Sclerifuma (Dimethyl fumarate)

Sclerifuma (Dimethyl fumarate)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Dimethyl Fumarate
Indication: Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 Capsules in a Strip
Strength: 120mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Sclerifuma 120 mg (Dimethyl fumarate) - 120mg

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Sclerifuma 240 mg (Dimethyl fumarate) - 240mg

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Sclerifuma is an ideal medication that can help you find relief from the issues of multiple sclerosis. The medicine will only work gradually during which the patients have to keep using the complete course until your doctors inform you to stop taking any further medicines.

Sclerifuma online is medicine which is a prescription pill with the ingredient of Dimethyl Fumarate in it which is a prescription and FDA recommended substance.

What is Sclerifuma?

Sclerifuma is a type of medication that may help you in curing your issues of multiple sclerosis. This is a sort of autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the myelin or the protective coating of the nerves causing severe nerve damage.

But when you use Sclerifuma medicines it can help this autoimmune system to reduce gradually. Sclerifuma pill intake may make a patient prone to having more allergies and infections as it is a sort of immune-suppressive medication.

Ideally, doctors will also keep conducting numerous tests to assess your kidney and liver damage during this period if your condition worsens.

Uses of Sclerifuma

Buy Sclerifuma online only after knowing from the doctors whether you are safe to use the medicine. Without a doubt, doctors will ot instantly recommend you to use the pills. but it is most certain that they will ask you to undergo some diagnostic tests to assess the levels of nerve damage in your body based on which the doctors will suitably recommend with a dose.

It is also important to note that you may have to keep taking the pills until the entire course is finished according to doctors. Usually do not stop taking Dimethyl fumarate pills in between your course since this may cause side effects.

Depending on your condition you may have to use the medicine for a few weeks to a few months. During this tenure, you will also have to be on regular visits to the doctors so that they can conduct regular tests to check your cure progression.

Benefits of Sclerifuma

Sclerifuma is a medicine that intends to cure intensive never damage due to autoimmune conditions that are provoking multiple sclerosis. If this disorder becomes too severe then the patient may be bound to suffer from severe nerve damage resulting in nerve pain, vision loss, kidney damage liver functioning disorders, and so on.

Remember that the benefits of the medicine will only begin to show effects gradually and it may take weeks to cure this disorder.

Another benefit of using this medicine is that Sclerifuma for sale is easily available on most websites and medicine shops in your community. So you can get easier access to the pills whenever you need to prolong your course of medicines.

How does Sclerifuma work?

Sclerifuma pills work usually by inhibiting and suppressing the actions of your immune system that are disrupting the protective myelin of the nerves. It acts as an NrF-2 suppressor on the immune cells and it works.

Buy Sclerifuma in US and UK

Sclerifuma is a medicine that is safe for you to buy and use in the US and UK. There are generally no legal boundations or restrictions on the use of this medicine. The only thing you have to ensure is to get a prescription from your doctor to be safe to use the medicines and avoid undue side effects.

Sclerifuma USA is particularly a highly recommended brand by doctors since it has many potential reviews on patients finding a significant cure from never pain and extensive nerve damage.


Once you buy Sclerifuma you also need to know about the safe storage conditions. Of course, you need to conceal this medicine in such a place that is far from the reach of your children. Remember that while it is safe to store the medicines in the open at a normal room temperature condition only you may have to prevent too hot climates generally above 30 degrees Celsius and ensure that the place only has a minor humidity condition.


One of the good things about using Sclerifuma pills is that it is available in numerous dosage variants which makes it possible for doctors and even patients to find a suitable dose that does not cause side effects.

Here are the two most common doses that the doctors would usually prefer to recommend.

Sclerifuma 120 Mg

Sclerifuma 120mg represents the most standard form of Dimethyl fumarate dose with each piull containing a similar that is 120mg of the generic substance being present in its pills. With its actions being only mild or moderate it is to be used in likewise patients but not among those who have a much severe form of the disorder.

Sclerifuma 240 Mg

Sclerifuma 240mg dose represents the higher variant dose of the brand. Usually, it is this dose that the doctors would recommend you to have when you are suffering from too severe form of multiple sclerosis condition. However, the doctors may have no other option but to recommend this dose to the patients if the smaller variant of the 120mg dose does not provide any substantial curing effect on the patients.

Side Effects

Generally, the side effects occurring with the Sclerifuma pills are mild ones and have more chance to occur during the initial phases of the start of your treatment. During this time side effects may occur which only indicates that your body is still adjusting to the dose.

Sclerifuma side effects

  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestion problems
  • Inflammation in stomach
  • Prone to suffering from allergies and infections
  • Rise in enzyme secretions from the liver
  • Rashes
  • Get to the doctor if you are seeing such side effects occur regularly.


You may have to maintain various precautionary measures while using Sclerifuma dosage. Likely, the doctors will not recommend you to buy and use the pills if you already have a severe form of liver disorder or kidney malfunction.

Patients also have to be aware of using addictive substances such as alcohol and narcotic substances since these are the most common ones to interact with the generic substance present in the pills and showcase side effects.

Usually, it is the female patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding their infant who will also not be recommended for the use of the Sclerifuma pills.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do patients think of using Sclerifuma pills?

Sclerifuma reviews from patients have been highly complimented on the use of the pills. Most patients have been able to find a significant reduction in nerve damage on the consistent use of the pills.

Which dose of Sclerifuma is to be used?

Use any one of the doses throughout your tenure on the use of the pills preferably the one that doctors recommend.

Where to buy the Sclerifuma medicines?

Sclerifuma’s price is generally lower on the online generic pharmacies.

Is Sclerifuma safe for teenagers?

No anyone who is not 18 yet does not come in the minimum age criteria to use the Sclerifuma drugs.


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