Vomistop 10mg

Vomistop (Domperidone)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Domperidone
Indication: Nausea, Vomiting
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 10 tablet DT in 1 strip
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Vomistop 10 Mg (Domperidone) - Tablets

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Vomistop DT 10 Mg (Domperidone Dispersible) - Tablets

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100 Tablet/s $22.5 $0.23 /Tablet
200 Tablet/s $36.25 $0.18 /Tablet
300 Tablet/s $53.75 $0.18 /Tablet
400 Tablet/s $68.75 $0.17 /Tablet
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Buy Vomistop online?

The pills of Vomistop form a remedy for the treatment of vomiting, indigestion, and nausea.

Moreover, the tablets of Vomistop hinder the stuff inside the brain that sets off vomiting or nausea.

Besides, the drug augments the movement or passage of food inside your stomach. Thus, with this action, the pills of Vomistop improve a user’s digestion.

Therefore, Vomistop is a necessary medication for better digestion and gut health.

Hence, the purchase of this drug needs caution because bogus medicine can prove detrimental to your gut health.

So, you better land on the website of a dependable online dispensary that sells quality remedies.

Besides, for the same, you must make contact with Arrowmeds and get your useful real medicine from them.


  • The use of Vomistop is for the treatment of the signs resulting from vestibular disorders.
  • Plus, the drug forms a prescription for other medical conditions too.
  • Additionally, the conditions are vomiting, headache, dizziness, nausea, motion sickness, and vertigo.
  • Furthermore, the drug, in addition, treats the feeling of satiety as there happens to be a holdup in gastric emptying.
  • Also, the chief component in the medication falls within the category of remedies famous as dopamine antagonists.
  • Besides, the pills of Vomistop constrict the muscles close to the way in of your stomach.
  • Moreover, it lightens up the muscles available near the exit.
  • Plus, the activity of the Vomistop pills aids to accelerate the passage of the food that you consume.
  • Additionally, the passage of food means the movement of food from the stomach toward the intestine.
  • Thus, the pill cuts down the sensation of sickness and nausea.
  • Furthermore, it stops the feeling of vomiting.


In Indigestion

  • Digestive disorder implies indigestion which indicates primarily the discomfort of the stomach.
  • Also, this disorder can have various signs like feeling full, stomach pain, bloating, etc.
  • Besides, the pills of Vomistop perk up the passage of food within the stomach as well as the gut.
  • Moreover, the drug alleviates these signs and aids in good digestion of what you eat.
  • Additionally, a patient requires eating Vomistop in line with the prescription of the doctor.
  • Plus, you better think of foodstuff that starts digestive disorders.
  • Therefore, you should shun consuming that foodstuff.
  • In contrast, you can consume smaller meals but very frequently.
  • Furthermore, a user of the tablet needs to shed extra weight and better find the time and ways to rest.
  • Also, a patient should not consume anything for three to four hours before sleeping.

In Nausea

  • The tablets of Vomistop hamper the activity of chemicals inside your body that can begin the feeling of sickness.
  • Also, this action can start a real illness.
  • Besides, Vomistop assists a patient to get through more comfortably the treatments of cancer like chemotherapy or radiation cure.
  • Moreover, the drug functions ace at stopping vomiting & nausea after surgery among adults.
  • Plus, the dosage of this medication will rely on the condition you are getting treatment for. However, you consume it as per your medical doctor’s suggestion only.


  • Vomistop remedy ties up with the dopaminergic receptors with no discharge of the stuff dopamine.
  • Plus, the medication makes possible gastric emptying and cuts down small intestine passage time.
  • Additionally, it does not allow relaying of the cyclic messages.
  • Furthermore, the drug stops messages from your nerves within your inner ear to the vomiting center within your brain.
  • Thus, the drug eases overall digestive disorder signs.

The consumption method

  • The remedy of Vomistop forms a prescription previous to meals following your doctor’s advice.
  • Also, the doctor will prescribe the dose as per your condition and response to the suggested medication.
  • Besides, a patient needs the intake the remedy for the duration the doctor prescribes.
  • Moreover, you can ingest the tablet fifteen to thirty minutes before food.


  • The prime chemical in Vomistop is the strong salt domperidone.
  • You can eat it normally in the dosage your GP recommends. 
  • Plus, the pill is available in strengths from 10mg to thirty milligrams.
  • Also, a patient’s doctor will suggest a specific dosage as per your medical condition.
  • Therefore, you better avoid taking Vomistop without conferring with your physician.

Side effects

  • Several sufferers can start allergic reactions.
  • Plus, you must immediately tell your physician in case allergic reactions break.
  • Additionally, the reactions are swollen face, difficulty breathing, fever, red-swollen skin, itching, rash, etc.
  • Furthermore, chest pressure, angina, irregular heart rhythm, rapid abnormal heartbeat, fainting, breast enlargement, and dizziness begins.
  • Also, breast lumps, oozing from the nipple, irregular menstrual cycle, change in sensual capability, breast engorgement, and seizures strike.
  • Moreover, dry mouth, headache, difficulty in speaking, the sensation of dizziness, confusion, disorientation, lightheadedness, and trouble with breathing starts.
  • Besides, loss of balance, swelling of your various body parts, skin rash, extreme fatigue, and convulsions commence.


  • In case you are allergic to domperidone or other components of Vomistop, avoid this drug.
  • Maybe you have an allergy to other medicines or foods, shun the drug.
  • Also, you better once intimate your GP in case of allergic reactions.
  • Besides, the reactions break a swollen face, difficulty with breathing, fever, red-swollen skin, itching, rash, etc.
  • Moreover, if the user is suffering from electrolyte abnormalities, renal issues, heart ailment, and hepatic ailment, give up Vomistop pills.
  • Additionally, you shun the drug in case you have gastrointestinal tract bleeding, gastric ulcer, and blockage in your bowel.
  • Plus, a patient must not eat Vomistop tablets if their prescription is medications that bring on abnormal heart rhythm.
  • The odds of an abnormal heartbeat are more as you intake a dose above thirty milligrams or age is above sixty.


  • The interactions can begin with drugs like protease inhibitors, ketoconazole, ritonavir, fluconazole, opioids, voriconazole, escitalopram, erythromycin, citalopram, clarithromycin, and pimozide.
  • Plus, interaction can come from haloperidol, verapamil, cisapride, diltiazem, tramadol, disopyramide, bromocriptine, quinidine, dronedarone, amiodarone, ivabradine, conivaptan, and moxifloxacin.


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