Scabper Lotion 60ml

Scabper Lotion (Permethrin)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Permethrin
Indication: Scabies
Manufacturer: Menarini India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 60 ml in 1 bottle
Strength: 5%
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Scabper Lotion (Permethrin) - 5%

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What is Scabper Lotion?

Scabper Lotion is a lotion type of medicine that has only one area of use. Doctors recommend using this lotion for patients who are suffering from scabies which is the result of an anti-parasitic infection.

To use this lotion approach any dermatologist first. They will thoroughly check-your skin and confirm that the type of skin infection and allergy you are suffering from is indeed scabies.

Generally, a single application of the Scabper Lotion is enough to cure the problem but sometimes for severe parasitic infection using it more than once may become a necessity.

Find out what amounts of lotion to use.

The lotion has scabies-curable abilities. Among the reasons that you might have scabies includes termites or other tiny insects that lay tiny eggs in your skin or you come in contact with it.

Following the guidelines is critical for getting a cure faster. The more time you delay the more severe your infections get.

Uses of the Scabper Lotion

So as we told you just above that the use of Scabper Lotion Online comes to help in the occurrence of one type of infection only and that is scabies.

The occurrence of scabies will lead to skin irritation or rashes or redness or even it may cause the skin and the upper epidermal layers to inflame.

Using the lotion only for a single time can help you to recover from this deadly infection problem. Generally, unless the type of scabies infection is too severe you need only a one-time application.

Even if you need to use it for a second time doctors ask you to give a time gap of at least 7 days.

We recommend that once you apply the lotion on the affected areas all over your body’s skin you let the cream stay for as long as a minimum of 10 hours post which you may wash it.


So the dose that you need to use is not something of your headache. It is the doctor’s responsibility to recommend you to how much amount of the lotion needs for one-time purposes uses to apply it to all parts of the body.

We recommend that you stick with this dose and specifically do not apply it in larger amounts.

As we will see under the list of side effects the Scabper Lotion does come with some specific types of side effects although these are not something to be afraid of and are of generic mild nature.

We recommend you use the dose only as a one-time dose. The best advice is to let the doctors decide whether you need to use the lotion for a second time.

If need be then they can let the doctors decide after physical verification and examination.


The use of Scabper Lotion does come with some measures that you need to follow although these are not something you need to be fearful about and all of them are general.

The first thing we have already told you is to avoid overuse of the lotion.

An excess amount of use for a single purpose use does not cure the scabies infection faster rather this may bring about more problems like the patient suffering from some side effects.

Along with this, you need to wash your hands and let them dry. Do not allow any pollutants or unwanted substances to come in contact with the portions affected by scabies as this may cause further irritation and swelling.

Once you apply the cream you need to let it stay for around 8 to 10 hours minimum for this much time is needed to let the medicine come to effect and showcase its actions.

Benefits of Scabper Lotion

One of the best and unique concepts that come with the Scabper Lotion is that this is a cream that is for one-time use.

so with this statement only, you can just understand how efficient the cream is.

Rarely do you need to use the cream for a second time and that too after a time interval of 7 days only if you are suffering from a severe scabies problem.

The other benefit of using this Lotion is that this is a direct application cream on the target sites on your skin. This allows for a much more direct effect too.

What Are The Side Effects Of Scabper Lotion?

Now the side effects of using the Scabper Lotion are generally mild and not that too severe unless you hugely underestimate the recommendations of your doctor and overrule them.

Some of the general side effects mostly with overuse include rashes on the application site, a burning sensation stinging feeling, and even itching tendencies.

Remember that sometimes itching may continue for a few days post the end of your treatment but this is not something of a highly severe condition.

Buy Scabper Lotion Online in US and UK

To Buy Scabper Lotion Online in the US and the UK people prefer it because now from their homes they can order the lotion from one of the online e-commerce websites.

You can also get to check out what are the ongoing prices of the pills on the portals.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1) What happens if you use too much Scabper Lotion?

Remember that when you apply the Scabper Lotion in too many excess quantities the possibilities are only one only and that is side effects.

More quantity or excess use does not come with any faster relieving effects whatsoever.

We recommend you use the lotion not more than once until you get a consultation with the doctor.

Q.2) What if you forget to use Scabper Lotion?

The Scabper Lotion is a type of lotion that is intended for single-purpose use only.

The generic substance within the lotion is Permethrin which can bring relief from the problem of scabies.

As this is a one-off dose medication there is no scope for re-applying the medication.

Q.3) How Does Scabper Lotion Work?

Scabper Lotion works to kill the mites and their eggs.

It can also come to your benefit in killing head lice parasites that are found on your scalp causing a lot of irritation and itching.

Q.4) How to Use Scabper Lotion?

Scabper Lotion is a single-purpose use lotion-type medicine. just squeeze to take out the amount that doctors prescribe you to apply and then apply it all over the body.

Q.5) What Are the Common Drug Interactions

Possible drug contraindications may arise from other anti-parasitic medicines that you are taking and possibly other skin lotions, moisturizers, or ointments for external purpose use.


Scabper Lotion Online is an antiparasitic lotion. It can help curb scabies with a single application mostly.

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