Retino A Micro 0.1%

Retino A Micro Gel (Tretinoin)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tretinoin
Indication: Acne
Manufacturer: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, India
Packaging: 15 gm in 1 tube
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Retino A Micro Gel (Tretinoin) - 0.1%

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Retino A Micro 0.04% (Tretinoin) - 0.04%

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Overview of Retino A Micro Gel

Retino A Micro Gel is a tropical medicine used for curing acne. The medicine can also assist with smoothening the fine lines and fading hyperpigmentation on your face to reduce the signs of aging. This is a form of vitamin A that helps with reducing spots and making rough skin even. This is one of the most safe and effective medications suggested by dermatologists to treat acne.


Retino A Micro Gel contains Tretinoin as the active ingredient used for treating mild to moderate acne. The agent helps reduce inflammation and prevent follicular plugging. It also helps with skin exfoliation. When you use Tretinoin every day, it will help to clear your existing acne and reduce the severity of the outbreak.

Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative which can be described as a synthetic retinoid. It unclogs your skin pores and promotes cell peeling. During the first week of using Tretinoin, your acne might get worse. This is because the medication has started working on the skin. Consist usage as instructed by your dermatologist will show results from this gel within 8-12 weeks.

Mechanism of Action

Tretinoin works by stimulating cell turnover. It helps to open up your pores and release the bacteria or irritants that cause acne. It also works on reducing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, etc. It promotes the shedding of cells and increases mitotic activity.

This medicine is strictly for topical use and you must avoid putting it inside your mouth or inner lip area. Show your skin to a dermatologist first before applying it to the skin. People who have cut, eczema-affected, or sunburned skin must not apply this gel. Wash your hands and face before you take and apply this medicine.


  • You can get rid of all acne-causing inflammation or otherwise with this gel.
  • It will help to shed your skin and thus, new cells will grow.
  • It will reduce your existing acne and also the severity of the outbreaks.
  • Regular use can give beauty benefits as the gel can visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, etc.
  • You will see that your skin texture and tone have improved considerably.

But you should not take the Retino A Micro Gel hearing about the beauty benefit as it is medicated and must be prescribed. But before you start applying it, talk to your doctor about which skincare products you must avoid and if your current condition permits its usage. Also, let them know if your job demands you to spend a long time under the sun.

How to apply the gel

You should talk to your doctor before applying Retino A Micro Gel. Mostly, they suggest applying it every other night before bed. Thus, it comes to an average of three times a week. You can gradually increase the routine to each night but use a gentle cleanser every time before using the gel. Once your skin is fully dry, apply the gel as it is more effective on dry skin.

It is available in an easy-to-use pump bottle which makes the medicine super easy to dispense. Take a pea-sized amount for your face and you will be good to go. Do not apply it on wounded or sunburned skin. Once you have applied it, wash your hands to remove any extra medicine that might remain on them.

Recommended dosage

You will have to follow the doctor’s recommendations and instructions on the label to know about the right dosage because it would vary from one person to the other. The right quantity will also depend on the strength of the gel, your specific acne conditions, and your age. Other doses will include:

Missed dose:

 If you have missed applying the gel you can apply it as soon as you remember but do not do it in the morning as if you get dust and dirt on the medicated skin that might worsen your acne condition. Apply the gel the next night and maintain your routine from there on.

Side Effects

You might get a stinging sensation as soon as you apply the gel. The first 2-4 weeks of using the medicine, you might get certain side effects like:

  • Redness and irritation on the skin
  • Dryness, scaling, and itchiness
  • Mild burning sensation
  • Acne getting worse

These side effects are usually mild and go away with the continued use of the gel. But contact a dermatologist if the problem lasts long or gets worse. Also, contact them if you see any severe allergic reactions that include dizziness, breathing problems, etc.


Retino-A Micro Gel might react with other skin medicines you take and that is why showing your entire medicine list and medical history is important. For example, using products that have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc., might not be recommended with this gel. You should tell your dermatologist about all the supplements you take as well.


  • You should only use Retino-A Micro Gel when your doctor has thoroughly checked your skin conditions, acne, etc. and they have reviewed your medical history and existing medicines.
  • Do not use this if you have sunburns, eczema, or other skin conditions until fully recovered.
  • Check the ingredient list and if you are allergic to any of it, avoid Retino-A Micro Gel.
  • Do not use it in delicate areas like around your eyes or lips, corners of your nose, etc.
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer and a good quality sunscreen as the gel can make your skin dry and sensitive to the sun, to an extent.
  • The medicine will not show quick results so you need to be patient and continue consulting your doctor as it takes a few weeks to show visible results.


Retino-A Micro Gel is a form of vitamin A that helps with acne treatment. You can use it on pimples present on your face, chest, or back and it also smoothes out your skin texture. You can purchase authentic Retino-A Micro Gel from reliable online stores like arrowmeds. They offer products at the most competitive rates and you can get quick doorstep medicine delivery all over the USA.


How long does it take to see results with Retino-A Micro Gel?

You might start noticing some results in 2 weeks but the prominent changes will be around 7 weeks.

Can I use Retino-A Micro Gel if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

You must consult your doctor about using Retino-A Micro Gel during pregnancy or breastfeeding as it may be unsafe during that time. You would need to discuss the potential risks and the benefits the gel gives before proceeding.

Can I use other skincare products while using Retino-A Micro Gel?

Retino-A Micro Gel might react with the ingredients of other skincare products causing redness, dry skin, and itchiness. Thus, you must consult with a doctor and use skincare products prescribed by them to avoid any interactions.

Can Retino-A Micro Gel be used for wrinkles and fine lines?

Retino-A Micro Gel contains Tretinoin which can noticeably improve your skin texture. It might reduce fine lines and wrinkles but would take several weeks to give you visible results.


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