veenat 100mg

Veenat (Imatinib)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Imatinib
Indication: Blood cancer (Chronic myeloid leukaemia), Gastrointestinal stromal tumour
Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd.
Packaging: 120 Tablets in bottle
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Veenat (Imatinib) - 100mg

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Veenat 400mg (Imatinib) - 400mg

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Veenat (Imatinib) is an anti-cancerous medication manufactured by Natco Pharma Ltd. It is used in the treatment and prevention of chronic myeloid leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal tumors. This means, it would not only treat blood cancer but also prevent the cancerous cells from growing and spreading.

Veenat & its Active ingredient (Imatinib)

The active ingredient in Veenat is Imatinib, which is used for treating certain types of leukemia. It belongs to the kinase inhibitors class of medication and works by blocking the abnormal protein that signals the multiplication of cells. Doing so prevents the spread of cancer to other body parts.

Before taking this medicine, you should check your condition thoroughly with an experienced oncologist. Once you have started taking this, visit them regularly to understand the progress.

You need to undergo regular blood tests when taking this and if you have any new symptoms, report that to your doctor promptly.

Medical Conditions Treated

Veenat targets the proteins in a cancerous cell and stops them from growing. It is used in the treatment of certain types including blood cancer and intestinal tumors.

Your healthcare provider will check your health conditions thoroughly, study your medical history, and discuss the prescribed and unprescribed medicines you take before suggesting this.

Taking this medicine without proper supervision and recommendations can have adverse impacts on your health and it might worsen your condition.

The medication is generally recommended for adults but children as young as 1 year can take this for selected conditions.

However, proper preventive measures are needed to be followed to get maximum results from this composition.

How to take Veenat?

You should take this medicine as suggested by your doctor for as long as they tell you to and follow the correct Veenat dose instructions.

Taking overdose can increase the chances of side effects while underdosing will not give you the expected results and you will notice improvements in your condition.

  • This tablet can cause stomach issues, so have it with food and a glass of water.
  • Don’t break or crush the tablet, swallow it whole. If you have difficulty swallowing, dissolve in water or apple juice.
  • Use a quarter cup of liquid for a 100 mg tablet and one cup for a 400 mg tablet. Stir it well and drink it as soon as it dissolves.
  • Grapefruit and its juice must not be taken with this as it might increase the medicine levels in your blood.
  • Do not touch any broken tablets and if you do that accidentally, do not forget to wash your hands.

Mode of Action of Veenat

The dose of this medicine you need might not be the same as someone else’s. Listen to what your doctor says or read the instructions on the label. Don’t change your dosage unless your doctor tells you to. How much medicine you take depends on how strong it is. It also depends on how many times a day you need to take it, how much time should pass between each dose, and how long you need to keep taking it for your medical issue.

If you miss a dose, do not panic and take it whenever you remember. Don’t take two doses together. Overdosing can create critical issues and you might end up hampering your overall health conditions.

Other Dosages of Veenat.

Side effects associated with Veenat

If you notice any of the side effects listed below after taking Veenat, you must consult your healthcare provider immediately:

  • Any allergic reactions including hives, rashes, etc.
  • Fever, breathing issues, swollen lymph nodes
  • Flu-like feeling or weakness
  • Lower blood count
  • Change in the color of stool
  • Appetite loss
  • Change in the color of urine or trouble passing it
  • Sores in the mouth
  • Skin issues
  • Swelling of different body parts
  • Vomiting

However, some common side effects are not very serious and can occur when your body tries to adjust to the medicine. This can include:

  • A decrease in your appetite
  • Stomach issues
  • Sleeping problems
  • Heartburn, nausea
  • Joint and muscle pain

Precautions and Contraindications

Before you consume Veenat, consulting a doctor is very important. They will check your health conditions, conduct some tests, and go through your medical history to ensure you are the right candidate for the medicine.

Some medicines should never be used together as they can create severe health complications. This is why your doctor must review every prescribed and unprescribed medicine you take before suggesting this one. They will alter your medicinal intake or adjust your doses to what is suitable for your body and health. For example, medications like Eliglustat, Flibanserin, etc., might contraindicate Imatinib.

Tips for Safe Use

A few tips to safely use Veenat tablets would include:

  • You might be prone to allergies, so get a thorough test to ensure you will not get any reactions because of the ingredients of the medicine.
  • You should give this medicine to a child only after properly consulting a professional.
  • Using this medicine while you are pregnant might not be good for the children. If you are sexually active, take highly effective birth control pills after consulting your doctor. Waiting for at least 14 days after your last dose is crucial before you get pregnant. If you think you have conceived while you are under this medication, consult your healthcare provider.
  • The medicine can temporarily reduce the white blood cell count in your body, making you prone to infections. This is why you must stay away from people if they are suffering from any infectious diseases.
  • If you notice anything unusual, including bruising, tarry stools, bloody urine, etc., contact a healthcare professional straight away.


Follow your doctor’s instructions and take Veenat as they suggest for the best results. Go for regular progress checks and if you feel there are any issues, talk to the professionals right away. Once prescribed, purchase Veenat from reputed online stores like arrowmeds which offers doorstep deliveries all around the USA.


What should I do if I miss a dose of Veenat?

Missing a dose of Veenat, you should take it as soon as you remember. But if it is already time for your next dose, you can skip the missed one as double dosing at a time is a strict no-no.

Can Veenat be taken with other medications?

You have to show your doctor the list of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines you take to get a clear idea of this.

How long should Veenat be taken for?

You must take Veenat for as long as your healthcare provider suggests. Extending its doses or stopping it suddenly without proper supervision can create various complications and give rise to different side effects.

Can Veenat be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It is generally not recommended to take Veenat by a pregnant lady or a breastfeeding mother, but if you encounter such a situation, talking to the doctor and following their instructions is the most important thing.

What is the price of Veenat?

You can get Veenat from reputed online pharmacies like as they offer the medicine at the most competitive price.


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