Nummit Spray 15%

Nummit Spray (Lidocaine)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Lidocaine
Indication: local anesthesia and arrhythmias
Manufacturer: Ipca Laboratories Ltd
Packaging: 100 gm in 1 bottle (Mint Fresh)
Strength: 15%
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Nummit Spray (Lidocaine) - 15%

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What is Nummit Spray?

Nummit Spray is a kind of anesthetic that helps in producing loss of sensation before inserting any medical instrument as well as catheters for the sake of medical examination of the stomach, throat, nose, or lungs.

Nummit Spray is also widely used for the prevention of discomfort and pain offers before non-invasive procedures in the throat or performing any dental procedures.

It is also known for providing relief against the pain caused in the vaginal area immediately after childbirth.

It starts working by blocking various nerve signals to the affected area and causing numbness to that part.

Uses of Nummit Spray

Nummit Spray is widely suggested by the pharmacist and doctors to be used as local anesthesia for producing loss of sensation and numbness to the affected area.


Nummit Spray should be used as per the suggestion and Recommendation gave by your pharmacist and doctor to treat yourself from any pain and discomfort pause before inserting any medical instrument into the nose, lungs throat, or stomach.



If your doctor or Health Care provider is recommended then a pregnant woman can use Nummit Spray on the affected area.


As per your doctor’s recommendation a breastfeeding mother can use Spray.

It contains Lidocaine with a strength of 15% therefore it is very important to discover the risk and benefits associated with it with your doctor.

Other medicines

Nummit Spray may interact differently with other kinds of medicine and may cause severe effects on your body.

Therefore you must inform your doctor about the current medicines you are taking including supplements and Herbs so that he would suggest the right strength and dosage for taking Spray.

Irritation and redness

One thing to be kept in mind is that this medicine should not remain in contact with eyes or ears and also avoid using it on any cracked surface of your skin.

If you accidentally it may contact your eyes or ears then you need to wash them immediately. Moreover, if you notice any relation or redness develop around your skin then it is recommended to discontinue its use.


If you want to buy Nummit Spray then it is advisable to take every caution before starting to use Spray because there is a risk associated with increasing the problem of methemoglobinemia.

Your doctor may suggest dose adjustment as per your medical health or he may give an alternative solution based on your clinical condition.

Side effects

Nummit Spray is a very safe medication to be used and most of your doctors recommended that the side effects may cause not avoid any medical attention because your body may adjust to it.

However, it is also suggested to consult your doctor if any of the symptoms may last for a longer duration and you are concerned about it.

Some of the most common side effects of Nummit Spray include

  • Allergic reaction or irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Redness, or itching to the applied area

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you use too much Nummit Spray?

One thing to be kept in mind is that Nummit Spray is suggested for external use only so there is less chance of suffering from any serious Side Effects due to the problem of Overdose.

However, you must consult your doctor before starting to use this spray and should use it only as per the prescribed dosage suggested by him.

What if you forget to use Nummit Spray?

Nummit Spray is only suggested and meant to be used whenever required.

Because of its Limited users, there is less chance of missing the dose of Spray or forgetting to use this spray.

If your doctor suggested you use this on a scheduled dose resignation then whenever you forget to use it at the scheduled time it is suggested to apply the missed dose as soon as you discover about it.

If you have found out that it is time for your next scheduled dose then you should skip the missed dose otherwise you have to suffer from an overdose problem.

How to use Nummit Spray?

One thing to be kept in mind is that this spray is known for external use only.

The use of Nummit spray in most cases will be administered by a professional in Healthcare.

For using it you need to hold the container with the extension tube along with the area where you need to apply this spray.

Then you need to press the button for spring and you should allow a gap of two seconds between two consecutive sprays.

To know more about the usage of humid spray it is advisable to check the level where the direction of using the Spray has been mentioned.

How does Nummit Spray work?

Nummit Spray is a kind of local anesthetic that starts working by the blockage of pain signals from the nerves so that your brain will not be able to feel the pain.

It is used to decrease pain sensation it is known for producing loss of sensation and causing numbness to the affected area.

What are the common drug interactions?

Nummit Spray can alter its effect if it will take along with other medicine.

Therefore it is very important to safeguard yourself from modifying its effect you need to consult your doctor regarding drug interaction.

This Spray may interact with Propranolol, Phenobarbitone, Amiodarone, Fosphenytoin, etc.

Therefore you must be well aware of the drug interaction and avoid consuming any of the above-mentioned drugs to enjoy long-term benefits from Nummit Spray.

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