FML Eye Drop 5ml

FML Eye Drop (Fluorometholone)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Fluorometholone
Indication: Inflammation of the eye
Manufacturer: Allergan India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 5 ml in 1 Bottle
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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FML eye drop is a widely prescribed eye drop to treat inflammatory symptoms in your eyes such as swelling, redness, itching, etc. With Fluorometholone as a core element, it will dilute the inflammation and recover the most precious part of the human body. It falls under use with prescription-only medicine. Thus, one requires an authorized prescription from a legal health provider. 

Overview of FML Eye Drop

Eye allergy is a highly irritating health condition, so it needs proper treatment. FML Eye Drop is an eye drop for treats the different forms of eye inflammation; it belongs to a steroid group and can efficiently prevent itching, redness, and swelling caused by inflammation that converts into infection or allergy.

Besides this, the eye drops will have shown their effectiveness after an eye injury or surgery symptoms. Moreover, it can prevent sudden allergic breakouts in the eye after the surgery or injuries surrounding the eyes. A patient or caretaker can Buy FML Eye Drop online from a reputed portal named with discounts in the form of flat offers, coupons, and promo codes. 

Purpose of the medication in ophthalmic care

In Redness and swelling in the eye:

FML Liquifilm is considered an excellent eye drop to reduce the symptoms of inflammation, such as pain, redness, swelling, itching, and watering of the eyes caused by infection, allergy, or even after the injury or the operation of the eyes.

This eye drop usually reduces the production of certain chemicals in your eye, which may create inflammation. It will make it easier to perform your daily activities. Try to take it as prescribed by the eye specialist to get the utmost benefit. If you do not get any improvement even after a week, discuss it with your doctor. 

Active Ingredients – Fluorometholone

FML eye drops work by obstructing chemicals, which are the roots of pain and inflammation. Doing that helps the eyes to recover from symptoms that are in the form of itching, swelling, redness, etc. 

Medical Indications

It will treat redness, swelling, itching, and multiple other issues related to the eyes. These problems will make your daily activities difficult and problematic, and this anti-allergic eye drop can remove the problem. Using it only with the prescription is advisable if you want positive results and no side effects or other severe eye issues. If it takes more time, talk to your doctor to get a clear vision about the medicine.  

How Does It Work?

The core element Fluorometholone mainly works by lessening the production level of certain eye chemicals that create inflammation and related symptoms like itching, redness, swelling, etc, and diminish them slowly. With the regular use the effect will be seen in just a few days with this FML eye drop.    

How to use it?

This eye drop is designed to be used externally. You should take the dose and duration as advised by your health provider. The eye specialist determines the dose, so you need to take the dose as per the prescription of the doctor. 

Before taking it, read the label carefully to get the information about the directions. 

  • Get your head back slightly, then pull down the lower eyelid to create a pocket
  • You should hold the dropper close to your eye but try to avoid touching it
  • Afterward, gently squeeze the dropper and put the drop inside the lower eyelid
  • Close your eyes for a few seconds 
  • Lastly, Wipe off the extra liquid 

Potential Side Effects

Most side effects do not need any immediate medical attention; they tend to disappear or go away as your body gets used to the medicine. If any one of them persists for a long time, you need to inform your eye specialist.    

Common side effects of Fluorometholone: 

  • Increased pressure inside the eye
  • Mild stinging or burning sensation
  • Temporary blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Eye irritation
  • Abnormal sensation in the eye
  • Eye or eyelid swelling or puffiness
  • Eye discharge
  • Itching or redness of the eye
  • An excess of tears
  • Eye infection
  • Ulcers on the surface of the eye
  • Small grey bumps on the surface of the eye
  • Excessive dilation of the pupil
  • Allergic reactions
  • Change in the sense of taste
  • Rash

Less common but serious side effects: 

It is crucial to contact your eye specialist immediately if you experience any below-mentioned side effects after using the FML eye drop:

  • Some Serious allergic reaction symptoms in different parts of the body include breathing difficulties, swelling, and itching in your lips, face, tongue, and throat.
  • Any type of corneal disease 

Allergic reactions and precautions for individuals with known allergies: 

  • Do not touch your eye when you feel itching, swelling, or redness 
  • Clean your eyes with a cotton cloth frequently 
  • Wear dark glasses 
  • Avoid dusty, smoky environment
  • Take care while working in the kitchen 
  • Do not take any painkillers without the concern of the health provider 

 Precautions and Warnings

  • Do not apply FML Liquifilm for more than the prescribed dose and duration, as it may increase the chance of glaucoma or any type of secondary infection.
  • Don’t touch the tip of the eye dropper; it enhances the risk of contaminating the eye drops
  • If you are using other eye drops, you have to maintain a 5-10-minute gap before applying the other medication to the same eye 
  • You have to inform your eye specialist if the problem persists and you don’t see any improvement, or do the same in the case of side effects that stay long.  
  • If you are wearing contact lenses, remove them before applying the eye drops, don’t wear them back for 15 minutes 
  • Start using the eye drop within 4 weeks of opening the bottle  

Recommended dosage for adults and pediatric patients

The dose of this eye drop is not the same for every patient; it will vary from patient to patient. You have to follow the directions mentioned on the prescription. Continue taking the eye drops until your health provider tells you otherwise. 

Interactions with Other Medications

Before taking the FML eye drop, you should inform your eye specialist if you are already taking any other eye drops. It is important to mention the eye drops obtained without a prescription and different types of supplements, vitamins, or herbal products.

  • Ritonavir
  • Cobicistat the medicine for HIV infection
  • Other eye drops

Storage and Handling

  • You have to store it in a dry place and at room temperature
  • You should avoid extremely cold and hot places
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun
  • You should keep it out of reach of your children and pet 
  • Check the expiry date at the time of buying 
  • Not the date and when the medicine expires. Dispose 
  • Your health provider or pharmacist will guide you on the ways of disposal   


FML eye drops are really effective in treating inflammation-driven allergic reactions, redness, swelling, and itching in your eyes. To get the utmost result, you have to apply it on time according to the dose directed by your eye specialist. If you face any type of side effects, you need to inform your health provider immediately. To Buy FML Eye Drop, you need to find out authentic online pharmacy that has a good reputation and good customer reviews; one such website is arrowmedsFML Eye Drop prices are inexpensive at this web portal, and it has one of the fastest delivery networks. 


Can FML Eye Drop be used for children?

There is no proper proof that FML eye drops can be used safely for children. It is important to remember that eye drops are prescription-only medicine, and adults must consult their health provider before using them. 

Can I drive or operate machinery after using FML Eye Drop?

FML can cause temporary blurred vision, and at the time of occurrence, wait for the vision to get cleared before driving or operating machinery. 

Is it safe to use FML Eye Drop during pregnancy or breastfeeding? 

The study has shown that generally, this Eye Drop is safe to use as a breast-feeder, but very limited data is available for confirmation; you must act according to the suggestion of your health provider. 

Can I use FML Eye Drop with other eye medications?

Before taking the FML eye drop, you should inform your eye specialist if you are already taking any other eye drops. It is important to mention the eye drops obtained without a prescription, using different types of supplements and vitamin or herbal products, to your health provider. 

How long does it take for FML Eye Drop to start working?

The eye drops start working as you apply, and the primary result will be seen within 2 days. The inflammation and pain in your eye should be treated within this period after applying the drops. 

Where can I buy FML Eye Drop?

You can buy the FML eye drops from any authenticated and reputed online pharmacy, such as Arrowmeds, where FML Eye Drop prices can be found pocket-friendly. 


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