vermisol 50

Vermisol 50 (Levamisole)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Levamisole
Indication: Worm infections
Manufacturer: Khandelwal Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Packaging: 1 Tablet in 1 strip
Strength: 50mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Vermisol 50 (Levamisole) - 50mg

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Vermisol 50 is the dose that belongs to the medication group known as the immune-modulating agents. The dose is use for treating parasitic and worm infections. One dose is enough, but if the doctor prescribes more, takes it as prescribed. It will help in receiving the best benefits out of the use of this dose.

Buy Vermisol 50 Online

If you see constant infections or skin infections, or if the current medication isn’t working, contact the doctor about using Vermisol 50.

Buy Vermisol 50 with the prescription and use it for the time that’s been prescribe. It will help not just to clear off the infection but also to provide the needed relief from it on time. Just make sure not to double the dose or alter the same without consulting with the doctor. It can cause unnecessary complications.

What is Vermisol 50?

Manufactured by Khandelwal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., the dose of Vermisol 50 is assure of quality and effectiveness. As a brand, they are well-known within the industry and make sure to provide all with affordable choices for getting necessary treatment. So, if you want to purchase, get Vermisol for treating parasitic worm infections in kids. The dose will also help with the skin infections like lichen planus, aphthous ulcers, leprosy, and warts.

Consisting of Levamisole, the dose of Vermisol 50 is to be give by mouth. It can be take without or with the food, but it is highly preferre with the latter to avoid an upset stomach. Just make sure that the dose is always use as a doctor prescribes it.

When use for worm infections, a dose of Vermisol tablets is prescribe just a single dose. However, the doctors can ask to repeat the same after 2 weeks to prevent the infection from returning. Some infection types will need the dose of the medicine for a few days or even weeks. In such a situation, take the medication only for the prescribe days before the dose is stop to avoid infections from returning. Also, give another if your child vomits 30 minutes after the dose. Just do not alter the dose.

Uses of Vermisol 50

Buy Vermisol 50 online to treat skin disorders and parasitic worm infections. The dose consists of Levamisole, which belongs to the class of medications called antiparasitic. They are use for hookworm and roundworm infections.

The dose works to suppress enzyme activity within the muscle of the worms, and this, in turn, leads to first paralysis and then the death of the enzymes. In this way, the dose helps to treat and kill the worms responsible for the infection. Further, the dose also helps treat the infections caused by the mixed ascariasis hookworm.

The doctor sometimes prescribes Vermisol tablets for colon cancer, along with other cancer medications, to provide relief.

Benefits of Vermisol 50

Consisting of Levamisole, the dose of Vermisol 50 is use within the treatment of,

  • Parasitic worm infections, wherein the dose relieves the inflammation, redness on the skin, itching, and irritation and then promotes the healing process. Just follow the advice of the doctor to have max benefits.
  • Skin Disorders by treating skin infections. It does so by killing microorganisms that cause the infection. It helps to relieve the symptoms of skin disorders. Just take the dose as advised to receive the maximum benefits.

How does Vermisol 50 work?

Vermisol 50 online is a very effective antiparasitic and immunoregulatory medication. It works to paralyze the works that are present within the intestines and causes worms to die. It also helps to remove the deal worms get remove through the stools.

Further, as the immunoregulator, the dose of Levamisole, its active ingredient, helps promote the WBCs activation and restore the immune system’s normal function.

Buy Vermisol 50 in US and UK

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Take the dose of the medication for the duration and how the doctor has advised it. Swallow the entire tablet, and do not try to break or chew it.

The tablets are meant to be take with food. So, make sure to follow the instructions. Also, do not overdose, double the dose, or alter the same without conversing with the doctor. It can truly cause some unwanted complications.

Side Effects

There are some side effects to the dose of Vermisol 50. They are,

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Headache
  • Mouth sores
  • Fatigue
  • Ache in muscles
  • Stomach pain
  • Appetite loss
  • Change in the smell and taste
  • Fever
  • Diarrhoea, etc.


  • The dose will only be safe for kidney disease patients if the doctor recommends the same.
  • Caution must be maintain for Vermisol if you suffer from liver issues.
  • Make sure to take the dose as it has been prescribe.
  • Do not stop the dose abruptly. It can cause unwanted results or complications.
  • The doctor would monitor the blood counts when the user continues Vermisol 50 dose. Make sure to take regular tests as asked.
  • Avoid undercooked or raw food for the kids. Offer them a balanced diet.
  • Encourage kids to wash their hands using soap and water every time they go to the toilet. It will help reduce the infection spread to the other members.
  • Trim the nails of the kids frequently.
  • Provide children with hygiene and neat space.
  • Let the doctor know if the kids start to have allergic reactions like rash, fever, bleeding, tarry stools, etc.
  • If there are any signs of liver issues like upset stomach, dark urine, yellow skin, etc., contact the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can one take Vermisol 50 dose with other medications?

As per Vermisol 50 review, the dose will provide relief when used per the prescription. One can use other medications, but only if the doctor prescribes them. Some medicines are meant to be avoid to be take with Vermisol 50. Just make to contact a doctor before giving or taking any dose. It will help avoid side effects.

When will be the best time to take the dose of Vermisol 50?

The child can be give the tablet at any time. Just make sure to use it as prescribed by the child’s doctor.

Can the dose of Vermisol 50 be stopped on my own?

No, do not stop the dose on your own, even when the symptoms seem to have been gone. Take the advice of the doctor before making any alterations. It will help avoid the chance of getting back the infection.


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