Generic Latisse (Lashona-Bimatoprost)

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Bimatoprost
Indication: Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension
Manufacturer: Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 3ml in bottle
Strength: 3ml
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Generic Latisse (Lashona-Bimatoprost) - 3ml

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Generic Latisse Eye Drops are mainly used for achieving dreamy eyelashes. It can be used by men or women willing to achieve longer, stronger & denser eyelashes. On the whole, it is an amazing replacement for fake eyelash growth products. Alternatively, it could be prescribed for treating eye conditions like ocular hypertension. Buy Generic Latisse online after getting a prescription from the doctor today!

Generic Latisse | 100% Genuine Generic Latisse Drops for Eyelash Growth

Generic Latisse eye drops are one of the most legitimate solutions for boosting eyelash growth. If you have complaints about thinner, smaller, or less-voluminous eyelashes then This could be your best friend.

It helps you achieve the eyelashes of your dreams with the least investment as compared to other lash hair treatments.

Moreover, it is very affordable and safe for long-term use. You can easily buy Generic Latisse online after getting a prescription from the doctor. Read more about this magical eyelash growth solution here.

What is Generic Latisse?

Generic Latisse is nothing but a highly effective solution for boosting lash hair growth. It contains Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution (0.03%) as its major ingredient.

This ingredient is used in many FDA-approved eye drops for improving eyelash growth as well as treating eye conditions like intraocular hypertension.

Besides this, Generic Latisse shows improvements in conditions like intraocular hypertension. During this eye condition, the patient suffers from increased pressure in the eyes.

Mainly, Generic Latisse is used by females willing to increase lash hair length. This is a promising solution for getting thicker & voluminous eyelashes on the go.

Moreover, it is very affordable and safe as compared to mascara & fake eyelashes. In other words, you’ll achieve breathtaking eyelashes in no time which will eliminate the need for fake lash volume products.

Using Generic Latisse relaxes the nerves by circulating naturally occurring fluid in the eyes. Thus, it relieves pressure and promotes relief in no time.

However, prefer consulting the healthcare provider before buying or using this straightaway.

Benefits of Generic Latisse

  • Faster-action solution for both – lash hair growth & ocular hypertension
  • Safe & convenient to use
  • Affordable eye drops for laymen too
  • Eliminates the need for fake eyelash products
  • Enhances lash hair growth naturally

Uses of Generic Latisse

These eye drops are mainly used for the following purposes:

  • Boosting eyelash growth
  • Improving conditions like intraocular hypertension i.e. increasing pressure in the eyes

How does Generic Latisse work?

Latisse Generic eye drops work by boosting the growth of hair follicles. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution effectively promotes lash hair growth by nurturing hair follicles on the upper eyelid lash hair base. As a result, it helps you achieve longer, thicker & voluminous eyelashes in a few days only.

When & how to apply Generic Latisse for dreamy lash hair?

Whether you’re using Generic Latisse for ocular hypertension or eyelash growth, wash and rinse your hands properly before using the bottle. Also, remove contact lenses and eye makeup before applying this.

  • For eye drops, Generic Latisse should be applied as indicated by the doctor. Make sure you don’t touch the nozzle tip otherwise, you might contaminate it. Squeeze a drop or two in the infected eye and close your eye for some minutes.
  • For lash hair growth, use a soft-bristle applicator brush for applying Generic Latisse to the upper eyelid base properly.
  • Squeeze a drop or two on the brush hair and apply gently on the upper eyelid base.
  • Never use Generic Latisse for the lower eyelid base.
  • Wash and rinse your hands again after closing the bottle.

Generic Latisse Side Effects

Though Generic Latisse is safe, it can have some common & nominal side effects:

  • Itchy or irritating eyes
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Darker skin around the application areas
  • Dryness in the eyes
  • Changes in the pigmentation of the eye
  • Swelling of face, lips, throat, or tongue
  • Increased tears
  • Vision changes
  • New or adverse eye pain symptoms
  • Similar allergies

Please report the allergic reactions immediately if they’re getting adverse or out of control.

Drug Interactions

  • Don’t apply Generic Latisse if you’re already using any other eye drops
  • Inform your doctor if you’re applying alternative eye drops or using substitute eyelash growth serum

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It may take a few months for some people to see improvements in eyelash growth. Don’t lose hope or discontinue Generic Latisse suddenly.
  • Keep applying this as prescribed to achieve the desired results for eyelashes.
  • If you find any serious allergic reactions in your eyes or abnormalities in body hair growth then contact your medical care provider.
  • These eye drops are mostly safe to use in the long term. However, don’t use it beyond the prescribed dosage limit.
  • Never have your contact lenses on while applying Generic Latisse eye drops or eyelash growth serum.
  • Please note that Generic Latisse is not a permanent solution for eyelashes. Your eyelashes will be seen in their pre-treatment stage if you stop using them.


  • Generic Latisse should be stored at normal room temperature.
  • Don’t contaminate the Generic Latisse solution by touching the nozzle or lid.
  • Keep Generic Latisse bottles out of reach of children.

Generic Latisse Reviews

“Initially, I was prescribed Generic Latisse for ocular hypertension. These eye drops helped me recover from increased pressure in the eyes & blessed me with insane lash hair growth. Afterward, I continued applying Generic Latisse for beautifying eyelashes under medical supervision. Since then, This Serum took over other eyelash products in my wardrobe and I’m happier than ever.”


Is Generic Latisse FDA-approved?

Generic Latisse belongs to the Prostaglandin class of drugs. It has Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution as its key content which is FDA-approved. Hence, you can say that Generic Latisse is a safe and trustworthy eye drops whether you want to use it for treating ocular hypertension or boosting eyelash growth.

How many times Generic Latisse should be applied?

Follow the instructions given by the doctor for applying Generic Latisse for either purpose. Mostly, Generic Latisse is applied once before bedtime regularly for improving eyelash growth.

Similarly, This eye drops are prescribed for use once per day before bedtime. However, this treatment period and frequency of application vary according to the patient’s medical health conditions and the requirements for treatment.

For how long you can use Generic Latisse for eyelashes?

Generic Latisse for eyelash growth is mostly used for at least six months regularly. This eyelash growth serum should be applied less frequently afterward.

For instance, if you’re applying it daily then reduce its application to three times a week. But, if you discontinue using Generic Latisse eyelash growth serum then you will not be able to maintain its effectiveness achieved to date. 

Can you maintain results after discontinuing Generic Latisse?

Continue applying Generic Latisse once or twice per week after you’ve achieved the desired results with eyelashes.

Who cannot use Generic Latisse?

Any individual who is not prescribed Generic Latisse should not use these eye drops.

2 reviews for Generic Latisse (Lashona-Bimatoprost)

  1. Charlotte Thompson
    Charlotte Thompson

    Promotes longer, thicker eyelashes with daily application.

  2. Gwen J. Winstead
    Gwen J. Winstead

    I’ve been using Latisse for a few months, and the results are impressive. My lashes are noticeably longer and darker. It’s become a staple in my beauty routine.

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