Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg

Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg (Budesonide / Formoterol)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Budesonide/Formoterol
Indication: Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 30 rotacaps in 1 packet
Strength: 200mcg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg (Budesonide / Formoterol) - 200mcg

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What is Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg?

Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg is a wonderful blend of two generic substances both of them working in tandem to give you an effective cure for asthma and COPD symptoms.

It is a pill that allows you to make your breathing easier.

The two generic ingredients within the pills of Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg are Formoterol 6mcg and Budesonide 200 mcg.

The pills allow one to avoid the symptoms of the onset of an asthma attack or COPD disease.

But you are to avoid using it as a rescue inhaler because Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg does not belong to this category.

It is a rather general inhaler for everyday use to make your breathing gradually easier preventing the risks of asthma and COPD diseases over time.

Who is Manufactures Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg

Cipla Ltd. is a reputable name well-known in the Indian and broader pharmaceutical industry. It belongs to the bronchodilator category of pills allowing one to avoid the symptoms of asthma and COPD diseases.

The manufacturers of the pills Cipla Ltd. is also a known for its other brand of pills from prescription pills, OTC pills, and generic pills category.

This is an inhaler allowing one to ease out the breathing pattern and prevent asthma and COPD symptoms.

What is Foracort Rotacaps used for?

Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg is a nice blend of two formulations that finds its use in preventing asthma and COPD disease symptoms.

The generic ingredients within the pills allow your airway muscles and tissues to relax and preventing any constriction within the airways that prevents you to breathe easily.

But something that you need to note is that Foracort Rotacaps 100mcg is not a rescue inhaler. The use of this inhaler daily can bring about the best effects only with daily use.

It cannot help you in the instances of a sudden COPD or asthma attack.

Dosage Of Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg

As you can see that the Foracort Rotacaps is a mi of two substances. One of them is a bronchodilator which is Formoterol 6 mcg, allowing your airway muscles to flex and breathe easily allowing the cross-sectional area to increase.

The other one is Budesonide 200 mcg is a steroid medicine changing the hormonal constitution in the neurotransmitters making it easy to breathe.

Available Other Strengths OF Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg

The Foracort Rotacaps is a general-purpose use inhaler that comes in two variants of dose. So far in this article, Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg is included only.

But there is also a higher variant of the inhaler that is the Foracort Rotacaps 400 mcg.

Within this variant, the effective amount of bronchodilator substance is effectively the same that is in 6 mcg sharp.

But the steroidal substance that is Budesonide is double the amount that you find in the Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg dose.

The Foracort Rotacaps 400mcg dose contains 400 mcg of generic Budesonide.

Missed Dose

See, Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg is a general-purpose use inhaler that one should use regularly only. So you can clearly understand that a sudden miss on your daily dose for this type of inhaler can cause disruptions in the amounts of Formoterol and Budesonide on your body preventing less than the potential efficacy of drugs.

Also, note that only after about a week you can see the full potential of the effects of this inhaler. Missing doses in between frequently can make you vulnerable to asthma and COPD disease symptoms.



Alcohol is something that you have to prevent intake in any amounts. It is a contraindicating substance that can heavily trigger with both the generic substances within the Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg.


The doctor will generally ask you to avoid the use of this inhaler during the gestation period. The substances in the inhaler can affect the fetus.

Lactating women

Those women who are breastfeeding do not have any severe problems whatsoever using this drug but one should generally avoid it.


Headache and nausea are two of the commonly occurring side effects out of the use of the drug. Driving can be risky under such circumstances.

Side effects

The side effects can come across to any patient who is using this type of inhaler for the first time.

The efficacy and the severity of the side effects may as well vary too.

One should not stop the use of Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg unless the doctor informs too. You should come out with your side effect concerns as fast as possible to the doctor.

Side effects-

  • Coughing
  • Fungal infection in the mouth
  • Headache
  • Faster heartbeat
  • Harshness in voice
  • Pain in the muscles and bones
  • Nausea
  • Sore throat
  • Vomiting

What happens if you take too much Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg?

Taking in more amounts of puffs of Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg or increasing the dose to Foracort Rotacaps 400 mcg without validation from a doctor can be nothing short of dangerous.

If your body is not able to cope with the 400 mg variant of the dose then expect the nature of side effects to be very vigorous.

How Does Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg Work?

Formoterol is a bronchodilator preventing the constriction of airway muscles and tissues. This allows more area for air to pass in and out of your lungs freely allowing you to breathe easily.

On the other hand, Budesonide is a steroid affecting the working of neurotransmitters and changing the chemical and hormonal compositions in the brain.

This allows you to feel making your breathing easier.

When should I take Rotacaps?

Generally, the use of Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg daily is the best way of getting the maximum efficacy and effects out of the use of the drug.

On the other hand, one should also ensure that the use of the inhaler will not provide instant relief during the actual triggering of an asthma attack or symptom as it is not a rescue inhaler.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions

You should carry all your existing medicines for the doctor to figure out the possible contraindication cases.

Is Foracort 200 harmful?

Foracort Rotacaps 200mcg can be harmful as a part of the drug or one of the generic substances within the pills is Budesonide which is a steroid. The use of the inhaler for a long period can cause general addictiveness to grow and make you a victim of drug abuse.

Storage conditions

For ideal storage conditions, the preferred temperature range should be always less than 30 degrees Celsius.

To add to that the preferable range of humidity should also be less and ideally nil. Avoiding direct contact with sunlight is a better idea as well.

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