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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


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Sildigra 225 (Sildenafil Citrate)

Buy Sildigra 225 online

  • The Sildigra 225 functions as a sexual enhancement pill for males.
  • Besides, this tablet shows effectiveness for dealing with sensual dysfunction in guys.
  • Also, Sildenafil citrate is the prime recipe in Sildigra 225 in the proportion of 225mg.
  • Moreover, this moiety acts impressively as a medication for erectile dysfunction or ED.
  • Additionally, by boosting sensual potency amongst gents, the medication notably perks up sexual power.
  • Furthermore, the remedy works towards an elongated session of lovemaking with the best performance in bed.
  • Plus, the drug offers a general up gradation in sensual relations and spices up a relationship with your spouse.
  • Moreover, without triggering any unfavorable health difficulty, this prescription medicine works as a PDE5 repressor.
  • Also, this drug directly travels towards blood vessels and lets them unwind.
  • Besides, the relaxation of the arteries in the male genital region encourages profuse blood circulation.
  • Plus, this tremendous blood surge into the penis lets it achieve and continue a great erection.
  • Additionally, the stiff and hard erection then offers a male pleasurable sensual orgasm alongside his spouse.
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  • Furthermore, they are an online drug seller and do not sell fake medicaments.
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About Sildigra 225

  • The Sildigra 225 tablet is a popular remedy for gents who are ill with ED.
  • Besides, this astonishing pill carries Sildenafil citrate in the percentage of 225mg.
  • Moreover, Sildigra 225 is a (PDE5) phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitor which acts to suppress the activity of the PDE5 enzyme in the system.
  • Additionally, the pills lighten up the smooth muscles within the erectile tissue of your penis.
  • Plus, this gives rise to an enhanced supply of blood to the phallus.
  • Thus, it aids to increase the erectile functioning of the member.
  • The drug also assists guys in attaining a blissful experiencing by getting back their lost sensual performance.


  • Sildigra 225 helps to cure ED or erectile disorder or impotence amongst guys.
  • Additionally, ED is the failure to sustain and acquire proper erection during penetration in males.
  • Furthermore, Sildigra 225 is also useful for augmenting the exercise ability in people combating pulmonary arterial hypertension or PAH.
  • Plus, PAH is the excess blood pressure in the arteries that feed the lungs.
  • Moreover, it brings on tiredness, breathlessness, and dizziness among such patients.
  • Besides, Sildigra 225 tablets manage ED by raising the volume of blood to the phallus during sensual intimacy.
  • Also, this huge volume of blood supply to the member allows the penis to get up and become firm.
  • Furthermore, Sildigra 225 encounters PAH by loosening up the vessels within the lungs to let more blood flow with ease.
  • Plus, this drug does not cure ED permanently or increase libido.
  • However, the pill in common with Sexual excitement can cause an erection suitable for penetrative sex.


  • The salt Sildenafil citrate in the Sildigra 225 pills is the potent PDE5 suppressor.
  • Besides, this drug can play down the action of PDE5 chemical in the member.
  • It also holds them back from tinkering with the whole host of reactions that start with cyclic GMP.
  • Moreover, this action of the drug and cyclic GMP in the penis brings about a prolific erection.
  • Also, with the administration of the pills of Sildigra 225, the soft muscles undergo calming effect.
  • Plus, the blood vessels unwind and adequate blood circulation passes towards the genital region of the male.
  • Thus, this mechanism of working provides with great erection during sexual spur.
  • However, sexual arousal is a vital part of the pill to start the action.
  • For the PAH issue, the pill unwinds the muscles and dilates the arteries inside the lungs.
  • Additionally, with this action, blood pressure in the lungs comes down.
  • Furthermore, Sildigra 225 reduces the pace of the ailment.
  • Plus, this drug enables the user to do more exercise without any complications.

The intake mode

  • The user usually gets advice to eat this moiety sixty minutes previous to penetrative relations.
  • Additionally, to raise rewarding erections for insertion during sex, one tablet is sufficient within 24 hours.
  • Furthermore, you must consume this remedy sixty minutes in advance for the sensual relations to continue without any difficulty.
  • Plus, acquire a prolific erection and get wanted effects, use the pill with a low fat-laden diet.
  • Moreover, large meals with high-fat content can trim down the rapid results of this pill.
  • Therefore, the ingestion is better when your stomachs are not full and take less of a fatty diet.
  • A user can also eat the remedy with milk or freshwater wholly without breaking, splitting, or grating this tablet.
  • Besides, in case a user elevates the dosage without his GP’s suggestion, it can lead to nasty reactions.
  • Therefore, you better seek the suggestion of an expert before starting this drug regime.


  • Sildigra 225 duration & dosage wholly relies on the advice of your GP.
  • Moreover, you require abiding by the instructions of your physician for dosage.
  • However, as per the medical condition, your Sildigra 225 tablet functions efficiently for ED issues.
  • Also, you require ingesting one pill one-time in 24 hours with freshwater or milk.
  • Besides, you should avoid, splitting, breaking, grating, chewing, or squashing the pill.
  • Plus, for top effects, do not forget to intake the tablet before penetration or for PAH condition daily.
  • Additionally, as to the rapid beginning of the outcome, use this medication in association with a low-fat-ridden diet.
  • Furthermore, it is vital to keep away from grapefruit juice, alcohol, and tobacco while using Sildigra 225.

Side effects

The Sildigra 225 commences reactions such as sensitivity to light, muscle aches, color vision changes, and numbness of legs, feet.

Also, the drug starts tingling or burning in the feet, arms, hands. In addition to difficulty in telling blue and green tinge apart, the medication causes muscle aches.

Plus, it begins with trouble with falling asleep or nosebleeds, difficulty with staying asleep, headache, flushing, heartburn, diarrhea, and rash.

Additionally, itching during peeing or burning sensation while urinating, an erection that holds you for above four hours, and breathlessness begins.

Furthermore, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, loss of hearing, lightheadedness, ringing inside ears, vision loss, and blurry vision start.


  • You must refrain from using drugs like nitroglycerin with this pill.
  • Moreover, in case you have an allergy to Sildenafil or any constituent of the drug, do not eat it.
  • Plus, you need to renounce Sildigra 225 in conditions like a bleeding disorder, liver issue, diabetes, kidney ailments, and hypotension.
  • Besides, do not eat this medicament for heart problems like stroke, heart attack, etc.
  • Additionally, you also maintain twenty-four hours between the doses to avoid health hazards.

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