Syndopa CR 250 mg

Syndopa CR 250 mg (Carbidopa /Levodopa)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Carbidopa/Levodopa
Indication: Parkinson's disease
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 250mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Syndopa CR 250 mg (Carbidopa /Levodopa) - 250 mg

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Overview of Syndopa CR 250 mg

Syndopa CR Tablet is a mix of medication that comprises Levodopa and Carbidopa. It is utilized to treat Parkinson’s disorder, which is a brain disease that influences development with symptoms including shivers, unsteadiness, firmness, trouble in walking, disabled equilibrium and coordination, and so forth. It is also helpful in improving the indications of Parkinsonism when utilized. Parkinsonism is a chronic disease caused by the loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain, which are liable for creating dopamine. Dopamine is a substance courier that controls body equilibrium and movement processes. There are many symptoms of this disease of Parkinsonism, including sluggish and temperamental movement, muscle snugness, shaking or shuddering, difficulty in walking, and proper balance and coordination. Thus, using such drugs will help eliminate all these conditions.

People with Parkinson’s disease also suffer from tremors, spasms, fits, muscle rigidity, and almost loss of muscle control. Parkinson’s sickness is a problem of the significant central nervous system that impacts movement and motion, which causes stiffness, shaking, walking problems, coordination, and balance.

Who is the manufacturer of Syndopa CR 250 mg?

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd is a top and eminent manufacturer of Syndopa CR 250 mg medicine made by all certified and veteran scientists. It involves many expert hands fabricating this drug using the most advanced technology.

Composition of Syndopa CR 250 mg

Two unique compositions of Syndopa CR 250 mg comprise Levodopa and Carbidopa. Levodopa Is located in the central nervous system substance, so, Carbidopa belongs to a decarboxylase inhibitor. Hence, Levodopa turns into a substance in the brain that helps in controlling your movement. Carbidopa acts by forestalling the collapse of Levodopa in the blood circulatory system so more Levodopa can be transmitted to your brain.

Uses of Syndopa CR 250 mg

Parkinson’s disorder is a brain problem that influences movement. It results from nerve cell harm in the brain areas, which causes dopamine (a substance courier) levels to drop. Syndopa CR Tablet is utilized to alleviate such signs of diseases. Also, it controls walking trouble, restlessness, fretfulness, shaking of the appendages, unfortunate balance and coordination, and so forth related to Parkinson’s illness.

How does it work?

Syndopa CR 250 is a medicine that controls Parkinson disease. At the same time, the Levodopa ingredient acts by altering it into an agent naked dopamine which is a type of chemical substance that helps control the body’s movement. Next, an active compound called Carbidopa prevents the breakdown of Levodopa in the brain expert area so, this way it allows access to Levodopa to your brain.

By and large, they supplement the cerebrum with adequate dopamine levels, which ultimately results in working on the indications of Parkinsonism diseases.

Recommended dosages for different conditions

Take Syndopa CR 250 tablet before you eat food and patients, although it is taken on an empty stomach and taken by recommendation by your primary care physician. Try not to break, bite, or smash the tablet in your mouth. Gulp down as an entire with an adequate measure of water. Try not to take more than the suggested dosage.

In medical conditions or situations where Syndopa CR 250 mg should not be used patients with limited point glaucoma ought to keep away from consumption of Syndopa CR Tablet 10’s. Levodopa might enact a threatening melanoma (skin malignant growth), so Syndopa CR Tablet 10 should not be utilized in patients with dubious, undiscovered skin injuries or a melanoma history.

