for anaesthetizing or numbing surgical areas. This medicine is also helpful for getting the necessary relief from the pain when the women are in labour (given in the spinal cord for preventing pain) or if the doctor performs a c-section. Anawin’s active ingredients work to block the impulses of nerves, which are responsible for sending the pain signal to the brain and for helping to perform the painless procedure by ensuring the numb surgical area temporarily.

The medication is manufactured by Neon Laboratories Ltd. A manufacturer which is known within the pharmaceutical industry for the quality of medications it provides. So, if you are looking forward to making the purchase of Anawin, be assure that the medication is completely effective and the manufacturer has done its best to make the dose of the injection free of flaws or side effects. Further, they also maintain complete transparency, and therefore, you can check for the ingredients provided in the injection and ensure yourself with a safe dose.

Before the dose of the injection is provided to you, inform the doctor about any kind of heart disease you have or if you are taking the medication for heart rhythm issues. Also, inform the doctor if you are breastfeeding or are pregnant and make sure not to drive or operate the machinery after the injection unless otherwise you have been permitte by the doctor to do the same.

Uses of Anawin

The dose of Anawin consists of Bupivacaine as the active ingredient. Is use as the local anaesthesia that helps in numbing the tissues in a given area where the same gets use. The medication, when injected around the nerve for blocking it, also helps in relieving the pain. It also helps in preventing or relieving labour pain or c-section pain, or post-operative pain, when the same gets inject around the spinal cord. Just make sure that when the dose is take, it is done in the administer manner.

Benefits of Anawin

Anawin online is use as local anaesthesia. This injection makes the skin numb. It works to block the nerve signals within the body. The injection is, in general, quite safe, and it works quickly. It also helps in reducing that is comfort which one might face due to invasive medical procedures, including surgeries or needle punctures or catheter insertion, etc.

Even after so many benefits are offer with the drug, Anawin must be use by the medical practitioner only. One must not try to use it on their own.

How Does Anawin Work?

Anawin injection or the local anaesthetic works to block pain signals transmitted to the brain from the nerve. While the active ingredient of it, Bupivacaine, acts upon the nerves and the nervous system. This, in turn, helps in decreasing pain sensation and helps in promoting deep pressure, muscle control and temperature and touch control.

Buy Anawin in US and UK

Anawin USA and UK can be purchase from the offline pharmacy by visiting nearby stores. Make sure to carry the prescription of the doctor in order to receive the medicine completely hassle-free.

In case the plan is to make the purchase online, ensure you check out the website of Which offers affordable Anawin prices and lots of offers for the other medication too. The discounts and sale price they offer is unmatche by the other websites. So, you can get Anawin for sale here while getting the chance to save some money. Do not miss the opportunity. Take advantage of it and get the medication home delivere on time.


Buy Anawin online and begin the dose of it today. Remember it is the nurse or the doctor who will be giving this injection to you at the clinic or the hospital. Make sure you do not try to self-administer the dose. Doctors can give you high dosages according to your body like Anawin 0.5 %, 0.25% Inj. Also, make sure that all the aftercare instructions provid by the nurse or the doctor are follow in order to derive the benefits.

Side Effects

In general, most of the side effects do not need any medical attention, and they disappear from the body while the body adjusts to the medication. In case you are worried because the side effects persist, make sure to connect with the doctor on time.

Some of the common side effects of this injection are,

  • Vomiting
  • Pricking or tingling sensation
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • Urinary retention
  • Slower heart rate
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness, etc.


  • According to Anawin review, the injection must only be give in the administrative form by the nurse all the doctor, and one must not try to self-administer the dose.
  • Try to avoid alcohol when you are given the injection.
  • One must not use the injection if their pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not try or operate the machinery, as the medication can affect the patient’s ability for driving.
  • The medication will cause numbness within certain areas of the body for around 2 to 4 hours after the same is given, and therefore one must make sure to wait to ensure the effect is worn off before getting back to the normal schedule of life.
  • Take the medicine with complete caution if you are suffering from any heart, liver, or kidney diseases. Do not use it without consulting a doctor.
  • In case one dose is missed, consult the doctor for more instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the dose of Anawin injection narcotic or opioid?

It is neither of the same. Anawin injections belong to the class of medications that are known as local anaesthetics.

Will other medications be required along with Anawin injections to get relief from pain?

Yes, the doctor will prescribe some of the pain relief medications along with the injection dose for better management of the pain. This is why it is important not to try and self-medicate.

Is it safe to use Anawin injection?

Yes, if the medication is use in the administered manner, under the directions of the doctor.


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