Desowen Lotion 0.05%

Desowen Lotion (Desonide)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Desonide
Indication: Allergy symptoms
Manufacturer: Galderma India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 30 ml in 1 bottle
Strength: 0.05%
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Desowen Lotion (Desonide) - 0.05%

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What is Desowen Lotion?

Desowen Lotion is a topical cream that can help you to heal from allergic reactions related to various skin disorders.

It’s a cream that you use to get rid of any pain, swelling, burning itching, redness, or inflammation of the allergy-infected areas.

Using this cream is only advisable when you have the doctor’s consent.

Remember to use this cream only in a certain amount as the doctors tell you and only till the time they advise you.

Although there are as such no severe side effects of using this topical cream there are still a few you need to be aware of.

Make sure that once you apply this cream the area is open and do not use any bandage dressing on top. There are no dietary restrictions as such and no common interactions have been seen with alcohol as well.

Uses Of Desowen Lotion?

Hailing from the derma group of drugs category the use of Desowen Lotion is mainly for curing the complications that arise due to various skin allergies.

Sometimes various skin allergies like psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema have symptoms to it that include itching, swelling, burning, redness, and inflammation of the affected areas.

But when you use the Desowen Lotion you can get rid of all the complications arising out of the skin infection itself.

You must use this cream only by topically applying it on top of your skin, prevent accidental contact internally, and do not allow the cream to come in contact with your nose, mouth, or eyes.

Also, we recommend washing your hands both before and after applying the cream.

Do not wear tight clothes on the affected and cream-applied areas and allow the cream to settle down for at least 5 to 6 hours for consistent action.


When it comes to the dose of Desowen Lotion doctors will have to check out a few things.

One of them which is of primary importance is the type of complications that the patient suffers from.

The type and severity of the allergic complications may also vary due to the type of allergy itself.

For application check with the doctor on how much of the cream needs to be put on the affected areas.

For application purposes just gently rub the cream on top of the skin but do not rub it vigorously.

Sometimes the doctors may as well ask you to use the cream more than once during the day keeping equal intervals between each time application.


There are a few basic precautions to adhere to for the patients for safe administration of the dose. Follow some of the guidelines below-

Avoid excess use

Do not use it in more amounts than what the doctors have recommended you to. This may cause side effects like burning, itching, or general pain in the application area.

Keep up with the dosing schedule

It is only with constant application of the cream that you will find results.

It does take time for the Desowen Lotion to come up with visual effects.

Sometimes cures are possible within a few days to a week or in other more severe issues your treatment term may elongate to a few weeks.

Inform the doctors of any other topical lotion you are using topical lotions

Tell the doctors about any other lotions that you are using.

This is for you trying to stay safe from possible contraindications that may arise as side effects.

Inform the doctors if you are pregnant  or if you breastfeed your infant

For female patients who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding their children, you need to inform them of their condition and the doctors.

Benefits Of Desowen Lotion

Of course, patients who are using the Desowen Lotion do enjoy a few benefits.

Here we list down all the major benefits that you can get with the use of this cream-

Preventing complications from skin disorders

Of course, skin disorders like eczema, and psoriasis may affect you but you do not have to worry about them complicating things.

using the Desowen Lotion you can get rid of the symptoms and the arising complications such as inflammation, redness, and others.

Not known to have any severe side effects

Using the Desowen Lotion does not have any major side effects.

Of course, some milder side effects may be possible but they do not have any severe health complications.

But this does not mean that patients can simply make use of the cream in whatever amounts they wish to.

What Are The Side Effects Of Desowen Lotion?

As we told you above as well that using the Desowen Lotion does not come with any major side effects.

Of course, there are a few mild side effects that you need to be wary of.

Here are some of the side effects that patients may undergo.









Skin peeling

On most occasions even if you see these side effects crop up they will generally subside over the next few days or a week at most.

If the side effects keep recurring each time on applying the cream then this is more of a concerning issue and you need to speak with the doctors.

Buy Desowen Lotion in US and UK

The Desowen Lotion is available for sale across the world including the US and the UK. The manufacturers of the cream Galderma India Pvt. Ltd. do export the medicines to some countries foreign countries showing demand apart from selling it widely across domestic markets in India.

Check out the Desowen Lotion in your local medicine shops or else look to get in touch with an Indian-based online supplier or distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.) What happens if you use too much Desowen Lotion?

Using too much Desowen Lotion cream can sometimes cause instant burning, irritation, itching, or pain. Confirm with the doctors about the exact and safe dose amount.

Q.2.) What if you forget to use Desowen Lotion?

Generally, the Desowen Lotion is a type of topical cream curing allergies and other complications only when you use the cream regularly. Missing out on doses might prolong your treatment term or worst it may not be effective at all.

Q.3.) How Does Desowen Lotion Work?

The Desowen Lotion belongs to a group of medicine known as glucocorticoids. It prevents the release of the prostaglandin hormones that prevent the rise of complications such as redness, itching, and swelling of the skin.

Q.4.) How to use Desowen Lotion?

Take out a small portion of the lotion and gently apply it to the area where the infection sites are.

Q.5.) What Are The Common Interactions

Commonly interacting drugs with Desowen Lotion include-

Acarbose, amlodipine, aprepitant, Atazanavir.


You can use the Desowen Lotion while suffering from a few types of skin allergies and infections but ensure to take approval from the doctor while also following the dose instructions and other guidelines.

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