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Fucibet Cream (Fusidic Acid/Betamethasone)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Fusidic Acid/Betamethasone


skin infections


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


15 gm in 1 tube



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Fucibet Cream (Fusidic Acid/Betamethasone) - 15gm

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Product Description

Buy Fucibet Cream Online?

If you’re grappling with skin infections and want to cure it then you can buy Fucibet 15gm cream online from our store at a cheaper rate. It’s a common drug of Fusidic acid/ Betamethasone produced by Sun Pharmaceutical industries ltd. Here you’ll get to know the insights and descriptive information about this drug including its reviews, uses, adverse effects, prolonged last composition, its substitutes, the way it works, etc. You may get faster delivery of the medicines in the countries including UK, USA, Australia, France, and China.

What is Fucibet Cream?

Fucibet a cream or a lipid cream is used to treat affected eczema. The cream mainly comes in a 15gm volume and is applied locally over the affected area. Betamethasone topical and Fusidic acid topical are the main ingredients in the cream. The cream helps in reducing the skin inflammation which has been made by proactive chemicals unleashed by the immune system in reaction to skin irritation and helps in flushing out the infectious bacteria.

Fucibet Cream Uses:

This medicine can only be used externally. Take this medicine as per the doctor’s prescription. You may check the label to know about the directions on how to use it. Clean the affected area and make it dry before applying this cream.

Fucibet Cream Dosage:

Keeping in mind about your convenience the dosage is subdivided as

  • Missed dose- In case if you miss a dose then you must take it immediately or if you forget to take it continuously then it’s better to set the alarm or ask your relative to remind you. Also, consult your physician and ask him to make changes in your dose plan or schedule in case if you have missed too many doses to compensate it.
  • Overdose- If in case you find any of the signs and symptoms including narrowing of the skin, wounding, bleeding and body fat deposition then it’s better to consult your dermatologist immediately.


While using this cream you need to take some precautions in order to prevent any damage. There are some general and specific precautions of this medicine which includes

  • General Precautions- If you have any kind of allergy or skin sensitivity from a long time for any ingredient used in the cream then you must not use it.
  • If you’re grappling with any of the bacterial skin infection which is no less than eczema, fungal or viral skin infections, acne vulgaris or rosacea.
  • You should not use the cream during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Specific Precautions- This medication may not be safe for all patients so it’s better to seek your dermatologist’s advice if you’re in one of the following phases-
  • Breastfeeding or pregnancy
  • If you have any skin allergy or sensitivity
  • Suffering from any illness or health condition
  • If you’re taking any other medicine without any prescription
  • If you’re taking any health supplements, herbal medicines or vitamins, etc.
  • Prevent this cream to get into your eyes as it may cause glaucoma.
  • In case if you suffer from skin rashes, swelling in face and limbs, facing difficulty while breathing, hives and facing difficulty in swallowing then you must contact the dermatologist immediately.
  • Use this cream as per the doctor’s prescription. Do not change your dosage until you have your first counseling with the doctor.


Some of the warnings for using this cream include-

  • Do not use this medicine during pregnancy unless it’s important. You should know about all the pros and cons of this medicine before taking it during this phase.
  • Do not use this medicine if you’re in the lactating phase as it may affect the baby too. You should consult your doctor and know about its risks and benefits before taking it during this phase.

Fucibet Cream Side Effects:

The use of Fucibet 15 gm cream for a longer duration of time may cause the following after effects including allergy, eczema, itching, burning, dryness, irritation, Folliculitis, Acneiform eruptions, pigmentation, etc.

Why buy Fucibet Cream from Arrowmeds?

Buying this cream form Safe Generic Pharmacy gives you myriad benefits including affordable and cheap price, outstanding customer service, on-time delivery of the product and many more.

How Fucibet Cream Works?

Fucibet cream simply functions by hindering the inflammatory agents and skin maladies.

How many Substitutes are available?

This cream being the rarer one has only one substitute i.e, Fuzi B Cream which can be used as a replacement in case if you don’t get this one anywhere.


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