Adverse Effects

The adverse side effects of Syndopa CR 250 include:

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Difficulty in speaking or making abnormal sounds while speaking
  • Hoarseness, chest pain
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Muscle spasms, loss of strength
  • Dark urine
  • Weakness
  • Hot flushes

Common side effects:

The common side effects are;

  • Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, bitter taste
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low blood pressure while standing up from sitting or lying position (orthostatic hypotension), fainting
  • Confusion, dizziness, nightmares, drowsiness, tiredness, sleeplessness
  • Feeling euphoria (a powerful feeling of happiness)

Rare but severe adverse reactions:

The rare and severe side effects are the following:

  • Excitement, anxiety, disorientation
  • Headache
  • Numbness
  • tingling or prickling sensation, 
  • fits
  • Blurred vision
  • heartburn
  • Urinary retention
  • involuntary passing of urine
  • persistent erection

Special considerations

The particular consideration of Syndopa CR 250 mg should be known given below:

  • Indications of hypersensitive responses (like skin rash, tingling, enlarging of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, which might cause trouble in breathing or gulping), Chest torment, lopsided heartbeat, or palpitations.
  • Indications of draining in the stomach, which might be displayed as blood in defecation or obscured excrement.
  • Indications of low blood counts (like fair skin, fever, sleepiness, sore throat or gentle swelling and delayed draining after injury)
  • Indications of Neuroleptic threatening condition (muscle solidness with high fever, perspiring, expanded salivation, powerlessness to stand by, weakened cognizance).
  • Try not to surpass more than one portion (2 containers) for any off period (repeating side in the middle of between regular dosages).
  • On the off chance that you have uncommon urges like betting, burning through cash, gorging or expanded sexual desires, if it’s not too much trouble, illuminate your primary care physician before taking Syndopa CR Tablet 10.
  • Levodopa should be ended at least 12 hours before beginning Syndopa CR Tablet 10.
  • Take this drug independently by however many hours as expected from any iron enhancements or items that are wealthy in iron. The intake of iron can diminish the medicine intake.


  • Drink a lot of water to avoid headaches because of drying out.
  • Limit the utilization of sugar-containing food or food with such a large number of calories yet fewer supplements as it might cause tooth rot.
  • Taking part in actual work like moving or working out will help digestion and make an individual more lively.
  • Keep away from the intake of alcohol with Syndopa CR Tablet 10’s as it can cause an individual dehydration problem and may impact their sleep. This can make it harder for an individual’s body to help the Syndopa CR Tablet 10s fend off contaminations.
  • It is recommended to take a quick bite and avoid high-protein food sources.  


In conclusion, Parkinson’s is a problem of the nervous system that poorly affects movement because of failure of nerve cells in the brain, which diminishes the amounts of dopamine and prompts side effects like solidness, quakes in one hand, shaking, trouble walking, coordination, and balance. If proper treatment isn’t given brilliantly, symptoms might deteriorate with time. This condition can keep going for a long time or deep-rooted. The signs of Parkinson’s include:

  • Tremors in hands
  • Decreased sensation of coordination and equilibrium of the body
  • Stumbling in voice
  • Feeling of smell
  • Loss of sleep

Thus, at that time, Syndopa CR 250 mg medication is highly recommended by healthcare professionals to take time to overcome Parkinson’s disorder. Hence, buy Parkinson’s online today at the cheapest price at Arrowmeds.


Can Syndopa CR 250 mg be taken with food?

Yes, Syndopa CR 250 mg is allowed to be consumed with food, but stay away from high-protein food only and dairy products.

Is Syndopa CR 250 mg safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Generally, women in pregnancy and breastfeeding are not suggested to use Syndopa CR 250 mg, but it is best to consult a doctor about it.

What should I do if I miss a dose of Syndopa CR 250 mg?

A missing dose of Syndopa CR 250 mg tablet can be ineffective at certain times for the treatment of Parkinson’s disorder, so take it regularly.

How should Syndopa CR 250 mg be stored?

The Syndopa CR 250 mg should be stored in a cool and dry place avoiding sunlight, in a tight-lid container.

Can Syndopa CR 250 mg be used in children?

According to the doctor’s advice, children above 18 years of age are allowed to take Syndopa CR 250 mg.


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