Budecort Inhaler 100mcg

Budecort Inhaler 100mcg (Budesonide)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Budesonide
Indication: Asthma
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 200 MDI in 1 Inhaler
Strength: 100mcg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Budecort Inhaler 100mcg (Budesonide) - 100mcg

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What is Budecort Inhaler 100mcg?

Budecort Inhaler 100mcg is a corticosteroid inhaler that is helpful in the prevention of asthma attacks. It is a preventive type of inhaler and its use is only recommendable daily.

If you find the dose to be not working then patiently wait for at least a few days. To realize the full potential of the medicine may take some time around a week.

It is effectively a steroid and thus using other pills with this can cause side effects. this is why speaking with the doctor is always recommendable to avoid dangerous contraindications.

There can even be some commonly occurring side effects for those who are using generic Budesonide-containing inhalers for the first time. Remain cautious during the use and if the side effect severity levels become unbearable then talk to the doctor while also using this dose unless given to change by the doctor.

Who is Manufactures Budecort Inhaler 100mcg?

Cipla Ltd. is of the leading drug manufacturers in India. Its name comes from the lust for reputable drug manufacturing and designing organizations around the world.

Its mix of products is unique and wide.

Within the list of inhalers containing the generic element Budesonide the brand name Budecort inhaler belongs to the company.

The product is highly popular in India and even some other countries of the world.

What Are The Uses Of The Budecort Inhaler 100mcg?

The use of Budecort inhaler 100mcg Pills is for the prevention of asthma attacks. Remember that there are generally two categories of inhalers for asthma attacks. These are the preventive ones that only help you to avoid asthma attacks and rescue inhalers that can help you find relief during the onset of symptoms during an asthma attack.

Buy Budecort inhaler 100mcg is from the first category of inhalers.

This means that inhalers will not have any effect whatsoever on asthma attacks that are already cropping up.

Its use daily is the ideal way for reducing the chances of a sudden severe category of an asthma attack.

Dosage Of Budecort Inhaler 100mcg

As with the dose of Budecort inhaler different patients can have different doses. The doctor will specify the number of puffs you need to take daily from this inhaler.

Being a preventive type of inhaler it is best to use it daily once or twice as the doctor suggests you do so.

Within the inhaler is 100 micrograms of generic Budesonide which is a steroid.

When working it will reduce the inflammation and constriction in the bronchial tubes and airways to prevent an asthma attack.


Remember that there is a higher variant of the Budecort inhaler in the market too and that is the Budecort inhaler 200 mcg.

Using this can cause an instant overdose which will lead to side effects.

Overdose can occur only because of your blunder and when you are not vigilant in using the inhaler.

Doctors also specify to patients to carry their rescue inhalers as well apart from keeping their Budecort inhaler 100 mcg in case of a sudden asthma attack.

Missed Dose

Missing out on a dose can mean that there will be a sudden discontinuity in the right levels of generic Budesonide in your body.

When you miss out on a dose then this can change the objective of keeping a constant level of generic Budesonide in your body and this can again make you prone to an asthma attack.

Do whatever you can such as having an alarm on your mobile to take your Budecort inhaler 100mcg on time but do not miss out on a dose suddenly.

Available Other Strengths OF Budecort Inhaler 100mcg

There is one more variant of Budecort inhaler 100mcg which has double the dose of the former.

And this is the Budecort inhaler 200mcg.

Within this, you can find 200 mcg of generic Budesonide.


Avoid driving after you have taken your inhaler. Sometimes the rarest side effects include hallucinations or drowsiness which can increase a chance of an accident.

Also, avoid taking in alcohol and narcotic drugs since these are some of the vigorously contraindicating agents with generic Budesonide.

The use of this inhaler over a long time can lead to dangerous eye disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, or osteoporosis.

Side effects

Side effects can be common for a patient who is taking in generic Budesonide inhaler for the first time. in general, these disorders will get away. The only concern is when these side effects are recurring even after the first few doses of at least a week.

In such cases, you are to talk to the doctor without stopping the sudden use of the inhaler.

Side effects-

  • General difficulty in swallowing
  • Irritation in throat
  • Fungal infection in mouth and pharynx
  • To prevent fungal infections it is better to wash your mouth or have a brush and rinse your mouth.


The list of indications such as dosage, ideal room temperature conditions, and age specifications can be found on the label of the product itself. To find out more information talk to the doctor.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions for Budecort inhaler 100mcg Tablets call for ensuring normal room temperature conditions. It is best to keep it at cool temperature places where the temperature hardly exceeds 30 degrees Celsius.

Also maintaining a low humidity range is necessary for the long-term use of your inhaler.

Avoid keeping it at low places where your children and pets at home can get easy access.

What happens if you take too much Budecort Inhaler 100mcg?

As is mentioned in the article above, an overdose or an excess dose of Budecort inhaler 100mcg can lead to side effects.

The more overdose you take the more side effects of higher severity levels you will suffer.

Maintain high levels of alertness and vigilance during the administration of your daily dose.

How Does Budecort Inhaler 100mcg Work?

Buy Budecort inhaler 100mcg Online contains generic Budesonide which is a corticosteroid inhaler working to prevent regular constriction and inflammation of the airways and bronchioles which are often the pre-requisites to an asthma attack.

How to Take Budecort Inhaler 100mcg?

When administering your daily dose of Budecort inhaler 100mcg holding the inhaler in an upright position is extremely important.

Take your puffs only when you have the mouthpiece in your mouth and after tapping from the top.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions

The common drug indications can occur from other various antifungals, antibacterial or other inhalers you are taking.

If your doctor does not mention any contraindication issues then ask them about this exclusively to avoid side effects.

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