Sildigra Gold 200mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Sildenafil Citrate
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Dharam Distributors
Packaging: 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength: 200mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Sildigra Gold (Sildenafil Citrate)

Buy Sildigra Gold

  • Sildigra Gold makes a famous brand of strong salt Sildenafil Citrate.
  • Besides, the Sildigra Gold pills are especially prescribed for the cure of male sexual disorder ED or erectile dysfunction.
  • Also, this disorder is normally popular as impotence.
  • Moreover, in this sexual incapacity, a male is powerless to acquire or keep up an erection during penetration.
  • Additionally, studies disclose that Sildigra Gold has proven hugely beneficial to males who after using it do sex normally.
  • Furthermore, Sildigra Gold amplifies the bloodstream immensely to the phallus and allows males to enjoy lovely lovemaking sessions.
  • Plus, keep in mind all these gains of Sildigra Gold for males.
  • Therefore, they should ensure to get this drug from an online trustworthy seller.
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About Sildigra Gold

  • Sildigra Gold is an oral prescription.
  • Additionally, this medicament is useful for the treatment of impotence or ED among males.
  • Plus, the proportion of active component Sildenafil Citrate is 200mg in the Sildigra Gold tablets.
  • Furthermore, the moiety of Sildigra Gold easily assimilates into the bloodstream due to its soft composition.
  • Moreover, the pills help to address male sexual capacity problems whether it is a weak erection or any sexual weakness.
  • Also, the tablet accomplishes it by tinkering with a particular protein PDE5.
  • Besides, along with sexual excitement, the Sildigra Gold pills act by sending a huge blood supply to your phallus.
  • Also, the blood flow enters your penis.
  • Thus, it brings on erection and sustains better erect phallus.


  • The remedy Sildigra Gold is top at positively affecting male sexual capability problems.
  • Moreover, the tablet effectively boosts blood circulation to the member.
  • Also, the drug does not allow PDE5 to wipe out cyclic GMP.
  • Besides, when cyclic GMP holds the phallus for a lengthened period, the blood supply stays in the penis.
  • Plus, this action makes the penis remain erect and firm for penetration.
  • Therefore, the drug supplies a generous blood supply to the genital area and suppresses PDE5 in the phallus.
  • Additionally, Sildigra Gold works effectively for patients who are ill with pulmonary arterial hypertension.
  • Furthermore, the medication expands the blood vessels and their muscles to swell up in size.
  • Hence, PAH patients can exercise without shortness of breath and breath easily.


  • The liberation of nitric oxide takes place in the erectile tissue of the penis during sensual incitement.
  • Also, nitric oxide triggers the production of a chemical guanylate cyclase which induces enhanced cyclic GMP levels in the member.
  • Besides, this activity brings on the lightening up of the smooth muscles of erectile tissue.
  • Hence, this lets blood gush into the penis.
  • Additionally, Sildigra Gold perks up the influence of nitric oxide by repressing the chemical PDE5.
  • Plus, PDE5 degrades the enzyme cyclic GMP in the erectile tissue.
  • Furthermore, sensual incitement brings about the diffusion of nitric oxide in the member.
  • Also, the suppression of PDE5 by Sildigra Gold augments the ratio of cyclic GMP in the erectile tissue.
  • Besides, this leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles and blood supply to the erectile tissue.
  • However, without sensual excitement, the drug Sildigra Gold does not work.

The ingestion manner  

  • A user can ingest this medication any time between four hours to thirty minutes previous to penetrative nearness.
  • Plus, a patient can consume Sildigra Gold alongside food or without supper.
  • However, the intake of a fat-laden supper can hinder the fast activity of the tablet.
  • Therefore, the moiety starts its action late.
  • Hence, an empty stomach is better for fast work.
  • Furthermore, a sufferer has no sanction to chew, squash, bread, grate, or split this pill.
  • Additionally, various factors can affect dosage intakes like medical conditions and body weight.
  • Besides, a user’s tolerance and response to the tablets also determine dosage advice.
  • Also, this is very imperative to contact the doctor and take the drug as per his suggestion.
  • Moreover, an ED victim cannot consume less or high doses than his doctor prescribes.


  • You require using the Sildigra Gold pill according to the instructions from your physician.
  • Also, eat this moiety by mouth with freshwater or milk.
  • Besides, a user must swallow this drug only once within 24 hours.
  • Moreover, you may not take more than a single pill in a day or skip the dose.
  • Additionally, a user may not use more or less dosage without consulting his physician as it can start serious effects.
  • Furthermore, it is advisable to give up oily foods and avoid fat-ridden meals before or after the drug intake.
  • Plus, the pill necessitates consumption sixty minutes before a sexual encounter.

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Side effects

  • Sildigra Gold starts reactions such as upset stomach, sleep problems, back pain, stuffy nose, nosebleeds, and muscle pain.
  • Plus, it begins effects like runny nose, vision color changes, flushing, dizziness, seizure, headache, and lightheadedness.
  • Additionally, blurry vision, swelling in body parts, abnormal vision, irregular heart rhythm, ringing in your ears, and cough starts.
  • Furthermore, a respiratory issue, hearing loss, grave breathlessness, an erection that continues over four hours, nausea, and vision loss begins.
  • Also, pressure in the chest, angina, sweating, and pain in the shoulder and jaw can commence.


  • Previous to consuming this tablet, you should talk to your medical doctor.
  • Plus, you tell them about the oversensitivity to the Sildigra Gold pill or inform them regarding other hypersensitivities you have.
  • Additionally, elderly patients are more likely to get reactions from the use of this drug.
  • Furthermore, you better give up nitrates when your prescription is Sildira Gold.
  • Moreover, a user of the drug should give up driving vehicles and operating machines.
  • However, males who are fighting several health issues need to renounce the intake of Sildigra Gold.
  • Also, the health issues are gastrointestinal harm, NAION, Peyronie’s disease, liver issue, diabetes, kidney ailment, and hypotension.
  • Besides, the use of alcoholic beverages is not advisable while using these pills.
  • Moreover, you shun the intake of a high-fat diet as it hinders its fast action.


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