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Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs, Oral medicines for erectile dysfunction or ED are extremely efficacious.

Also, similar to all medications, ED drugs have the potential to start side effects.

Moreover, these adverse effects can be both moderate to grave.

Besides, the ED drugs give rise to hazardous drug interactions and contraindicate with many medical conditions.

Additionally, here you will know what reactions can begin.

Plus, what sort of caution you need to exercise before eating ED drugs.

Thus, you can fight the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs.

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Defining ED or erectile dysfunction

Defining ED or erectile dysfunction
  • The malfunction previously popular as impotence, ED or erectile dysfunction forms the powerlessness to raise a fruitful erection for sex.
  • Plus, the erection is inadequate to complete a sexual activity with gratification.  
  • Additionally, it can take in erections that do not continue for the time you desire. 
  • Furthermore, they are not satisfactorily rigid enough for penetration.
  • Besides, the ED glitch is highly widespread in American males. 
  • Also, specialists give data that above thirty million American guys have gone through these episodes of erections woes.

What remedies do experts use to fight ED?

  • All ED medication pills fall in the category of medicines eminent as phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitors.
  • Also, they take in Vardenafil ( branded as Levitra), Avanafil (branded as stendra), Tadalafil (as Cialis, and Sildenafil (as Viagra). 
  • Besides, all these ED pills exhibit the same mode of working.
  • Moreover, they block the enzyme PDE5 that permits the bloodstream to ebb out of the erect penis and erection ends. 
What remedies do experts use to fight ED_
  • Plus, as these drugs block the PDE5 enzyme, the lightening up of the blood vessel muscles occur in the penile region. 
  • Therefore, the bloodstream gushes immensely into the phallus.

Why do ED drugs begin side effects?

Why do ED drugs begin side effects_
  • In the beginning, Sildenafil the chief recipe in Viagra experts developed for the management of blood pressure issue.
  • However, erections were initially the side effect of this high blood pressure drug. 
  • Plus, this is the reason why Viagra can hazardously drop your blood pressure levels. 
  • Additionally, particularly, in case you are beforehand using hypertension medicine, blood pressure can drop.
  • Furthermore, this is also true for other ED medications about the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs.
  • Also, you require speaking to your doctor concerning other medical conditions you may be fighting. 
  • Especially, in case you are eating medications such as nitrates or poppers are prone to lower your blood pressure levels.

About some side effects of ED drugs

  • That trail of events may accompany several potential side effects.
  • Besides, the highly common side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs take in:
About some side effects of ED drugs


  • Headaches form the highly widespread side effect that accompanies the ED medicine intake. 
  • Moreover, the abrupt change in the levels of blood flow due to the amplified ratio of nitric oxide start headaches. 
  • Also, this kind of side effect begins with all types of erectile dysfunction drugs. 
  • Therefore, changing ED medication brands is not going to help this sign. 
  • Besides, maybe a user goes through episodes of headaches due to his ED remedy. 
  • Then he must necessarily confer with his physician regarding the prevention of this side effect.  
  • Plus, headaches are among the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs that need care.


  • The rise in the amounts of nitric oxide can give some males dizziness. 
  • Plus, this dizziness due to ED drugs is usually soft. 
  • Nevertheless, dizziness is likely to initiate discomfort in daily routine activities. 
  • Additionally, in several rare instances, dizziness because of ED remedies has caused faintness in some males.
  • Furthermore, this issue can become a grave health problem. 
  • Also, a patient must inform his physician if he goes through episodes of dizziness on using ED drugs. 
  • Besides, maybe you faint on using these ED medications, contact your GP. 
  • Moreover, the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs like dizziness needs medical care.

Body pains as well as aches

Body pains as well as aches
  • Several guys go through pains and muscle aches all through their bodies on using ED remedies. 
  • Also, many males report specific soreness in the lower back. 
  • Besides, maybe you get these sorts of soreness on using ED remedies. 
  • Then over-the-counter painkillers can aid you to fight the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs
  • Nevertheless, you better contact the physician regarding other potential reasons for your pain.
  • Moreover, your GP can better aid you to pick a befitting OTC remedy for relieving your symptoms.

Vision changes

  • Exactly speaking, erectile dysfunction remedies can alter the mode you view objects. 
  • Plus, they can temporarily change your vision and can result in blurry vision.
  • Additionally, a user cannot get a prescription for any ED remedy if he had some time before suffered from vision loss.
  • Furthermore, in retinal problem like retinitis pigmentosa you cannot eat ED drugs. 
Vision changes
  • Vision changes or vision loss on a complete basis that do not leave can indicate a grave problem with the ED remedy. 
  • Therefore, rush for medical aid quickly.

Digestive system woes

Digestive System Woes
  • The erectile dysfunction remedy can begin painful digestive system adverse effects. 
  • However, diarrhoea and indigestion occur more commonly.
  • Besides, to aid ease minor issues, you must think about dietary changes to lessen an upset stomach. 
  • Moreover, in place of juice, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, drink plain water. 
  • Additionally, in case dietary changes do not help, speak to the physician regarding OTC drugs for help.

Nasal congestion & runny nose

  • Stuffy, runny nose or nasal congestion comes up as a very widespread sign of ED remedies.
  • Additionally, in the majority of instances, these adverse side effects leave without any medical aid. 
  • Plus, you better consult your GP in case these side effects do not go away.
Nasal congestion & runny nose


  • The side effect of flushes does not appear as permanent redness of your skin. 
  • Also, they normally come up on the face and can extend to other parts of the body.  
  • Besides, the side effects of flushes can be gentle such as rashes, blotchy skin with severity. 
  • However, their appearance can make a patient uncomfortable. 
  • But, flushes do not cause too much harm. 
  • Moreover, flushes due to ED remedies can become worse if you are outdoors in warm temperatures and drink alcohol.
  • Plus, flushes can become worse in case you intake spicy and hot foods.

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