Duratia 90mg

Duratia 90mg

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Dapoxetine
Indication: Premature Ejaculation
Manufacturer: Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 90mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Duratia 90mg - 90mg

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Duratia 90 mg, Premature ejaculation or PE is amid the very widespread sensual grievances of guys.

Also, approximately one in three males suffer from this difficulty.

Besides, PE takes place while a guy ejaculates before his spouse wishes to.

Moreover, this forms an unmanageable discharge of semen that can occur before, during, or a while after insertion.

Plus, Premature Ejaculation can occur even with the least arousal.

Additionally, when guys can undergo shame regarding this issue, choices are there for the treatment of this disorder.

Furthermore, medicines, sensual techniques, counseling, or a blend of all these is likely to aid perk up the sensual difficulty.

Also, the Duratia 90 pills are among the medicaments present on the shelves that may assist to treat early discharge.

Moreover, the drug carries Dapoxetine in the strength of 90mg as its prime recipe.

Besides, Dapoxetine functions as an antidepressant that experts find suitable for the treatment of PE.

Plus, this medicine is SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Additionally, the drug acts by enhancing the amounts of serotonin within the system.

Furthermore, low amounts of serotonin lead to deprived power of ejaculation.

Besides, Duratia 90 amplifies the amounts of serotonin.

Plus, it assists to spice up power over ejaculation and elongates the time to ejaculate.

Therefore, a male fighting early discharge of semen requires buying Duratia 90 from a preeminent online seller.

However, Arrowmeds is a famous online retailer of medical products.

Hence, book your order with them and get your PE medication at your door.

Also, by buying the product from Arrowmeds, you will secure yourself from the threat of purchasing bogus medications.

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About Duratia 90 

  • The Duratia 90 tablets are useful for the treatment of PE among guys.
  • Plus, early discharge forms a medical condition in which a guy ejaculates too sooner to gratify his spouse.
  • Additionally, the discharge takes place even previous to penetrative sex.
  • Furthermore, experts have planned Duratia 90 to provide guys with the sensual capacity to last longer and delay ejaculation.
  • Moreover, it makes them go through their entire sensual capacity during penetration in sex life.
  • Besides, Duratia 90 encloses a potent substance Dapoxetine.
  • Also, the Duratia 90 pills are for administration through an oral path only.
  • Besides, this drug falls under the category of drugs famous as SSRIs medicines.
  • However, the drug offers temporary action to lengthen the ejaculation timing.


  • The medication is an antidepressant and an SSRI drug.
  • Also, Duratia 90 has only one use.
  • Moreover, with Duratia 90, males can significantly lengthen the semen discharge timing and stay in bed for a longer period.
  • Plus, the drug helps them to enjoy long sessions of lovemaking with their spouses who also reach orgasm in time.
  • Besides, the drug helps to extend the ejaculation timing of a male.
  • Therefore, this medication together with sensual pleasure provides psychological help to both partners who enjoy it tremendously.


  • The Duratia 90 mg tablets are useful for elongating the sway over ejaculation and expanding the time before you come.
  • Plus, it saves males from achieving untimely orgasms.
  • Furthermore, the drug functions by augmenting the proportion of natural stuff- serotonin- within the brain.
  • Additionally, the enhanced amounts of serotonin are likely to expand the time before ejaculation.
  • Besides, it does it by decelerating the routes which cooperate with an early discharge of semen.
  • However, this medication forms a treatment and experts consider it a cure to heal early ejaculation.
  • Also, it is no safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Moreover, the drug cannot augment your libido itself and needs sensual incitement for starting its wonderful job.

The intake mode

  • This medication must be taken as per the prescription given by a doctor.
  • Also, to gain the ace effects, use this moiety by mouth for nearly sixty minutes before planning penetrative sex.
  • Besides, a patient should ingest the pill with enough quantity of freshwater.
  • Moreover, a user can gulp down this drug with food or with a diet too.
  • Plus, to grab great results from the medication, do not consume a heavy fatty diet before or after using this medication.
  • Plus, you cannot use alcohol in common with alcohol.
  • Furthermore, the use of Duratia 90 alongside alcohol can amplify the odds of fainting.
  • Additionally, it can also start various side effects that have associated with using alcohol.
  • A user must also shun the use of recreational medications like amyl or butyl nitrates.
  • Besides, after consuming Duratia 90, intake water in large quantities to stay safe from dehydration.


  • As for numerous PE victims, the initial dose starts at 60mg. Your physician can advise Dapoxetine of 90mg or 60mg.
  • However, several sufferers may need Dapoxetine 120mg in case their response to the medication is not satisfactory.
  • Moreover, you can also inquire about the use of the product from a healthcare provider.

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Side effects

  • Duratia 90mg can become the source of reactions like
  • Nervousness,
  • Reduced libido,
  • Headache,
  • Blurry vision,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Nausea.
  • Plus,
  • High levels of blood pressure,
  • Too much sweating,
  • Rhinitis,
  • Sleeplessness,
  • Somnolence.
  • Upper respiratory infection,
  • Confusion, dyspepsia,
  • Restlessness,
  • Dizziness,
  • Anxiety,
  • Bloating,
  • Flushing,
  • Stomach pain,
  • Digestion issues,
  • Concentration issues begin.


  • With the use of Duratia 90, you require wariness regarding bipolar disorders, liver ailment, orthostatic hypotension, and bleeding disorders.
  • Additionally, you exercise caution with issues like seizures, recreational medicines, lactose intolerance, various surgeries, and dental procedures.
  • Furthermore, this drug is not for the ingestion of kids or females.
  • Plus, you better confer with the GP concerning all your medications and ailments so that to receive the top treatment.
  • Also, ask the GP about dose titration in the event of any complications or an unhealthy state.


  • Duratia 90 pills may interact with drugs like
  • aceclofenac,
  • barbiturates,
  • acetylsalicylic acid,
  • alcohol,
  • amitriptyline,
  • chlorothiazide,
  • atenolol
  • carbamazepine,
  • Fluoxetine,
  • erythromycin,
  • thioridazine,
  • doxazosin,
  • warfarin,
  • enalapril.
  • ritonavir,
  • tramadol,
  • verapamil.

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