Telgard 40Mg

Telgard 40 Mg (Telmisartan)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Telmisartan
Indication: High blood pressure
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength: 40mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Telgard 40 Mg (Telmisartan) - Tablets

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Telgard 40 Mg is a renowned drug that helps control high blood pressure. It is a well-known medication that can quickly ease and reduce the chances of stroke and heart attack immediately. However, this medication effectively lowers your elevated blood pressure in the fastest way possible.

With the help of the Telgard 40 tablet, people can find an excellent way to get rid of raised blood pressure. It cures your hypertension by lowering the risks of increased blood pressure quickly. However, it is also utilized to improve kidney function in diabetic conditions.

What is Telgard 40 Mg?

Telgard 40 Mg USA mainly consists of active components known as Telmisartan that can give you an effective curing option for treating boosted high blood pressure.

Enhancing blood pressure is a great risk and causes certain health problems like chest pain, heart attack and strokes.

People who have hypertension can suffer from a heart attack suddenly, which can be fatal as well, but taking this drug can relax them. With this drug, every person can get the best solution for higher blood pressure conditions to the maximum levels.

Opting for a drug that can quickly provide a successful result of getting rid of escalating blood pressure with ease. It also helps in relaxing blood vessels in the heart.

If blood flow is poor, it is not easy to experience better health in future, even though people with the exact condition of hypertension can cause specific ranges of organ damage to the brain, heart, and kidneys. Taking this drug can help cure such diseases to the best degree.

The anti-hypertension medication is manufactured by a leading medicine manufacturer called Cipla Ltd.   

Uses of Telgard 40 Mg

Telgard 40mg can control your high blood pressure to a top level. At the same time, people with hypertension can overcome enhanced blood pressure and improve proper flow of blood quickly.

However, it is the finest anti-high blood pressure tablet that will surely treat augmented blood pressure by protecting your kidney health and saving you from further damage.

Benefits of Telgard 40 Mg

With a significant benefit, the Telgard 40 Mg pill quickly eliminates the highest blood pressure.

Further problems in the kidney can also be cured and eliminated quickly by taking such an incredible drug.

The best possible way is to find the correct solution by choosing this hypertension tablet to lower your blood pressure.

Having this anti-hypertension medication can help decrease and control high blood pressure. It has another significant advantage of soothing your blood vessels, which can improve blood flow into the heart.

How does Telgard 40 Mg work?

Telgard 40 Mg mainly aids in controlling higher blood pressure among patients. However, its main ingredient, Telmisartan, also obstructs the action of various hormones, and one of them consists of Angiotensin 2 within the body, which can cause constricting blood vessels and boost blood pressure.

This drug completely calms down the blood vessels by hindering access to a wide range of ions or calcium ions that can cause tapering. This process facilitates enough blood flow to supply into the heart very smoothly overall blood vessels. Together, they also decrease injury to the heart and support your heart in flowing enough blood efficiently by controlling pressure.

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  • When storing Telgard 40, the best place to keep them is in the driest and coolest area.
  • Also, please don’t keep the medicines near sunlight and try to store them in an area which should be away from sunlight.
  • All drugs should be stored in that place so that nobody can touch the medicines, and they should be directly far away from severe sun rays.
  • Children and pets should stay away from where the medicines are stored.


The Telgard dose is 40mg, which doctors prescribe to the patients. Take a dosage of anti-hypertension medication twice a day or in 24 hours.

People who use this anti-high blood pressure pill should consume it daily on an empty stomach. Consume one tablet of Telgard 40 every day on a fixed schedule.

Side Effects

The significant side effects of Telgard 40mg are:

  • Muscle pain
  • Fever
  • Change in vision
  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Diarrhoea
  • Back pain
  • Weakness
  • Sinus pain and congestion
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain
  • Difficulty or painful urination                                                              


When you are taking Telgard 40mg tablets, people should consume them after the doctor’s recommendations.

It is also prescribed to take when it is passed on advice by health experts.

No drinking and smoking is allowed. Exercise should be practiced every day.

Why purchase from Arrowmeds?

When purchasing Telgard 40 Mg from Arrowmeds, buying quickly from an online store is best.

Online shopping for medications is becoming increasingly available. Saving time and energy is another significant aspect of buying medicine online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should I use Telgard 40mg?

It would help if you used Telgard 40mg as long as doctors recommend it.

When should I stop taking Telgard 40?

It is not advised to leave Telgard 40, but you should keep taking it every day until a doctor tells you to quit it.

What is the best time to take Telgard 40mg tablets?

You should try to take Telgard 40mg tablets before or after your meals in the morning.

Should I take Telgard 40 daily?

Yes, Telgard 40 should be taken daily as recommended by physicians.

Is Telgard 40 Mg safe for diabetic person?

Telgard 40 Mg can change blood sugar levels, so informing your doctor before using this medicine is crucial.


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