What age do men stop being sexually active?

stop sexual activity
  • You can state that the human guys have seven sexual ages.
  • However, these ages experience slow decrease in the activity.
  • But, is it possible to say something about the word slow?
  • The decline over many years is very gradual.
  • However, it takes decades to complete it.
  • Even some physicians do not approve it.
  • Lately there was a case where surgeon told males cannot raise erection after forty years of age.
  • But, this was wrongly said by the doctor.
  • However, it is not like this.
  • The data reveals the reality is different.
  • As per the National Poll on Healthy Agingconducted by the University of Michigan, it says something else.
  • Besides, the poll says sex and romantic relationships are vital even after growing old.
  • Also, 40% of old guys in the age group of 65-80 are still sexually potent. Moreover, 54%, above half admitted sex is crucial to their life’s quality.
  • However, 65 % of guys aged 65 to 80 accept they have still attraction for sexual activity.
  • In a play Shakespeare says that man has seven ages.
  • However, he did not live to see them.
  • Moreover, it was possible for him to say what age do men stop being sexually active.
  • Now let you briefly know about the seven sexual ages.
  • And find out yourself what age do men stop being sexually active. 2
  • Moreover, things can be more positive than you consider them.

age ED

1-Teenage years

  • In their 20’s, these chaps have lofty levels of hormone-testosterone
  • Research made by Alfred Kinsey further shows that normally they go through three orgasms each week.
  • However, in several instances, orgasms can go beyond three.
  • Germaine Greer said an interesting thing about young males.
  • She says young males have semen flowing like tap water.
  • However, this is a bit exaggeration.
  • But, she further says they have very short recharge time.
  • Moreover, that is extremely amazing.
  • Greer suggests that mature women would welcome it for more pleasure.
  • However, this not what age do men stop being sexually active. 3

2-The Twenties 

  • In 20’s guys have a bit less testosterone levels as compared to his teenage years.
  • As per Alfred, the guy can have nearly three orgasms every week.
  • However, several factors can impact it.
  • These factors are if the guy is in a regular bond with someone or not.
  • However, generally, he is not as explosively active as before.
  • Moreover, they can holdup orgasms for some time.
  • Besides, a guy in his 20’s normally lasts a bit longer than his teen years.
  • Therefore, sexual meeting doe not frequently stop in an upsetting and uncontrolled orgasm.
  • Here it does not apply what age do men stop being sexually active.
  • However, in this age your semen flows and erections come quickly.

3-The Thirties

  • In the third decade the testosterone sees small drop in levels.
  • As per the reports of Arrowmeds, beyond the third decade testosterone levels fall nearly one per cent each year.
  • However, normally an average male in his third decade is likely to enjoy below three climaxes each week.
  • Moreover, in this age he has good control over orgasm.
  • Several 30 aged guys can gladly gratify their sex partners nearly for thirty minutes before ejaculation.
  • Therefore, what age do men stop being sexually active is no question in this decade?

4-The Forties

  • Some small fractions of the drug makers are at present working hard at a scientific thing.
  • Moreover, they are endeavouring to put through a medical condition like male menopause.
  • Besides, they want to convince people such thing exists and needs medical aid.
  • Therefore, they say 40’s disorder needs Cenforce 100 Sildenafil like medicines.
  • Moreover, they press for testosterone supplements.
  • However, you do not come across abrupt drop in sex hormones in males aged forty.
  • But, such condition prevails in women after menopause.
  • They go through this health condition.
  • However, most guys in 40’s still can experience nearly two climaxes each week without medical attention.
  • However, numerous guys can manage well affairs in bed in their 40’s.
  • They also enjoy great control over the sexual activity.
  • Moreover, they prove to be top lovers than they were before fourth decade.
  • In this decade you think what age do men stop being sexually active.
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5- The Fifties

  • On average males go through 1.75 orgasms each week in this decade.
  • Moreover, merely around 7% of guys suffer from impotence in their fifties.
  • However, the majority of guys are capable of sexually gratifying their sex partners.
  • In fifties some percentage fears what age do men stop being sexually active.

6- The Sixties

  • This decade of male’s sex life depends on his healthiness.
  • If a guy is still healthy, he is okay to enjoy sex.
  • Moreover, in this decade, on average, the number of climaxes is usually below one each week.
  • However, several males stop sexual activity in total.
  • Moreover, Alfred states that nearly twenty per cent guys in sixties deal with erectile dysfunction.
  • In contrast, a few lusty guys enjoy sex twice in a day with pride, or sometimes more times.
  • You must not consider what age do men stop being sexually active.
  • Here it befalls numerous guys.


  • There is no dependable record regarding males of this age group.
  • However, males in majority deal with poor health.
  • Moreover, this physical factor greatly decreases their sexual activity.
  • However, nearly 70% of this age group guys are still sexually strong without medical care.
  • Besides, Fildena 100 Sildenafil-like medications are of great help for this age group.
  • Also, these drugs have enhanced the frequency of sexual activity in this decade. Alfred admits they have met the oldest sexually potent male who was 85 years old.
  • He had sex with his wife almost regularly.
  • All this in this decade is possible with Sildenafil and mutual will, however.
  • You surprisingly say what age do men stop being sexually active.
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