Betnovate cream

Betnovate 20gm (Betamethasone)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Betamethasone
Indication: Allergy symptoms
Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging: 20g & 30g Tubes
Strength: 20g
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Betnovate 20gm (Betamethasone) - 20gm

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What is Betnovate 20gm?

Betnovate 20gm is a medicine that can help you to cure allergies and allergic conditions.

The generic substance that acts to provide the actions of benefit is known as betamethasone.

Now, although we will discuss the uses of this medicinal substance in the later sections for now just remember that it can help you bring relief from irritations, itching, burning, and inflammation.

It is also available in many forms such as the injectable form, ophthalmic form, and cream form.

Consult the doctors mainly on fronts of what type of precautions you have to adhere to and how many doses to use.

Before moving on we would also like to state that the generic substance betamethasone

Is a corticosteroid that prevents inflammation and other pain-causing sensations to reduce by altering the chemical and hormonal composition.

Uses Of Betnovate 20gm?

The main use of Betnovate 20gm is for curing varieties of skin allergies.

It can help you to recover from varieties of skin allergies such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry patches on the skin, scales, and general inflammation after an injury or a cut.

It prevents skin irritation and itching of the wounded region and apart from this, it can also help you prevent the formation of an allergic reaction.

The dose in its injectable form is where the doctors will administer the dose to the patients.

Generally, only after practice, the doctors will permit you to inject the dose on your own.

The cream form of the medicine is one of the most common ways to use the Betnovate 20gm.

In this form of use, only a pea-shaped size of gel is used and gently applied to all of the affected areas.


In general when you consider the composition then betamethasone is the chief substance present in Betnovate 20gm that brings relief from pain.

This generic substance is present in the Betnovate 20gm by volumes of 0.1% on a w/w basis.

Thus the exact amount of betamethasone present in 20mg of Betnovate is 0.02gm.

To make use of the substance you will have to confirm the dosage schedule from the doctors.

The doctors will do some medical examination or read previous reports to get an idea about the disorder.

Only after this will they confirm with you about any dose.

Generally, the doctors may ask you to use the Betnovate 20gm more than once even.

For example, in the cream form, the gel can be used on the affected skin areas more than once.

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In general, people using the Betnovate 20gm have to adhere to some precautions. In this list, we have given the basic list of precautions that anyone using the Betnovate 20gm may follow.

One of them is to avoid using the substance, especially for women who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding their child.

Pregnant women or lactating women need to confirm the use of Betnovate 20gm with the doctors before going on a regular course without fail.

If you have any other forms of skin allergies or infections or skin disorders and if you use medicines or undergo any form of treatment then the same things must be explained to the doctors in detail.

Benefits Of Betnovate 20gm

One of the definite benefits of using the Betnovate 20gm is that it is available in so many different forms.

You have got the medicinal form, the ophthalmic solution form, the injectable form, and of course the cream form.

Thus there is a wide range of applicable procedures to choose from for the patient given their preference.

For example, for someone who is highly busy all day going to the doctor’s chamber for the injectable form might not be possible.

They can use the cream form of the medicine and carry it anywhere and apply it as per their dosage schedule without having too much trouble.

One of the other benefits comes from the multiple-purpose use of the Betnovate 20gm. As you can see from the uses itself, using this cream can help you to get rid of multiple skin disorders, allergies, and infections.

What Are The Side Effects Of Betnovate 20gm?

Most of the time, the chances of severe side effects are very rare.

Only if patients are found to be allergic to the generic substance betamethasone or if it is contraindicated heavily with other medicines then only severe side effects can become reality.

Otherwise, most of the side effects are temporary and of short-term duration.

Side effects-



Paleness of skin

Peeling of skin

Redness of the skin

Skin bulging up

Formation of loose skin or wrinkles

Darkening of the skin

Buy Betnovate 20gm in US and UK

Betnovate 20gm is a brand of skin medicine that is applicable around the world in different dose forms.

If you are to use the medicine for curing any skin disorder while staying in the US or the UK confirm with a doctor first.

Then while buying the Betnovate 20 gm visit any local medicine or pharmacy shop or an online store.

The preference for buying rests on the user. In general, some of the basic precautions for the patient are to establish the authenticity and trust of the medicine shop or the online website that they are buying from.

Compare on all fronts such as prices, offers, and discounts, check the dose and expiry date confirm shipping charges and time for delivery if ordering from an online website before making the final call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.) What happens if you use too much Betnovate 20gm?

We have already covered this front in the upper sections.

If the Betnovate 20gm is becoming too much for the body to cope with then the chances of forming contraindications and side effects is very high.

Make sure that you are using only the dose amount that is given by the doctors.

Q.2.) What if you forget to use Betnovate 20gm?

Generally, try and avoid missing out on doses. Only consistent use will come in handy to cure the problems faster.

Q.3.) How Does Betnovate 20gm Work?

Betnovate 20gm with betamethasone works by controlling the hormonal and chemical composition of your skin.

It helps to avoid inflammation, pain, or even burning sensations.

Q.4.) How to use Betnovate 20gm?

Generally, the medicine form is for oral intake, the ophthalmic solution needs swallowing, the injectable form is applied directly under the skin and the cream is applied topically on top of the dermis of the skin.

Q.5.) What Are The Common Interactions

Some medicines might contraindicate with Betnovate 20gm and give rise to side effects. These will include-

Some high blood pressure medications

A few painkilling medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen

Anxiety pills like alprazolam

Laxative medicines and

Blood thinners like warfarin


Generally to conclude using the Betnovate 20gm can be one of your options for a host of skin disorders.

Adhere to the dose amount and other precautions as the doctors prescribe.

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