Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps

Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps (Fluticasone/formoterol)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Fluticasone/formoterol
Indication: Asthma
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 30 rotacaps in 1 packet
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps (Fluticasone/formoterol) - 500mcg/12mcg

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What is Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps?

Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps form a mishmash of two potent remedies. the two salts present in the formulation of the inhaler are Formoterol & Fluticasone.

Besides, salt Fluticasone is a corticosteroid whereas Formoterol is a bronchodilator. Moreover, Formoterol makes a long-functioning beta-agonist that soothes the muscles of a patient’s airways. Plus, this action augments airflow toward your lungs. Additionally, Formoterol renders breathing effortless by dilating the airways.

Furthermore, Fluticasone works by obstructing prostaglandin’s formation. Also, these are chemical messengers that bring on swelling or inflammation of a patient’s airways. Therefore, it proffers break from sinus discomfort, runny nose, sneezing, and blocked nose.

Besides, Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps Online assists to check asthma onslaught in children and adults.

Who is Manufactures Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps

An extremely eminent drug manufacturer Cipla Ltd. makes Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps in India. Plus, the company’s headquarter is in Maharashtra.

What Are The Uses Of The Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps?

Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps constitute a respiratory remedy. Plus, the prime use of the inhaler is to cure and manage COPD – chronic pulmonary disease, and asthma.

Also, the inhaler tackles bronchitis wherein the lining of a patient’s bronchial tubes swell, and treats emphysema– breathlessness. Besides, Fluticasone has a great role in asthma to curb swelling and surplus mucus production. Therefore, the inhaler aids to manage asthma onslaughts and breathlessness. Moreover, Formoterol functions as a bronchodilator and aids to improve the breathing process. Additionally, this blend of the two drugs is helpful to handle different bronchospasm conditions. Furthermore, these conditions are asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, etc.

Dosage Of Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps

For asthma, the dose relies on the severity of the ailment. Plus, the suggested dose is one puff 2 times every day. Additionally, the highest advised dosage is 50050 two times each day. Furthermore, for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the suggested dose is 1 puff 25050 two –times each day. Moreover, for skin inflammation, there are ointments, lotions, and creams available. Also, follow your GP’s directions while applying the cream. Besides, Levolin Inhaler is present in the form of an aerosol to breathe in through the mouth. Plus, this medication has ointment, lotion, and cream for application on the affected area of your skin.


Using the remedy in excess quantity can begin some side effects. Hence, you require rushing for immediate medical help to rein in the side effects. Also, maybe you notice symptoms breaking, confer with your physician. Thus, you can avoid getting more harsh side effects

Missed Dose

The doctor advises taking one inhalation at a time. Therefore, missing a dose is the least possibility. However, if you forget to take the inhalation, use it anytime you remember. But, you need to forget about the skipped dose if the time is approaching for the daily scheduled dose. Plus, a patient cannot use two doses together to catch up with skipped puff.


You do not discontinue this inhaler use according to your wish unless your physician suggests giving up it.

Also, a patient cannot use Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps to manage abrupt grim signs of asthma or use it by way of a rescue inhaler.

Besides, before the use of Flixonase nasal spray, inform your GP regarding diseases and disorders you have at present.

Moreover, these can be swelling of your artery, blood having low potassium levels, high blood pressure, kidney ailments, and liver issues.

Plus, report the history of heart, and adrenal gland tumors, surplus levels of cortisol, chickenpox, and measles, to your GP.

Additionally, tell them about diabetes, osteoporosis, seizure, immune system issue, cataract, and glaucoma.

Furthermore, observe special precautions with patients having tuberculosis, viral, parasitic, bacterial, or fungal infections.

Also, inhaled or nasal corticosteroids such as Fluticasone are prone to start secondary infections.

Besides, Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps Online is likely to give rise to high levels of blood glucose.

Side effects 

  • The inhaler commences the side effects such as
  • Pruritus,
  • Burning sensation,
  • Hypertrichosis,
  • Eruptions dryness,
  • Hypopigmentation,
  • Numbness of fingers. 
  • Allergic contact dermatitis,
  • Pharyngitis,
  • Secondary infection,
  • Dysphoria,
  • Skin atrophy,
  • Cough,
  • Cushing’s syndrome,
  • Rhinitis,
  • Oropharyngeal candidiasis,
  • Nasal congestion,
  • Headache start.

Where to buy Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps online?

A patient is always careworn about purchasing quality and effective medication from the drugstore or online. Plus, they require a better option for getting their necessary medicines. Additionally, their best online option is the famous Arrowmeds which sells superior remedies. Furthermore, this online retailer has a store full of medicaments from eminent drugmakers. Also, they do not sell only branded variants but their store is teeming with generic medications. Besides, Arrowmeds is the big name among online vendors and outperforms all sites. Moreover, their customer service is satisfactory and customer satisfaction is their foremost priority. Therefore, they retail only quality products and ship them free.

How Does Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps Work?

Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps enclose 2 salts–Fluticasone propionate and Formoterol. Also, the salt Fomoterol forms a long-functioning bronchodilator. Besides, this salt acts by unwinding the muscles present inside your airways and makes them extend. Moreover, Fluticasone propionate makes steroid stuff. Plus, it acts by obstructing the production of some chemical messengers that set in swelling of a patient’s airways. Additionally, the two salts in unison render the breathing process trouble-free.

How to Take Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps?

Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps are not made for swallowing. Plus, read the label cautiously for instructions before using the inhaler medication. Additionally, take the rotahaler and put the capsule close to its base. Furthermore, do not place it inside the mouthpiece. Then turn around the mouthpiece so that a click sound is audible and inhale deeply with the help of the mouthpiece. Also, a user needs to hold his/her breath for ten seconds. Besides, maybe some quantity of powder lags in the rotahaler. Then you must repeat this whole process once again.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions?

Interactions can start with a libero, tricyclic antidepressants, cisapride, receptor-blocking agents, amiodarone, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and carvedilol.

Plus, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, diuretics, ketoconazole, anticholinergic agents, clarithromycin, and amitriptyline begin interaction.


The indication of Maxiflo Forte Rotocaps is for the regular management of grave COPD in patients.

Storage conditions

For inhalation, the storage temperature should be 20-30 degrees Celsius.

Also, regarding Nasal or inhaled keep it between 4-30 degree Celsius.

Besides, you keep in mind not to freeze the inhaler medication.

Why Buy Maxiflo Forte Rotacaps From Us?

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Plus, they need an online retailer that cares for their customer and provides them with genuine medications.

Additionally, the users want an online vendor that stores first-rate medicaments and never sells inferior products.

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