Lulifin Cream

Lulifin Cream (Luliconazole)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Luliconazole
Indication: used in the treatment of fungal infections
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: Available in 10g, 20g, 30g & 50g in a Tube
Strength: 10g
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Lulifin Cream (Luliconazole) - 10g

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1 Tube $7 $7 /Tube
3 Tube/s $20 $6.67 /Tube
6 Tube/s $38 $6.33 /Tube
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Lulifin Cream 20g (Luliconazole) - 20g

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1 Tube $12 $12 /Tube
3 Tube/s $35 $11.67 /Tube
6 Tube/s $67 $11.17 /Tube
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Lulifin Cream 30g (Luliconazole) - 30g

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1 Tube $15 $15 /Tube
3 Tube/s $43 $14.33 /Tube
6 Tube/s $82 $13.67 /Tube
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Lulifin Cream 50g (Luliconazole) - 50g

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1 Tube $20 $20 /Tube
3 Tube/s $55 $18.33 /Tube
6 Tube/s $105 $17.5 /Tube
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Lulifin Cream is a remedy for several severe fungal infections which are known to damage areas near your groin, buttocks, toes and inner thigh whose generic name is Luliconazole 1%w/w and of course, contains Luliconazole is an active ingredient that is believed to be an effective solution for healthy and hygienic and fungi-free skin.

Lulifin Cream- Compelling Solution for Fungal Infections

Fungal infection can lash out at anyone, regardless of age everyone person is susceptible to the type of fungi which in a certain way conspire to take charge over your skin to establish their habitat for nourishment that lead to deterioration of skin which is the dreadful scenario for anyone because that may be to rashy and itchy and can be fatal sometimes.

So you or your beloved one is suffering from any sort of fungal infection like ringworm, jock itch, or athlete’s foot then this cream can be a game changer for you, Buy Lulifin cream online and enjoy its benefits.

What is Lulifin Cream?

Lulifin is a topical medication that is oftentimes used to treat a fungal infection like jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s foot. It is composed of luliconazole that prevents the growth of fungi on the screen and does not let them spread further.

Uses of Lulifin Cream

This topical medication is quite a good solution for fungal infections such as jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm whose biological names are tinea cruris, tinea pedis, and tinea corporis respectively.

Tinea cruris is a type of fungal infection that occurs on the groin and inner thigh and generates symptoms like itching, redness and rash. Tinea corporis produces a circular red and itchy rash with a clear centre that possibly can happen on any part of the body. Additionally, this cream may also be helpful for the infection that occurs in the skin fold.

Other Benefits

Apart from its primary use regarding the cure of fungal infection, this beneficial cream carries other benefits as well. If formulated with a moisturizing agent the cream may help the skin to stay hydrated and soothed. In some cases, a combination of other treatments and Lulifin might be used to concrete management plans to achieve healthy skin conditions.

How does Lulifin Cream work?

The whole process of battling against fungal infection is by intercepting a growth of fungal subaerial that causes skin Infection. A cell membrane of fungi contains ergosterol which is a pillar for the completeness of their internal structure.

The synthesis of orgeatrol is created by an enzyme called lanosterol 14a-demethylase, an active ingredient Luliconazole interferes with the enzyme and disrupts cell membranes which will lead to their death, this process collective process of attacking ergosterol and disrupting cell membranes deactivates fungal cells and stops them from spreading further.

Buy Lulifin Cream in US and UK

In US and UK, Luliconazole Cream is widely accessible but to achieve the topmost authenticity of the substance it is recommended to buy Lulifin Cream from a reliable and approved pharmaceutical agency that governs the sector here we have the guarantee of providing you with an utterly original product hence you get as many benefits as possible and that too I convenient price, The Lulifin Cream price is sure won’t let you compromise with your budget, Buy Lulifin Cream USA from here strictly with prescription.


Lulifin Cream for sale is available in the market in various packs like 10g, 20g,30, and 50g, You can purchase your pack according to your need and the duration of the treatment you are about to be on.

The appropriate dose for this treatment is determined based on several factors such as a fungal infection being treated, the severity of the infection, and recommendations provided by a doctor. Generally, it is recommended to apply a cream daily one time on the affected area.

Some Doses like

Lulifin Cream 20g

Lulifin Cream 30g

Lulifin Cream 50g

Side Effects

Every pharmaceutical agent is capable of not working in the way they are meant to be working and can cause specific side effects to specific parts of the body. The same is the case with this topical medicine as well. An antifungal agent in cream luliconazole may generate some side effects. Although those adverse effects may occur when we use them inappropriately and side ourselves away from not following the necessary steps given by the doctor. A few possible side effects of Lulifin are

  • Allergic reaction
  • Dryness
  • Discoloration
  • Redness
  • Burning sensation


Some of the precautions to get aware of to acquire maximum benefits out of creams are,

  • Before using a Lulifin Cream, ensure the affected area is clean and dry.
  • Take care to prevent Lulifin Cream from coming into contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. If accidental contact occurs with these areas, thoroughly rinse with water.
  • A person with specific skin should disclose everything about the underlying situation and its treatment with a doctor before using Lulifin Cream.
  • Consultation with a doctor is a must if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before using this cream to ensure the safety of the child.
  • Before applying, refer to the direction for use given on the packet.

There need to take some lifestyle precautions as well to prevent oneself from getting an infection like,

  • Ensure to maintain foot hygiene by changing socks frequently and washing your feet. Opt for breathable footwear to prevent excessive sweat and heat.
  • Avoid scratching the infected skin area, as it can facilitate the spread of the infection. Prevent sharing personal items such as towels, combs, socks, and shoes to minimize the chances of transmission.

Frequently Asked Question

1.      Does this cream smell good?

Cannot tell you precisely how that smells but certainly it does not smell bad that makes you feel agitated.

2.      Is it safe to reveal the body part with Lulifin applied to dust?

Yes, Lulifin does not interact with dust and is generally safe to use if you work outdoors in dusty weather.

3.      I live in California which is a hot and dry place. The cream stays effective in this condition.

In this context there is certainly no issue regarding the effectiveness of the cream in tropical weather, it is being used all around the world including the countries covered with deserts and they give good Lulifin Cream reviews.


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