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Azee 1000mg (Azithromycin)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Bacterial infections of the eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial infections


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Azee 1000mg (Azithromycin) - 1000mg

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Product Description

What is Azee 1000 mg?

Azee 1000 mg is an antibiotic tablet used to treat various bacterial infections caused in tonsils, ears, nose, lungs, skin etc. Both adult and children can consume this medicine. This tablet can be used against the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and typhoid as well. To get long term benefit, it is advisable to complete the dose of Azee 1000 MG Tablet as prescribed by a doctor and should not leave in between in case you feel better.

Who is the manufacturer of Azee 1000mg tablet?

One of the leading and well pharmaceutical companies called Cipla limited manufactures Azee 1000 mg Tablet. So,  you should be confident while using this tablet as it is manufactured by a very authentic and well-known brand.

Uses of Azee 1000 MG tablet

Buy Azee 1000 mg is used to treat various infections caused by bacteria in your skin. It is also used to treat acute bacterial sinusitis which is a short term swelling present in the nasal passage. Because of this bacterial infection, various symptoms like headache, stuffed nose, the pressure felt in your eyes, forehead, cheeks or nose is occurred. This tablet is used to prevent bacterial growth in your body and another part by blocking the formation of proteins due to which bacterial growth took place.

Storage conditions

This medicine should be stored in a dry place and at a cool temperature which should be below 30 degrees Celsius. It is also very important that you should protect this medicine from outside moisture and this medicine should be away from the reach of your pets and children.

Other Strength Of Azee

Azee 100

Azee 250

Azee 500

Azee 1000

Dosage of Azee 1000 mg


It is very important to take the dose of Azee 1000 mg Pills according to the prescription made by your doctor. Don’t try to overdose this medicine as it makes show some serious side effects to your body. In case you have taken the overdose of this medicine then in such situation it is advisable to run towards nearest emergency medical department to seek medical treatment from the doctor.

Missed dose

It is very important that you should remain active while taking this medicine and follow strict routine, so that you will never missed your schedule dose. In case if you missed your scheduled, then soon after remembering you should take it. But one thing to be kept in mind that if it is the time of your next dose then skip the missed dose and carry on with your next scheduled dose.



Studies conducted on animals shows that consuming Azee 1000 mg tablet is safe during pregnancy. Although no claim has been made on human beings so it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking this medicine by a pregnant woman.


Various studies have shown that Azee 1000 MG medicine is passed in breast milk in a very small amount so it is quite risky for a breastfeeding mother to consume this medicine. If you breastfeed your child then before starting this medicine you should take advice from your doctor.


This tablet kills helpful bacteria also so there is a chance to cause diarrhoea after consuming 1000 MG tablets. Take medical help soon if you experience bloody or watery diarrhoea.


If you are not previously allergic to Azee 1000 MG then you should avoid taking this tablet. It is advisable that you should consult your doctor for medical treatment in case you experience any symptoms like itching, swelling, skin Rash, dizziness, breathing difficulties etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

What are the side effects of Azee 1000 MG tablets?

No major side effects occur after consuming Azee 1000mg tablets. In case if you found any side effects, then you don’t need to panic as with the passage of time once your body gets used to it then these side effects start disappearing. Common side effects of consuming this medicine including dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, gas in the stomach headache fatigue. Some of the rare side effects include photosensitivity of skin, chest pain and Rashes.

What happens if you take too much of Azee 1000 MG Tablet?

If you have mistakenly consumed the extra amount of Azee 1000mg tablets then it may provide hazardous effects to your health and you should consult your doctor immediately for medical treatment in order to safeguard yourself from various health problems.

How to take Azee 1000 MG Tablet?

It is advisable to take this medicine according to the prescribed dosage suggested by the doctor. You can take this medicine with or without food but it is very important that you should take Azee 1000 MG Online daily at a regular interval time.

What are the common drug interactions?

If you take Azee 1000 MG Tablet along with Adtemizole, Mizolastine, Ebastine, Terfenadine, then there is a high chance that it may alter its effect and also lead to cause some undesirable side effects to your body. So it is advisable to let your doctor know if you are currently taking any of these medications so that he may suggest the perfect medication according to your medical condition.

Why buy Azee 1000 mg from us?

Arrowmeds is a well-known pharmaceutical company that is the pioneer in providing the best medicine and Wellness products to its customers. It is very safe to Buy Azee 1000 MG Online from us as we are authentic in delivering genuine products. We are well equipped with thousands of essential medicines and Wellness products so that our customer will get all their desired things under the same roof. We are also providing the prescribed and non-prescribed medicine at a very affordable cost to our clients. With our online delivery system, you can get your desired thing delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks on your mobile. We are known for providing the best services to our clients with great customer support as our customer support representatives are 24/7 ready to serve the needs of our clients and to solve their queries as soon as possible.

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