Thrombophob Ointment 20gm

Thrombophob Ointment (Heparin Sodium / Benzyl Nicotinate)

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Heparin Sodium
Indication: Thrombophlebitis, Piles, Anal fissure
Manufacturer: Zydus Cadila Pharma
Packaging: 20 gm in 1 tube
Strength: 20g
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Thrombophob Ointment (Heparin Sodium / Benzyl Nicotinate) - 20gm

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What is Thrombophob Ointment?

Thrombophob Ointment is an antibiotics medicine used by a patient who is suffering from superficial thrombophlebitis condition.

It is a condition where a person feels swelling and pain in a particular region of their body due to the existence of a blood clot.

It is generally found in the pelvic region or legs. Therefore, this Ointment is invented for people so that they can get rid of this pain. Thrombophob Ointment is the combination of two medicines.

It helps to disappear the blood clot from the area by increasing the blood flow and also preventing the particular region from having another clot and thus giving you a relaxing and energetic treatment.

Uses of Thrombophob Ointment

Buy Thrombophob Ointment is used to treat the problem of blood stuck into the skin. It helps to normalize the skin by increasing the blood flow and dissolving the blood clot.

Generally, it is used for treating thrombophlebitis conditions in which the patient suffered from inflammation and pain in a particular region of their body due to blood clots.

This Ointment relaxes the muscles and helps to increase the blood vessels by which the person feels better day by day. With this medicine, the person also increases their skin oxygenation.

By your doctor’s recommendation, you can get back your skin as healthy and good as before.


The dosage of this medicine is given by doctors.

After examining your wound properly, they will provide you a date sheet and time so that as per those guidelines you can follow their instructions accordingly.

For faster recovery, try not to forget to use Thrombophob Ointment.

Missed Dose

This medicine comes in a liquid form so you don’t have to panic about its missing dose.

You can use it anytime when you remembered. You just have to take care of one thing for quick and fast results you don’t forget to use it in your wounds.


If you use this medicine more than your skin required then you don’t have to worry about it.

It won’t react in your skin. You can also remove the extra cream from that particular place.

After using this medicine with proper instructions, you can see the results and consult your doctor about stopping your dose course.


Alcohol- if you are an alcoholic person, then using this medicine on your skin may cause you some reaction. It may stop your recovery process and also make your wounds worse than before. So avoid taking alcohol and this medicine together.

Pregnancy- using this Thrombophob Ointment Online at the time of pregnancy may or may not harm the baby. So, before using it consult with your doctor and tell them about your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding- there is no information related to breastfeeding mothers about using this Ointment. Maybe it is safe or maybe it is harmful to the newborn baby. Thus, contact your medical practitioner before using it.

Driving- many studies researchers have shown that this Ointment does not affect your ability while driving. It doesn’t make the person sleepy or dizzy. So, it is safe to use this medicine at the time of driving also.

Liver- a person with severe or minor liver disease is safe to use this medicine. It does not cause any problems related to the liver. For more cautions, you can consult your medical practitioner practitioners applying this Ointment.

Kidney- kidney patients are fine to use this medicine on their skin. It doesn’t cause any issues with your kidney. You can contact as well as consult with your medical practitioner about this.

Allergies- Patients who have an allergy to the ingredient Heparin, and benzyl nicotinate are highly advised to not use this medicine. It may react in their body and cause some big problems to their skin. Tell your doctor about your allergic issue so that they can suggest you alternative solution for this problem.

Benefits of Thrombophob Ointment 

With the combination of two medicines this medicine benefits in many ways.

It stops the formation of a new blood clot in the skin. It also increases blood flow and thus reduces the pain and swelling of your wounds.

By applying Ointment, you may make your skin better than before.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Side Effects of Thrombophob Ointment?

It doesn’t affect the skin with severe issues. But sometimes it may not suit a person because of their different skin types.

It may cause

  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin redness

For this, you can contact your doctor. They will either recommend you another medicine according to your skin or else they will give add some other medication with this Thrombophob Ointment for you.

What Happened if you take too much Thrombophob Ointment?

Using this Ointment too much may doesn’t affect your skin. But your skin should use with proper time and duration. For the best recovery try to use it daily.

How Does Thrombophob Ointment work?

Thrombophob Ointment works with its two active ingredients called Heparin and Benzyl nicotinate.

Heparin is used to dissolve the blood clot and Benzyl is used to increase the blood vessels and thus give relief from the thrombophlebitis condition.

How to Use Thrombophob Ointment?

Used it as per the time and duration given by the doctor. First, clean your wound place with water.

Then take some ointment in the cotton. Then apply it slowly. You can also carry it wherever you go. Use it daily for effective results.

What are the Common Drug Interactions?

Using this Thrombophob Ointment with another medicine or another Ointment or cream can react heavily in your skin.

It may cause some allergic reactions to you. So, consult with your doctor about your problem and seek advice about your skin solution.

They will guide you with the proper and best solution to it. Some common drug interactions with this drug are:

Drug interactions – Fluvastatin , atorvastatin, colestipol.

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