Liv 52

Liv 52 (Ayurvedic)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Ayurvedic
Indication: Viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis, anorexia, loss of appetite
Manufacturer: Himalaya Drug Company
Packaging: 52 Tablets in Bottle
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Liv 52 (Ayurvedic) - Liv 52

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Buy Liv 52 Online with 100% quality assurance and improve symptoms of alcoholic liver diseases, loss of appetite & liver damage caused by radiation therapies. Liv 52 by Himalaya is a former oral treatment for liver detox. It promotes healing with excellent antioxidant properties. Buy Himalaya Liv 52 tablets after consulting your doctor.

Buy Liv 52 online | Improve Liver Health & Promote your Appetite with Himalaya Liv-52 Pills

Are you longing for liver detox? Do you have liver damage because of alcohol addiction? Buy Liv 52 online with medical guidance and improve the symptoms. Liv 52 by Himalaya is an herbal, safe & highly effective oral remedy for a wide range of health concerns associated with the liver. Make sure to have a prescription before you buy Liv 52 tablets by Himalaya so that you rest assured regarding your eligibility for this medicine.

What is Liv 52 tablet by Himalaya?

Liv 52 tablet is nothing but a powerful combination of Chicory and The Caper Bush indicated for treating liver damage. This film-coated tablet is used for protecting the liver against several types of hepatotoxins and bringing liver health back on track. It improves liver functions by promoting growth and appetite among patients.

It is a prescription-only medicine. Though herbal and all-natural, it should not be used without consulting your healthcare provider.

Medicinal Composition

This medicine contains two major ingredients:


Chicory is also known as Kasani and it happens to be great for alcohol detoxification. This herbal ingredient is a high-potential antioxidant that falls true with its radical scavenging and hepatoprotective properties. 

The Caper Bush

This ingredient is known by the nickname Himsra. It is a high-potent hepatoprotective. It is a biomarker for oxidative stress. The Caper Bush also inhibits the ALT and AST enzyme levels thus improving the overall functional efficiency of your liver. This ingredient contains Flavonoids that exhibit significant antioxidant properties.

Liv 52 Uses

The main purpose of Liv 52 is to protect the liver from damage caused by chemically-induced hepatotoxicity. It improves this health condition and promotes liver cell regeneration.

In other words, Ayurvedic tablets are used as liver-support supplements that ensure the healthy functions of your liver. This medicine has antioxidant properties. As it is herbal medicine, it actively safeguards your liver from external damage caused by chemicals.

What is Liv 52 prescribed for?

Here are the major health conditions Liv tablets treats & it is prescribed for the same:

Benefits of Liv 52 Pills

Here are the former benefits of this liver-protectant drug that could make you go for the same.

  • Liv tablets is an herbal medicine used for Liver Detox
  • It has fewer possibilities of side effects
  • This oral tablet flushes toxins and promotes good liver health
  • Chicory is one of the major contents of Ayurvedic tablets that protects cells from alcohol-induced toxicity & radical damage
  • It boosts the functional efficiency of your lives
  • Health issues like loss of appetite can be treated by enhancing the digestive process

How does Liv 52 tablet work?

The exact working mechanism of this medicine is unknown. Kindly consult your doctor regarding the same.

When to use Himalaya Liv 52?

Your doctor will guide you on whether you’re supposed to take this medicine two or three times a day. The overall treatment period will be identified by the doctor. Follow the guidelines as directed by your physician and complete your treatment for a better outcome.

Liv 52 Dosage: Steps for Use

  • Follow the dosage directions given by your doctor for handling Ayurvedic tablets properly.
  • This tablet is usually swallowed as a whole with a glass of water. Take it as directed by your physician.
  • Please avoid crushing, chewing, or breaking the pill else its effectiveness will change.
  • In case you miss using the dosage then skip the missed dose and continue with the next scheduled dose.
  • Don’t overdose on this medicine despite being a herbal medication. It can increase the risk of side effects.

Side Effects of Liv 52 Tablets

The good news is this medicine does not have any major side effects nor have any noteworthy ones reported by users. However, some allergic reactions on the skin or nausea can be experienced in mild to moderate form. Such side effects fade once your body gels with this medicine.

In case you think this medicine isn’t suiting your health conditions or you experience extreme adverse effects then call your healthcare provider.

Does it have any drug interactions?

The drug interactions of this herbal liver detox tablet are unknown to date. You shall disclose your ongoing medicines to the doctor while Liv 52 is prescribing. Your doctor will guide you on whether your existing medicines can be use with this pill or you shall use them at intervals.

Warnings & Precautionary Measures

  • Use Ayurvedic tablets only after consulting the doctor.
  • Don’t use this medicine if you get any severe allergies after the first few dosages. Inform your doctor if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any sensitive health issues or undergoing treatment for kidney and liver diseases already.
  • This medicine may not be prescribe to women during pregnancy or breastfeeding. So, tell your doctor if you’re undergoing such medical conditions already.
  • It may not be for children under the age of 18 years.
  • Start or stop using this medicine under medical guidance only. Do not overdose.

Liv 52 Reviews

“I’m using Himalaya Liv 52 for two years now and it is just amazing. This medicine made me experience the benefits of a healthy life after undergoing alcohol abuse for quite a long. It has improved my digestive tract and helped me regain liver balance.”

Storage & Disposal

  • Read the product label carefully before use and also check the manufacturing and expiry dates.
  • Store the tablets in a cool and dry place. Don’t expose your stash to sunlight or moisture.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • If not required anymore, dump your stash in the trash can only. Do not flush.


When should you take Himalaya Liv 52 tablets?

Ayurvedic tablets are use twice or thrice a day after meals. They enhance digestion and assimilation processes besides promoting appetite. Follow your dosage directions as indicated by the doctor.

What are the improvements in fatty liver conditions after taking Liv 52?

Liv 52 is regard as safe and beneficial among patients suffering from NAFLD. In other words, this medicine improves symptoms of fatty liver. Talk to your doctor if you’re willing to try this medicine for improving fatty liver conditions.

Does Liv 52 detox the liver?

People consuming alcohol regularly may use Ayurvedic tablets for liver detox. This herbal medicine has great benefits in quickly eliminating acetaldehydes extracted from alcohol by your system. It is thus helpful in protecting the liver from alcohol-induced damage. On the other hand, this medicine is greatly beneficial for reducing fat deposition in the liver by reducing lipotropic effects.

Is Liv 52 an ayurvedic or allopathic medicine?

Himalaya Liv 52 is an all-natural medicine and you can call it ayurvedic medication. It contains two major ingredients – Chicory and The Caper Bush. They’re herbal and contain antioxidant properties for bettering liver health.

Do you need a prescription to buy Liv 52 online?

You may or may not need a prescription to buy this medicine. But it will be better if you use this medicine with a prescription only. Your doctor can determine whether this herbal supplement will suit your current medical status, medical history, allergies, and so on.

Does Liv 52 make you gain weight?

This medicine reportedly improves your liver functions and eliminates complaints like loss of appetite. Your digestive processes will enhance and you’ll start eating normally. Hence, it may lead to some weight gain.

Will your blood sugar levels rise after using Ayurvedic tablets?

Ayurvedic tablets are found effective in increasing insulin-mediate glucose uptake by 3.13 folds. You can thus expect this medicine to rise your blood sugar levels slightly. Talk to your doctor if you experience blood sugar levels abnormally high or rising suddenly.


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