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Hypersol Eye Drop (Sodium Chloride)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sodium Chloride


used in dry eyes


Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd


10 ml in 1 packet



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Product Description

What is Hypersol Eye Drop?

Hypersol Eye Drop is a kind of ophthalmic solution that is helpful to cure various eye problems and it is made up of purified salt that is used mainly for treating dry eyes.

This eye drop is having sodium chloride as its main content and it is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Buy Hypersol Eye Drop is mainly prescribed for external use only. This eye drop is available in the market and works as a cleaning solution.

This eye drop helps in cleaning the eyes by withdrawing water from the front surface of the cornea. These eye drops provide relief against the swelling in the eye that further helps in providing clear vision to your eyes.

Uses of Hypersol Eye Drop

Hypersol Eye Drop is a purified salt solution that is widely used to treat dry eyes and make your vision clear.

Most of the doctors prescribed this eye drop to be used against the treatment of corneal edema.


As per the advice given by your doctor you need to use this eye drop accordingly.

You should listen to the doctor and according to the prescribed dosage only you need to pour this eye drop.

Before starting using this eye drop it is very important that you should check the label before hand and go through the manufacturing and expiry date mentioned in the label and also the direction to use these eye drops.



No research has discovered any interaction between alcohol consumption and Hypersol Eye Drop.

However it is advisable to consult your doctor in advance if you are having the habit of consuming alcohol regularly before starting your treatment with Eye Drop.


According to the study, there is not so much information available regarding the use of Hypersol Eye Drop by a pregnant woman.

To safeguard the growing baby from any hazardous effects it is advisable to take suggestions from your doctor regarding the use of this eye drop by pregnant women.


More information is available regarding the use of Hypersol by a breastfeeding mother. To discover more about the risk and benefits involved it is highly suggested to consult to your doctor.


Soon after using Hypersol, it is not advisable to drive as it may affect your vision and there is a happening of the accident. If you have find out any symptoms or experience that your vision may affect negatively or your ability to concentrate is also reacted negatively then in such a situation you are advised to not drive or operate any machines.

Benefits of Hypersol Eye Drop

Condition over ice produced in an amount of natural tears that have them too you remain comfortable and move comfortably easily without experiencing much pressure.

Be natural ears are capable to remove any particles of dust from your eyes. But sometimes when your eyes is not able to produce enough amount of tear then in such a situation it may suffer from pain, redness and dryness.

These dry eyes sometimes may cause due to sunlight, computer useage, wind or heat.

Hypersol Eye Drop helps to provide enough lubrication to your eyes that helps you to get relief from redness and dryness. This medicine is very effective to improve your vision.

What are the Side Effects of Hypersol Eye Drop?

Buy Hypersol Eye Drop Online is one of the safest eye solution available in the market which is not known for providing much side effects to your vision for eyes.

Some mild Side Effects which may cause after using this eye drop are temporary in nature and does not need to provide any medical attention.

Once your eyes get habitual these symptoms start disappearing over time. Some common side effects include the burning sensation or redness in your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you take too much of Hypersol Eye Drop?

Hypersol Eye Drop is required to be used in desired quantity only as per the suggestion given by a doctor.

Few drops are enough to provide enough lubrication to your eyes and that is why it is advisable to not go for or overdosing it.

In case you have put it more drops to your eyes then in such a situation you need to consult to your doctor.

What if you Forget to use Hypersol Eye Drop?

To cure yourself from dry eyes or redness it is very important that you should use these eyedrop at the scheduled time suggested by your pharmacist.

If you have find out that you forgot to use this eye drop at the scheduled time then you need to put eye drop as soon as you discovered about the missed schedule.

How Does Hypersol Work?

Hypersol Eye Drop is having sodium chloride in this solution and is considered as one of the most purified salt solution available in the market.

These eye drop starts its working by providing clean as to the eye and drawing out water from front surface of eye on the swollen cornea.

This eye drop is very effective to provide relief against redness, swelling and further helps in clearing your vision.

How to Use Hypersol Eye Drop?

Hypersol Eye Drop Online is prescribed for external use only. As per the advice given by your doctor need to stick towards the dose and duration of taking it.

The direction of using this eye drop is mentioned in the label which you need to follow.

Without touching the dropper you need to you made it close to your eyes.

Gently squeeze the dropper and the medicine will come outside and try to put it to the lower eyelid.

In case of extra amount you need to wipe off the liquid.

What are the Common Drug Interactions?

To safeguard yourself from any hazardous effect it is very important to tell your doctor about any eye drops or medicines you are taking currently so that he will be able to discover the drug interactions among them.

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