Varditra (Vardenafil)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Vardenafil
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Healing Pharma, India
Packaging: 10 tablet in 1 strip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Varditra 10 Mg (Vardenafil) - 10mg

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Varditra 20 Mg (Vardenafil) - 20mg

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Varditra 40 Mg (Vardenafil) - 40mg

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Varditra 60 mg (Vardenafil) - 60mg

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What Our Customer Says


Varditra is an effective oral therapy for men that help them treat erectile dysfunction issues.

Men with sexual disabilities cannot get erections properly, so taking Varditra regularly helps to improve their sexual functions and provides the best cure for sexual disorders. Choose the medicine for eliminating sexual ailments for males.

What is Varditra?

With the help of Varditra tablets will provide every man with a perfect treatment solution for sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.

It is an astounding medicine that will assist men in gaining sufficient and plenty of erections in the penile area throughout their sexual performance.

The medicine has an active component of Verdanafil which makes them able to fight erectile problems in men and provide them good quality erections every day while sexual intimacy.

With the great support of Healing Pharma manufacturer, the Varditra tablets become possible to appear in the market today.

Choosing the medicine Varditra for men works like a sex booster that stimulates sexual functions by promoting blood supply correctly around penile regions.

Take this impotence pill to get over all kinds of sexual problems, known as impotence in men.

It gives men unlimited sexual pleasures and delights during intercourse time.

The medication keeps men’s erection for a long time until 5 hours.

Beginning this medicine can assist you in making every man able to get erect enough and triggers the lovemaking process with partners that help to strengthen relationships between couples.

Uses of Varditra

When you initiate the dosage of Varditra tablets that brings you the maximum sexual pleasures by eliminating erectile dysfunction problems in men.

With the use of Varditra online, people can easily receive more erections that will form when they do sexual activity in bed.

The medication holds the Verdanafil ingredient incredibly effective in pumping the highest blood supply into the penis.

The medication is suitable for 18- to 65 years old to gain productive orgasm to a peak level.

It helps increase sexual cravings in men and motivates them towards sex with spouses.

Benefits of Varditra

The greatest benefit of taking Varditra daily is that it will bring the best solution for erectile dysfunction or impotence treatment.

Varditra tablets enhance men’s sexual ability and provoke their inner sexual longings with partners daily without causing any side effects.

The benefits of Varditra pills are promoting sexual desires and facilitating men to achieve functional erections in increasing amounts.

The medicine continues to give enjoyment and pleasure of sex for 5 hours.

To get the best deals on sex pills, move online and purchase at affordable Varditra Prices.

Pick this medicine to get more contentment and satisfaction with sex.

How Does Varditra Work?

Varditra consists of an active element of Vardenafil which assists in holding down the actions of cGMP, particularly phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), and it is intended to degrade GMP within an area of corpus cavernosum into men’s private part or penis.

The erection starts releasing throughout the complete process of sexual stimulation, which also leads to improved and augmented blood flow into the penis, which helps to soothe or calm down your penile chambers and relax the corpus cavernosal muscle.  

However, the next procedure is this medicine reaction mainly acts by creating nitric oxide from endothelial cells and nerve walls, which will promote the combination of cGMP in soft muscle cells.

The cyclic process of GMP starts softening the muscle and simultaneously boosts blood flow inside the corpus cavernosum. Even though obstructing phosphodiesterase type 5 an active component of Vardenafil improves erectile function by enhancing the level of cGMP.

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Taking Varditra pills with water on an empty stomach is very effective and produces fast results for patients.

This ED tablet with daily dosage is mandatory for patients.

Consume tablets just before the sexual intimacy program 40 minutes ago for instant results of getting erections.


  • Avoid an overdose of medicine because it is harmful and has many side effects on your health.
  • Regular medicine consumption is essential to avoid missing dosage.
  • Do not go outside and drive cars after you take Varditra pills.
  • Don’t do any work on weight machines after tablet intake.
  • Avoid junk foods while using medicine continuously.
  • Heavy fat meals should be avoided, too, when your ED treatment is going on with Varditra tablets.

Side Effects:

  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Indigestion
  • Dizziness

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Vardenafil Right for Treatment?

Vardenafil is a very powerful medicine for ED treatment, and it performs well in curing and eradicating sexual disorders by blocking phosphodiesterase-5.

How much Vardenafil do I need to take?

Your doctor will decide how much Vardenafil you should take, and generally, people are suggested to take 10 mg, as required, just 40 minutes before sexual intercourse. 

Is Vardenafil may cause severe headaches?

No, it is not proven that Vardenafil causes severe headaches, but when you miss or overdose, it may cause many side effects, including headaches and dizziness. Thus, don’t forget the dose, and do not take double doses of medicine.

Is Vardenafil the right treatment for premature ejaculation?

No, Vardenafil is not intended to treat premature ejaculation, even though it is only helpful in treating erectile dysfunction issues.


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