Famcimac 250mg

Famcimac 250 mg (Famciclovir)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Famciclovir
Indication: Herpes labialis, Genital herpes infection, Herpes zoster
Manufacturer: Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 6 tablets in 1 strip, 3 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 250mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Famcimac 250 mg (Famciclovir) - 250mg

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Are there is any best medicine to treat more than one viral infection in humans, then it is Famcimac. It is the widely prescribed antiviral drug to treat external skin diseases caused due to viruses and sexually transmitted viral infections (STIs) in males and females. Consuming Famcimac tablets has the best curing results worldwide. Today, patients can find Famcimac 250 mg for sale in local medical shops and online pharmacies.

What is Famcimac 250 mg?

Famcimac is a proven antiviral drug to treat many STIs in adult men and women. The WHO or world health organization has listed this drug under the list of essential medicines.

Famcimac legal status is a prescription-only drug in allopathic medicines. Famcimac’s route of administration is for oral intake only. The active ingredient in Famcimac tablets is Famciclovir. 

It kills the viruses and stops spreading too. Before introducing this drug to the healthcare market, the manufacturer of Famcimac tested this drug on animals and humans.

Famcimac curbs viral infections totally. The infected viruses will not spread or arise in the infected place or any other parts of the human body. Patients are advised to read Famcimac 250 mg reviews if their doctors prescribe this drug to treat viral infections in their bodies. 

Uses of Famcimac 250 mg

Doctors use Famcimac to treat many infections, which are caused by a virus in humans. They prescribe Famcimac to cure Herpes labialis or its other name cold sores in adult men and women.

Physicians make use of Famcimac to curb Herpes Simplex viral infections in adult males and females that are caused due to bad hygiene. Skin specialists use Famcimac to cure Shingles.

It helps in treating herpes infections in men’s and women’s genital areas. Doctors use Famcimac in their patients to curb viral infections in pregnant women too. The use of Famcimac will treat many viral infections while on treatment with one medicine.

Benefits of Famcimac 250 mg   

Famcimac 250 mg price benefits most people in underdeveloped countries. Famcimac comes under antiviral treatment that benefits many adult men and women with one or more than one STIs.

Famciclovir benefits children and adults more or the same in treating many upper skin infections due to bad hygienic conditions. Intake of Famcimac in a course heals boils, skin rashes, and wounds on the infected areas much faster than any other similar antiviral drugs in allopathic medicine.

A patient will get a cure for viral infections too fast if they took Famcimac medication in a full course. They can see the best results as healing boils, no itching sensation on the infected places, and no pain. Children with any viral infections get cured soon than adults after taking Famcimac. 

How does Famcimac 250 mg work?

Famcimac has the main salt composition Famciclovir. It stops the growth of the virus in the infected places. It curbs the spreading of viruses by dissolving the outer membrane of viruses.

Famciclovir helps in modifying the DNA of the virus such that multiplication will not happen from the infected places.

Thus, new virus growth will not happen with such a damaged virus. Taking Famcimac medication in a full course will totally kill the virus and a patient will not get infected further.

Buy Famcimac 250 mg in US and UK

People in the United States and the United Kingdom can buy Famcimac 250 mg online 24 hours as doorstep delivery. Famcimac for sale is available in the local medical shops in your area too.

You can also buy from the doctor’s clinic, where they have an attached or in-house medical shop. Famcimac USA is an FDA-approved drug.

Famcimac 250 mg online is widely order by US and UK nationals. They buy from e-stores to get by free coupon codes, free home delivery, discounts, and offers.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  •  Dizziness
  • Rashes
  •  Itching


  • Any women who are lactating their offspring must tell their doctors that they are breastfeeding while in consultation.
  • A pregnant woman must say in what trimester they are while on doctor’s consultation.
  • If you suffer from any chronic diseases and take medicines, you must tell the doctor before taking Famcimac.
  • Alcohol and Famcimac will not give any results of curing STIs or other infections.
  • It is advisable to store Famcimac 250 mg in a cold and dry place if you do not have a fridge at home.
  • Patients must keep this medicine away from children.
  • A patient must not become a doctor and recommend or give Famcimac to others with similar viral infections.
  • It will help if you can consult your doctor if you miss a dose or took overdose unknowingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

My sex partner is with herpes on his penis, what to do?

Use condoms if you have oral or sexual intercourse as a precaution to stop the spreading of herbs on your female genitalia. It is advisable to visit a doctor and get treatment. They will prescribe Famcimac to treat herpes. 

How long do I need to take Famcimac 250 mg?

It will help if you could follow what your doctor says while on treatment. If they prescribe Famcimac to consume in a course, it will take more than a week to curb the infection. Completing the full course of Famcimac will totally get cured of viral infections. 

Do Famcimac 250 mg cure infections in the labia regions in women?

Yes, Famcimac is prescribed by physicians to cure sexually transmitted infections. It will cure any infections on the labia major or minor faster than any other antiviral medicine. It is advisable to avoid oral sex until infections of the female genital are cured.

Do Famcimac 250 mg cure rashes on genital areas in men and women?

Yes, rashes will appear if you are both involved in non-hygienic sex. Consult a nearby doctor as Famcimac is there to treat skin rashes due to STIs in men and women. It cures more than one skin infection in multiple areas. 

Is Famcimac 250 mg the best medicine to cure HIV Aids?

No, Famcimac is a new medicine to treat viral infections in children, adult men, and women. It is not the best medicine to treat HIV Aids, which is a viral disease. Patients are not advised to take self-medications.  


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