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Atarax 10mg (Hydroxyzine)

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Allergic skin conditions, Anxiety


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Atarax 10mg (Hydroxyzine) - 10mg

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Product Description

What is Atarax 10mg?

Atarax 10mg is a medicine that is widely used to treat anxiety and further helps you to feel more relaxed during or after surgery.

Along with that this medicine also helps in in providing relief against various symptoms of skin allergy including rashes, swelling or itching conditions like dermatitis, Eczema and psoriasis.

Most of the health care provider and doctor suggest consuming this medicine to treat people from various skin allergy problems.

If you want to take long term benefits from Atarax medicine then it is advisable that you should take it as long as it is recommended by your doctor to take.

Uses of Atarax 10mg

Atarax 10mg is generally prescribed and recommended by Health Care provider and doctor to take against the treatment of various skin conditions with itching and inflammation and also for the treatment of anxiety.


The dosage of consuming Atarax 10mg medicine should be according to the prescription given by the doctor as he is the individual who hold expertise in suggesting the right medication for your health.

Depending upon the severity of air condition the Atarax 25mg Dosage and schedule of taking this medicine depends.

In most of the cases it is advisable that you should complete the Dosage of this medicine if you want to take long term benefits and get yourself relief from anxiety and various scale information issues.


Following precaution should be taken by an individual before starting his or her medication with Atarax 10mg.


It is not safe to consume Atarax 10mg medicine if you are habitable to taking alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.

This is so because drinking alcohol may cause excessive drowsiness to an individual and due to which he may suffer from different health issues.


A pregnant woman needs to be very careful before consuming any medicine other than the recommendation given by a doctor or Health Care provider.

Much information regarding the usage of Atarax 10mg medicine is not available therefore it is recommended to consult your doctor to have a better idea whether to take it or not.


According to various studies it is said that this tablet is probably safe to be used by a breastfeeding mother as this does not pass with the breast milk and hence the growing baby does not have to suffer from any hazardous effects.

However limited data is available that suggest that this medicine does not causes any risk to the growing baby therefore it is advisable that you should consult your doctor before starting your medication with Atarax 10mg.


As discussed earlier that due to the consumption of this medicine excessive drowsiness make cost and hence your ability of driving may affect a lot.

So it is suggested that it is not safe to drive and hence avoid driving if any of such symptoms occur.

Benefits of Atarax 10mg

Treatment of anxiety

This medicine helps a lot to reduce various symptoms that cause anxiety which occurs during the time of stressful condition and last for a shorter duration of time.

This medicine helps in stop the production of certain chemical messengers that cause the symptoms of anxiety in an individual.

Treatment of skin problem

This medicine helps you a lot in getting treatment against various skin conditions including itching and inflammation like dermatitis, Eczema and psoriasis.

It starts working by reducing the production of chemicals cause inflammation in your skin.

What are the side effects of Atarax 10mg?

Several research are of the view that most of the side effects caused by consuming Atarax 10mg does not required to provide any medical attention and after sometime it may starts disappearing.

However if you find out that any symptoms persist for longer duration of time then in such a situation you may consult to your Healthcare provider.

Some of the common side effects caused by consuming Atarax 10mg includes constipation, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and many more.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if you take too much dose of Atarax 10mg?

To avoid any side effects or hazardous effects in your body you should avoid taking extra dose of any medicine.

You need to take only the prescribed dosage given by a doctor to have better result.

In case you have find out that you take too much dose of Atarax 10mg then you should rush towards your doctor to seek medical attention.

What if you forget to take Atarax 10mg?

You should never skip a dose of any medicine if you want to get relief from your problem and have long term effects from that. So you should be very considerate about the schedule of doses of taking such medicine.

In case you forget to take Atarax 10mg then it is advisable that you should take this medicine whenever you discover about the missed dose.

How to use Atarax 10mg?

You should take this medicine as per the duration and dose suggested by your doctor.

Swallow the whole medicine without breaking it.

This medicine can be taken with or without food depending upon the suggestion given by a doctor.

To get better result it is advisable to take this medicine at a fixed interval of time.

How Atarax 10mg works?

Atarax 10 mg is said to be an antihistaminic medication.

It starts its working by blocking the production of certain Chemicals that cause inflammation in your skin or cause anxiety for shorter duration of time.

What are the common drug interactions?

You should tell your doctor about all your ongoing medicines and supplements so that he will be able to discover the interaction and suggest you the right dosage and strength of taking Atarax 10mg.

Some of the common drug interactions include chlordiazepoxide, Betahistine, Alprazolam, Zafirlukast.

Consuming Atarax 10mg with any of these medicine can modify its effect and you have to suffer from undesirable effects.

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