cernos gel 40MG


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Testosterone
Indication: male hypogonadism
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Strength: 5gm
Packaging: 5 gm Gel in 1 Packet
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Cernos gel helps cure the condition of hypogonadism in males. This condition relates to the formulation of a low amount of testosterone hormone in your body.

But when you buy Cernos gel it can help you with curing this condition. The best part about using the Cernos gel is that it is available in a gel-type medicine. and fort using this gel according to the prescription of the doctors all you have to do is apply it to your specific body regions such as your chest and armpits.

What is Cernos Gel?

Cernos gel online is a medical one that is useful for males suffering from the problem of hypogonadism. It is a form of cure where the patients will need to use the medicine only for a specific time duration as the doctors will guide them.

Remember that the type of cure that you can expect will somewhat depend on the type of adjustment that your body will have.

We recommend that you take permission for the doctors about this to get important information on how many doses of the Cernos you will need to apply and how long you will need to preferably be using the medicine. 

Remember that overuse of the medicine can come up with allergies and infections in the applicable area of your skin. You may experience side effects of using the medicine such as rashes, itching, burning, and peeling of skin on the dose application sites of the medicine.

Uses of Cernos Gel

Buy cernos gel online and use it for curing your problem with low testosterone hormonal levels in the body. It is a perfect type of externally applicable medicine using which will have the same substance as testosterone but one that has been chemically and synthetically developed in the laboratories.

The use of Cernos gel is done only in males who are within the age group of 18 to 64 years. remember that to use the pills of Cernos gel you will need to get a recommendation from the doctor as to how and when should you apply it.

As a general recommendation, you will need to apply the gel only once per day and stick with this fixed time for your daily dose.

The ultimate objective for patients will be to find out if there is an increase in their testosterone levels in the body after using this gel.

For this, throughout your treatment term, you will need to be under the dose advice of a doctor in trying to know just how much of your body’s internal testosterone hormonal levels have been replenished.


Cernos gel dosage says that the amount of dose of generic lab-made testosterone in the gel is exactly at 1 percent on a weight-by-weight basis.

For applications of the gel, you must find out from the doctor the exact amount of potion that you will need to apply to your skin areas.

Remember that you must apply the Cernos gel ensuring strict recommendations of the doctor as an overdose is possibly going to bring up the actions of side effects.


The first basic precaution for all patients to follow is that you must ensure and use the gel medicine only if you are a male. Being a female you will have little to do with testosterone hormone in particular. Moreover, the use of Cernos gel is only done among patients who are males.

The other recommendation is that patients should inform the doctors giving a brief about their past medical history and sharing instances of any other disorders if possible. Especially, you have to be very careful about your past medical history indicating that you have experienced a heart attack or a coronary disease, with high blood pressure or a stroke problem.

Side Effects :

  • Headaches
  • Dry skin
  • Acne
  • Hot flashes
  • Insomnia (which may be caused by hot flashes at night)
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Decrease in libido

Benefits of Cernos Gel

The benefit of using Cernos gel for the patient will be an increase in the levels of testosterone. This is a gel medicine with a synthetically produced substance with its formulation representing the similarities to natural testosterone hormone.

The benefit of using the Cernos for the patients according to the Cernos gel review says that patients have been able to get better sexual health. the sperm count levels have increased and so have the other manly features such as body hair, beard, growth of muscles and bones, and a deep voice.

How Does Cernos Gel Work?

Cernos gel is such a type of medicine that will work by way of increasing the levels of testosterone hormone in your body. Sure enough that the use of this medicine will need to be done for a certain course of time as the medicine will showcase its positive effects only gradually.

The substance, when applied to your skin, will get absorbed, and eventually, it will mix with blood to increase the levels of testosterone hormone in your blood.

Some doctors say that you may have to use the medicine for a week or two to get the first signs of any general increase in the testosterone hormonal levels.

Buy Cernos Gel in US and UK

To buy Cernos gel in the US or the UK you will need to check out an online website Arrowmeds. as far as the question of any legal obligations comes to light, using medicine is entirely legal both in the US and the UK.

The manufacturer of the medicine that is Sun Pharma based in India will regularly export the medicine according to its order books to the Us and the UK.

Even the doctors in these countries will readily recommend such a gel for treating male hypogonadism.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the generic substance of the Cernos Gel?

The generic substance of the Cernos gel is Testosterone only. It is not natural testosterone but lab-manufactured synthetic testosterone. But don’t worry as the generic formulation and its properties will exactly resemble the natural one.

What do you need to keep in mind when applying the Cernos gel?

When you are using the Cernos gel there is a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. Of course, the first one is to apply the gel to your armpits and chest area. The other thing you need to remember is to properly wash the area and clean and dry it. Once you apply let it remain for a few hours for the body to absorb the gel.

Does it have any withdrawal symptoms?

No withdrawal symptoms are present.

Does it come with any dose of addictiveness?

No substance addictiveness tendencies have been established so far.

How to buy the Cernos gel online?

According to the Cernos gel reviews, you should be able to buy the medicine from several online websites. Of course, there is a matter of getting the best deals on your purchase and that can only be ensured if you do a proper comparison and research.

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