Antreol 1mg

Antreol (Anastrozole)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Anastrozole
Indication: Breast cancer
Manufacturer: Knoll Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 1mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Antreol (Anastrozole) - 1mg

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What is Antreol?

Antreol 1mg tablet is a drug manufactured by Knoll Healthcare Pvt Ltd, mainly utilized in the treatment of breast cancer. Its functional element, Anastrozole, comes from a class of medications known as aromatase inhibitors.

In postmenopausal females, estrogen is frequently created by transforming other hormones through the activity of an enzyme known as aromatase. The shape, color, and size of Antreol 1mg tablet may differ depending on the manufacturer and formulation.

Generally, Anastrozole tablets are round or oval-shaped and may come in diverse colors like white or pink. The size of the pill can vary from small to medium, and they are usually film-coated for comfortable swallowing. It is necessary to inspect the packaging or talk to a pharmacist for thorough details on the appearance of these tablets before usage.


Antreol 1mg tablets are indicated for the remedy of postmenopausal females with hormone receptor-positive early breast cancer, either as adjuvant therapy (treatment following surgery with or without radiation) or as initial therapy for advanced breast cancer.

Furthermore, it is specified for the therapy of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal females with condition advancement following tamoxifen treatment. Anastrozole functions by decreasing the production of estrogen in postmenopausal females, which in turn delays or eliminates the development of hormone-sensitive breast tumors.

How to use Antreol?

Antreol should be taken precisely as mandated by a healthcare specialist. It is commonly taken orally, usually one time a day, with or without meals. The dose and time of treatment will be decided by the prescribing healthcare expert according to aspects like the person’s medical situation and reaction to treatment.

It is vital to adhere to the guidelines offered on the prescription label cautiously. Never take more or less drugs than specified, and do not prevent taking this drug without talking to your medical expert first, even if you feel well.

How does Antreol work?

Antreol works by hindering the enzyme aromatase, which is reliable for converting androgens (male hormones) into estrogen (a female hormone) in postmenopausal females. Breast cancers that are hormone receptor-positive frequently rely on estrogen to grow and spread. By stopping the production of estrogen, this drug decreases the dose of estrogen known in the body, thereby delaying or preventing the development of hormone-sensitive breast tumors.

Especially, Anastrozole attaches to the functional area of the aromatase enzyme, stopping it from converting androgens into estrogen. These impacts reduced levels of estrogen in the bloodstream and within breast tissue, which can assist in hindering the development and expansion of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells.

Overall, Antreol is a fundamental element of hormone therapy for postmenopausal females with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, allowing for a decrease in the chance of recurrence and improved outcomes in both early and advanced phases of the disorder.

Dosage and Administration

The dose and regime of this drug should be selected by a healthcare specialist according to personal aspects like the patient’s medical situation, reaction to treatment, and other drugs they may be consuming. Nevertheless, standard dosing approaches for this medicine are as follows:

Early Breast Cancer:

Take 1 tablet of this drug by mouth every day. You can take it with or without meals. Your healthcare expert may specify it for about 5 years.

For advanced breast cancer:

Take 1 tablet of this medicine by mouth every day. You can take it with or without meals. You will probably resume taking it until your medical expert says otherwise.

It is crucial to take this medicine just as mandated by your medical expert. Consume the pill full with a glass of water, and do not destroy, nibble, or break it. When you have problems with tablets, talk to your medical expert or pharmacist for choices. Before buying Antreol online, provide to confirm the genuineness of the dealer and inspect for any appropriate discounts or recommendations.

Routine follow-up appointments with your medical expert are necessary to monitor your improvement and change the dose if necessary. When you have any inquiries or problems about the dose and administration of this drug, talk to your healthcare expert for advice.

Adverse Effects

Antreol 1mg tablet may induce some adverse effects in some people.

When you encounter any intense or constant side effects, or when you have problems with any signs you are encountering, it is essential to contact your medical expert quickly. The Antreol price may differ depending on the supplier and area but do inspect the prices at Arrowmeds for best values.


Antreol is contraindicated in people with:

  • Known hypersensitivity or allergy to Anastrozole or any of its components.
  • Pre-menopausal females, as this drug is planned for usage in postmenopausal females only.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding females, as Anastrozole may induce damage to the fetus or nursing infant.

Furthermore, cautiousness should be exercised when prescribing Antreol in people with:

  • Intense liver impairment, as this drug is mainly metabolized by the liver.
  • Intense kidney impairment, although no dose modifications is typically mandated in patients with mild to medium renal impairment.

You can Buy Antreol online at diverse pharmacies but the prices are affordable at Arrowmeds.

Storage and Handling

Antreol 1mg tablet should be kept at room temperature, out from water and warmth, in their initial packaging to shield them from sunlight. Hold it out of distance of kids and pets. Never store this drug in the bathroom or kitchen where it could be exposed to moistness or humidity. Provide the container tightly sealed when not in use. Do not utilize this drug after the expiration date published on the packaging. When you have any unused or expired drug, dispose of it appropriately based on regional rules or talk to a pharmacist for advice.


In conclusion, Antreol 1mg tablet is a beneficial drug utilized in the medication of postmenopausal females with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. By hindering the enzyme aromatase, this drug decreases estrogen production, thereby delaying or stopping the development of hormone-sensitive breast tumors.

As part of adjuvant treatment, this medicine allows control of cancer recurrence after surgery, and in progressive issues, it can effectively handle condition advancement following tamoxifen therapy. Its advantages stretch further only treating cancer, as it presents a well-tolerated choice with an advantageous protection profile. Eventually, this drug plays an essential function in enhancing outcomes and offering hope for people fighting breast cancer.


What is the recommended dosage of Antreol?

The advised dose of this medicine is usually 1 mg orally every day for both early and advanced breast cancer. Nonetheless, dosing may differ based on particular aspects and should be selected by a healthcare specialist.

Can Antreol be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

This drug should not be utilized during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It may induce damage to the developing fetus or nursing infant. Talk to your healthcare expert for choices when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are there any drug interactions with Antreol?

This medication may interact with particular medications, consisting of hormone replacement treatments and estrogen-containing drugs. It is vital to notify your medical expert about all drugs, supplements, and herbal products you are taking to detour possible interactions.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Antreol?

When you skip a dosage of this drug, take it as you recall. Nevertheless, when it is nearly the period for your following dosage, miss the forgotten dosage and resume with your normal plan. Do not duplicate the dosage to compensate. Talk to your healthcare expert or pharmacist for further advice if required.

Is Antreol only for women?

Yes, this medicine is indicated for usage only in postmenopausal females with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. It is not planned for usage in males or premenopausal females.


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