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Flucort Cream 20gm (Fluocinolone)

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Allergy symptoms, Bacterial skin infections


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Product Description

What is Flucort Cream 20gm?

Flucort Cream 20gm belongs to a group of medicine call corticosteroids that is widely use against the treatment of irritation and inflammation cause in different part of your skin.

This Flucort Cream is also having steroids that helps in treating various conditions associated with the itching and inflammation in your skin.

This helps you to prevent against various skin problems like redness, swelling and itching in the infected area.

Uses of Flucort Cream 20gm

Flucort Cream 20gm is use to provide relief against various skin problems that helps you to do not bother about inflammation and skin infections.

One thing to be keep in mind that this cream is only intend for external use only.

It should be take in prescribe dose as recommended by your Healthcare provider or doctor.

You should apply a layer of the screen to the infected area where inflammation or redness caused.


It is advisable to use this cream as long as the recommendation and prescription made by a doctor.

This medicine helps you a lot to get rid from various skin problems so you should complete it’s schedule if you want to get long-term benefit from this medicine.

At schedule time suggested by your doctor you should apply this cream at the infected areas.

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Various things to be keep in mind before start applying this cream to the infected area.

  • You should be very cautious while the application of Fluocinolone and most of the health care provider suggest to not use this cream on open wounds or damaged skin. You should take proper caution if this cream has been use by children.
  • All those people who are suffering from any liver disease or Diabetes then they should also use this medicine with taking proper care.
  • If you are having the regular habit of consuming alcohol then you should stop consuming it as its consumption may increase the risk of side effects and you will not be able to get rid from various skin inflammation.
  • Flucort Cream 20gm is having a steroid in it that is why this medicine should be used by pregnant women with caution. To avoid any harm to the the Unborn baby it is advisable to consult with your doctor before start applying this cream to the infected area.
  • Breastfeeding mother should also take proper care regarding the usage of this cream. This cream main get excrete with the best milk and affect the growing baby.
  • There is no symptoms of feeling drowsy after consuming for applying this cream so this medicine does not affect your ability to drive.

Benefits of Flucort Cream 20gm

Flucort Cream 20gm is very effective cream to treat various skin problem including inflammation and itching like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

It starts in working by stopping the production of chemicals that cause inflammation in the scale and hence you get yourself treated from various skin problem.

By the regular use of this medicine you make it yourself treated from pain, rash, itchiness or redness caused by the skin reaction to different part of your skin.

To get most benefit out of this medicine it is advisable to apply the desired amount of cream to the infected area.

Also it is advisable to use this cream as long as it should be prescribed by your health care provider or doctor.

What are the side effects of Flucort Cream 20gm?

Different doctors and health care providers suggested that you don’t need to be panic if any side effect or symptoms of Side Effects may cause after consuming this cream.

It is so because all the symptoms of side effect disappear with time once your body gets adjusted to this cream.

However it is advisable to consult with your doctor if you are much concerned about these side effects.

Some of the common side effects seen after the consumption of this cream includes redness, irritation, burning, itching and many more.

Frequently asked Questions

What happens if you use too much dose of Flucort Cream 20gm?

You should be very cautious while applying Flucort Cream 20gm to the infected area of your skin.

Most of the health care provider and doctors are of the view that you should apply only the desired amount of cream to the affected area and do not go with over layering it.

If you have find out that you have applied too much amount of this cream to the affected area of your skin then in such a situation you should seek medical attention from your doctor to safeguard yourself from any side effects.

What if I forget to use Flucort Cream 20gm?

If you forget to apply this cream at the scheduled time then in such a situation you can apply this cream whenever you remember about missing the dose.

How does Flucort Cream 20gm works?

Flucort Cream 20 is having steroid in it which starts its working by blocking the production of certain Chemicals that cause inflammation or reaction in your skin and you get yourself relief from such reactions and inflammation.

How to use Flucort Cream 20gm?

Flucort Cream 20 only intended to use by external use only otherwise you have to suffer from various hazardous effects in your body.

The dose and duration advised by your doctor should be followed by you if you want to take long-term benefit from it and get yourself relief from various skin inflammation and reactions.

You should check available to know about the direction of using this cream in your skin.

Before applying this cream to the infected area it is advisable to wash your hand thoroughly and remove the dirt from it.

What are the common drug interactions?

Flucort Cream 20gm may interact differently with other medicines so you should tell your doctor about all your ongoing medication.

It is advisable to not applied this cream if you are a diabetic person and under the medication of diabetes.

This is so because it increases the risk of decrease in the level of sodium in your blood.

It is also advisable that all the patients suffering from diabetes, adrenal gland disorder, Liver disease and other skin infection should consume this medicine with proper care.

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