Lonitab 5mg

Lonitab (Minoxidil)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Minoxidil
Indication: treatment of high blood pressure
Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging: 10 Tablets in Strip
Strength: 5mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Lonitab (Minoxidil) - 5mg

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An Introduction to Lonitab 

We live in the era of a fast-paced life and lifestyle today is changing even faster. With this system, we have created many health issues and one of the most common of them is hypertension or in colloquial language high blood pressure. 

As we enter a new century our science is coming up with the treatment of all diseases as well. And to bit hypertension medical science has come up with a marvellous medicine called Lonitab which has Minoxidil as its core element. 

What is Lonitab?

Lonitab is a medicine that comes in the form and shape of a tablet, with 10 tablets in a strip packing. This med was invented by Intas Pharmaceutical LTD; it is an Indian-based company. 

This med is used for hypertension in both men and women above the age of 18 years. The core element in this tab is Minoxidil which comes into vasodilators medicines. 

Uses of Lonitab

Hypertension (High blood pressure):

Hypertension has been seen in all age groups these days. A few studies have found that nearly 1.3 billion people are facing this issue amounting them 10 million people dying every year. 

Why wait if you are diagnosed with hypertension? Slowly but steadily, Lonitab is becoming the most prescribed medicine for this condition.

Benefits of Lonitab 

  • Controls blood pressure 
  • Keep the pressure low and don’t let it shoot up 
  • Reduces the excessive pumping of the heart 
  • Helps to increase the overall health of the body 
  • Gives mental peace and brings calmness regarding the health 
  • Reactivate daily life routine  

How does Lonitab work? 

The core element Minoxidil in this tab which is a member of vasodilator medicines controls the pressure of the blood and doesn’t let it go on a higher side. It broadens the arteries and calms down blood vessels; this relaxes the heart to pump less and, thus, lowers the blood pressure in the body. So, Lonitab (Minoxidil) is the answer to your issue of hypertension. 

Buy Lonitab in the US and UK 

You can buy Lonitab in the US and UK as it is an FDA-approved medicine. It was approved in the year 1979 and has been used for treating hypertension since then. 

As it falls under use with prescription-only medicine, you need to seek the same from your health provider. The med is available on online platforms and you can Buy Lonitab online from web portals like arrowmeds.com which is safe, secure, and provides medicine at pocket-friendly prices.  

Lonitab USA orders come in huge numbers all around the year and you can check for the same on various web portals. 


Storing this med is simple, you need to put it under 30 degrees temperature. Make sure the med doesn’t get direct sunlight and keep it away from moisture; moreover, prevent children and animals from it.  


While under treatment with this medicine, you have to blindly trust your health provider and the prescription that has been issued. 

The dosage of this med entirely depends on your overall health, in addition, your weight, age, past surgeries, and disease also need to be considered by your health provider and based on that you will have a customized prescription in your hand. 

Generally, you have to take the med each day at a fixed time. You have to gulp it without breaking it in any. You can take it before or after your meal. 


If you ever overdose keep a close look for changes in your health, if you encounter any side effects talk it out with your health provider. 

Missed dose

If you ever miss a dose first check the time of the next dose if you find out that it is near then don’t take the missed dose and start from the next dose.

Dosage strengths 

Know about different dosages’ strengths before you buy Lonitab online:  

  • Lonitab 5 mg
  • Lonitab 10 mg 

Side Effects 

Lonitab side effects are very insignificant and you will be used to it once your body gets familiar with it. Still, as you are going to use it you should know certain side effects that you might encounter. 

  • Hypertrichosis  
  • Fallen amount of white blood cells 
  • Changes in ECG 
  • Weight gain 
  • Headache 
  • Hypotension 
  • Tachycardia 


Please check the following precautions before you start this med.

  • Heart disease 

If you ever had an attack or any other heart disease you must talk that out with your health provider before you start with this med. 

  • Liver

There are not many studies have performed, thus not much information is available regarding its effect on the liver, you should talk that out with your health provider. 

  • Kidney 

Health providers suggest using this med with caution in case you have issues related to your kidney. Talk it out with your health provider in person before you start this med.

  • Breastfeeding 

According to a few studies, the med might pass into the breast milk so it is unsafe to consume during breastfeeding.

  • Pregnancy 

With limited data, it is recommended not to take this med in pregnancy. 

  • Driving 

Side effects like alertness and sleepiness can create issues while driving so avoid it if you have any.

  • Alcohol 

Interaction with alcohol is found with this med so never drink if you are on this med. 

Why purchase from Arrowmeds? 

Arrowmeds has made its mark in online pharmacy since its inception and is dedicated to the mission and vision of providing low-cost medicine to one and all. 

The web portal has created a system that is safe and secure and offers multiple payment options to its customers. Through our portal, you can order you’re med with just a few clicks. 

You can always save on Lonitab price as Arrowmeds always offer discounts in the form of flat discounts and promo code. Lonitab is for sale and to buy with a discount just visit our pharmacy page, you can also search for this med in the search bar. 

With the fastest delivery network, you can get your meds all around the globe within a few days. 


If you have hypertension, don’t let it become an obstacle in your life. You can overcome this condition and get back to your normal life with Lonitab

This is a government-approved medicine and by including it in your daily routine you can achieve all your endeavours and regain the life you have planned and dreamed. 

Based on rave Lonitab reviews, you can Lonitab online from various platforms offline and online but only with an authorized prescription from your legal medical practitioner. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the side effects of Lonitab? 

There are very few side effects of this medicine and those are very insignificant as well, though you should know about them so you can handle them with the help of your health provider, they are: 

Hypertrichosis, Fallen amount of white blood cells, Changes in ECG, Weight gain, Headache, Hypotension, and Tachycardia. 

What is Lonitab is used for? 

Lonitab tablet is used in the treatment of hypertension, generally known as high blood pressure. 

Can I stop taking Lonitab? 

It is not recommended to stop this med suddenly without the concern of your health provider as it may be dangerous to your health. Please talk it out with your health provider before making any decision.

How to use Minoxidil-Lonitab? 

You need to gulp it without breaking it in any way, and it is up to you to consume it before or after your meal. For quick and accurate results take the med every day at a fixed time. Never try to change your prescription without talking to your health provider. 


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