Methimez 10 mg

Methimez 10 mg (Methimazole)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Methimazole
Indication: Hyperthyroidism
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 10mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Methimez 10 mg (Methimazole) - 10 mg

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What is Methimez 10 mg?

Methimez 10 mg is a medicine-giving cure for hyperthyroidism. It belongs to the group of medicines known as anti-thyroid agents and can come to your use when your thyroid secretions are quite high.

Of course, the actions of the medicine are quite simple as it reduces the amounts of thyroid hormones from your blood eventually bringing it back to within normal levels.

At first, you need to visit the doctor primarily because of two reasons. one is that you have to choose the right dose that your body may suit to the best depending on your current health conditions and the level of hyperthyroidism you are suffering from. The other reason is that the use of the pills is under the prescription of doctors’ recommendation.

So unless you visit a doctor you will not be able to buy the Methimez pills.

Uses of the Methimez 10 mg

Methimez 10 mg can bring you benefits in the form of reducing thyroid hormonal levels. There can be several reasons why your current thyroid hormone levels are so high one such common cause is a disorder of the pituitary gland that mandates the thyroid gland to secrete more thyroid than a normal human body.

Your use will for Methimez 10 mg only be on a short-term or medium-term basis. The major factor dictating your treatment term is of course the severity of excess thyroid secretion.

One pill intake during the whole day is enough to last the actions throughout. During your use, one of the more critical elements for the patients to follow is to keep using the medicines on a regular term basis.


All pills of Methimez 10 mg will have the same dose and one generic ingredient within them. The substance that is there to reduce the levels of excess thyroid hormone is known as methimazole. Each pill will contain an exact 10mjg of this substance.

Not being able to suit the dose may mean that you have to end up dealing with the side effects of this medicine. You may also end up with side effects if you overdose.

As for the dose efficacies, the Methimez 5 has a good efficacy time of lasting its actions almost the whole day.

Precautions: When Taking Methimez 10 mg

Any patient who is addicted to alcohol must report to the doctors the amount of alcohol that they take up each day. for highly addictive patients doctors may have to restructure a dosing guideline for the patients.

All-female patients undergoing their pregnancy period or those who are currently breastfeeding their child must also bear caution with the use of Methimez 10 mg. generally it is safe but the doctors will have to mandate the patients to a few tests.

All patients currently having any liver or kidney disorders should inform of the condition in brief along with any evidence such as reports of other doctors and test results. Most of the time the doctors will likely not recommend you to a regular course of Methimez 10 mg due to the high risk of side effects.

Doctors are also likely to test the patient for allergic conditions with the use of generic Methimazole that is present in an equivalent amount in each pill.

Benefits of Methimez 10 mg Tablet

Patients who are suffering from hyperthyroidism can experience some side effects as well. These include anxiety feeling, palpitations, sweating too much, feeling shaky at times, and not being able to withstand much heat.

The use of Methimez 10 mg allows you to gradually lower the excess levels of thyroidism that you have in your body. Remember that it will take some time preferably between a few weeks to a few years.

The use of the Methimez 10 mg pills can thus over time allow you to retrace your life to normal ways by reducing the levels of excess thyroid hormone.

Buy Methimez 10 mg Online

Methimez 10 mg is available on multiple platforms of online pharmacy brands. Check out its availability. to get the best deals on buying you have to undertake a good amount of research. Along with this, there are a few things as well. It’s not just about finding the best deals for buying the pills that matter right?

For you to use the Methimez pills you have to consider other parameters especially when you are buying the pills online. Check out the shipping charges, delivery time, and others.

Side Effects

Thankfully most of the side effects of the Methimez 10 mg pills are not that severe and they tend to disappear over time.

If not, in case, then you must visit the doctor and share your exact types of suffering. Here are the side effects of Methimez 10 mg-skin rashes, nausea, hair loss, headache, pringling sensation or tingling sensation in the eyes, joint pains, changes in the taste of mouth right after intake, drowsiness, and muscle pain.

Generally, if the side effects do not go away even after a week or two it is time to consider the doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.) What Happens if you Overdose Methimez 10 mg?

Overdose of Methimez 10 mg means that your body does not suit well with 10mg of the generic substance methimazole. Overdose can lead to side effects using the drug. Check out the side effects that we have given above to give you an idea. Remember that an overdose may also be caused when you take more than one pill within the same day.

Q.2.) What do I do if I miss a dose?

It may happen for the patient one day that suddenly they have forgotten to take a dose of Methimez 10 mg one day. If you miss taking your dose past its intended time call up the doctor and do not rush in to take the missed pill. Take the missed pill only on their advice.

If not then remember that taking two consecutive doses in a short time can also lead to a temporary overdose and then you may have to witness side effects.

Q.3.) How Does Methimez 10 mg Work?

Methimez 10 mg works to reduce the levels of thyroid hormone in your blood. It cuts off the excess amount gradually.

Q.4.) How to Take Methimez 10 mg For the Best Result?

For best results, we will ideally ask you to check in with the doctors and find out a suitable dose guideline.

Q.5.) What Are the Common Drug Interactions

Some of the possible drug-contraindicating agents include-





Special Considerations

Doctors may have to restructure the dosing paradigm if you have any pre-existing disorder in the presence of certain health conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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