Apecia 1mg

Apecia 1mg (Finasteride)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Finasteride
Indication: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Hair loss
Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma Ltd
Packaging: 10 Tablets in Strip
Strength: 1mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Apecia 1mg (Finasteride) - 1mg

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Apecia 1mg, Hairfall these days is a common problem in many younger generation people. These days you can easily find people around their mid-30s or even mid-20s suffering from hair loss.

It is generally a hormonal disorder but sometimes the cause of your hair fall disorder can be genetic too.

People suffering from this disorder can take a pill of Apecia 1 mg for preventing or checking hair fall problems.  Let’s find out more about this pill.

What is Apecia 1mg?

Generic Finasteride is the generic name of the pills of Apecia 1 mg is used for the hair loss problem.

The hair loss problem in earlier stages of life is known as androgenetic alopecia.

This medication manufactured by Ajanta Pharma Ltd. comes in a sachet containing 10 pills each.

With the use of genetic Finasteride, one can block the hormonal secretions that have functions of preventing hair growth or hair fall and balding in earlier stages of life.

Why You Need Apecia 1mg For Male Sexual Impotence!

First of all, you need to get a clear idea that there is no relation to Apecia 1 mg for curing male sexual disorders. These pills are useful for someone who is suffering from hair fall disorder, balding, or lack of proper hair growth.

Hair growth problem on most occasions is due to some malfunctioning of hormonal secretion that leads to complete prevention of hair growth. Sometimes people can also suffer from hair fall and go bald in a relatively short time.

Hair fall problems in young men can deprive them of their confidence and courage while women suffering from hair fall problems can go shy and fall into deep stress.

All these problems can now be cured using the Apecia 1 mg pills that contain generic Finasteride.

Uses Of Apecia 1mg

Apecia 1 mg is used in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia or the hair fall problem. Put in other words it can also mean someone who does not have proper hair growth. When the doctor approves you of taking a pill of Apecia 1 mg daily then you can prevent hair fall and also allow hair to grow normally overdue time.

Apart from this benign prostatic hyperplasia is another disorder for cure using Apecia 1 mg pills.


As you must have guessed by now that each pill of Apecia 1 mg contains generic Finasteride by 1mg of weight.

This is the minimum amount of Buy Finasteride that you can take. It is true that despite the good benefits of using medicine one should take a doctor’s view on the same.

Remember that the hair fall problem is a complex disorder that has an uncontrolled hormone secretion problem backing it.

What happens if you take too much Apecia 1mg?

If you don’t go for a doctor’s visit to know about the right usage and dose of pills then you can easily overdose.

And taking in more amounts of Apecia 1 mg than you can cope with can result in some other problems in the form of instant side effects or more other problems over the longer term.

Men who are taking Apecia 1 mg pills can easily suffer from a low sexual drive or lack of sexual vigor problems.


People who are already suffering from erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation problems, or women’s sexual dysfunction problems may suffer from additional side effects.

These are the group of men who have to be highly careful while using this generic Apecia 1 mg drug.

On the other hand, the group of women who are already in their pregnancy period, or those who have just undergone childbirth or are ready to conceive and willing to get pregnant can also avoid this pill and look for alternative forms of treatment.

Side Effects

As we told you above some of the side effects already let’s go through them all over again as we give you the entire list of Apecia 1 mg side effects.

  • Premature ejaculation problems
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Low sexual drive
  • Lack of reaching climax orgasm
  • Lower libido

Where to buy Apecia 1mg online?

You can buy Apecia 1 mg after comparing prices on various online portals. This is an added option apart from buying from your local medicine shop. Those considering month-long or further treatment of their hair fall problem using Apecia 1 mg can buy in bulk and get good discounts for buying pills.

How Does Apecia 1mg Work?

Remember that we told you the problem of hair fall or thinning of hair lining is a hormonal problem? Well, this hormone secretes in extreme amounts due to a disorder that cannot control the secretion amount.

The generic Finasteride Apecia 1 mg pills have a substance called 5- alpha-reductase in them that controls or checks the secretion of larger volumes of this hormone. This is how the problems of hair fall, thinning of hair lining, and balding are stopped over time.

How to Take Apecia 1mg?

Taking oral pills of Apecia 1 mg is not a big deal. You just got to put one pill of Apecia 1 mg in your mouth and then pour some water over it. then just swallow the entire thing together. In no circumstance is crushing or breaking of the pills allowed.

Apecia 1mg storage conditions

Storage under the right conditions is an important factor for the Apecia 1 mg pills. Remember that these pills can easily sustain at normal room temperature. But then you got to ensure that on the higher side the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius and the conditions need to be preferably low on humidity.

Why Buy Apecia 1mg From Us?

We bring you the best quality Apecia 1 mg pills on our portal. We guarantee you that our pills are sourced directly from the manufacturer and the pricing on our portal is subject to our volume of inventory with a maximum and minimum capping of prices determined by the company.

Our portal also guarantees you the best pricing or cost per pill with good quality discounts all year round and home shipping.


When buying the medicines of Apecia 1 mg you got to take note of the reviews that the other patients have given. More or less the medicine seems to prevent hair fall problems to a significant extent.


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