What Foods to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Food to cure your ed
  • Whether you accept or not when it concerns your sex life, you want pleasure then use Some Foods to Cure Erectile Dysfunction.
  • However, many times, it is wild and especially something, that often goes on longer.
  • Unluckily, daily work, and stress mainly affect your sexual desires.
  • It brings on many problems.
  • Likewise, one amid them is ED or erectile dysfunction.
  • However, you must trust the reality. That male cannot ignore when it comes to pleasing his spouse.

What ED or erectile dysfunction means

Erectile dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction is the powerlessness to raise and sustain a hard erection for penetration.
  • However, this disorder can strike any age group in men.
  • Records show that one among ten males will experience ED.
  • It can catch him at any time throughout his life.
  • Therefore, it is necessary for you to know.
  • ED can hint at some other issue in many cases. ED can be a sign of another underlying disease.
  • You cannot take ED normal. It has a link with issues that disturb sexual nearness.
  • These problems come up as things related to ejaculation and orgasm.
  • Moreover, it can be disinterest in sex.
  • Hence, at what age it comes on, it is not normal.

Search for help

  • Men who suffer from ED look here and there for help.
  • But they do not get proper aid to ease their issue.
  • Guys, there is no magical thing or food to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • However, some studies suggest that several foods are useful.
  • Firouz Daneshgari, MD, works as chairperson & professor at the case of Western Reserve School Medicine in Cleveland.
  • In this Medical Centre of the department of urology, he reveals something about ED.
  • He says there is proof that foods affect ED.
  • According to him, it is due to a vascular connection.
  • You must eat foods to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile disorders are common because of poor blood flow to your penis.
  • Therefore, foods that make your vascular system better can stop ED.
  • These are words of Dr.Firouz Daneshgari.
  • As a result, you must eat foods that have the main nutrients as below:

Beets & leafy Greens full of nitrates

beet and leafy green

  • Spinach and celery are leafy green vegetables.
  • These vegetables can boost blood supply due to their high amount of nitrates.
  • However, beet juice carries a high amount of nitrates.
  • Moreover, nitrates work as vasodilators.
  • This indicates they widen your blood vessels.
  • Thus, blood circulation increases.
  • Several decades before the FDA in the US certified an ED drug.
  • However, it was the first of its kind. Its approval came in 1998.
  • Many case reports are there to prove the useful results of nitrates on ED.
  • Such studies are already in print to serve as proof.
  • However, ED medicines used these days carry the relaxing impacts of nitrates.
  • They usually lighten up your blood vessels feeding your penis.
  • So, do think what foods to cure erectile dysfunction are useful.

Presence of Flavonoids within dark chocolates

Dark chockaletes

  • The latest findings in the journal Circulation prove that dark chocolate improves blood supply.
  • It is due to the presence of flavonoids in them.
  • Therefore, it can be useful for erection issues because of reduced blood flow.
  • Flavonoids naturally are present in nature. It saves plants from toxins. Moreover, aid fixes cell damage.
  • Findings reveal that different antioxidants and flavonoids show like effects on individuals.
  • Besides, they can aid to lower your Blood pressure.
  • Flavonoids also reduce cholesterol levels.
  • These two factors highly influence erectile disorder.
  • Hence, use flavonoid laden foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

Pistachios with protein 


  • The latest report reveals that males fighting ED ate pistachio nuts.
  • They took them regularly for three weeks.
  • The males admitted important improvements regarding their sexual problems. They found their libido, ED, and their general sexual pleasure improved. However, these gains of pistachios as to ED can be the effect of arginine.
  • It is a protein present in pistachios. It may be responsible for loosening up blood vessels.
  • Dr. Firdouz says this example shows how better blood supply affects sexual health.
  • Moreover, this is favorable news for pistachio eating guys.
  • Hence, pistachio falls in foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

Availability of Zinc in shellfish & Oysters  

shellfish and oyster

  • Luckily, the oyster is reputable for aphrodisiac effects.
  • One cause can be the availability of high amounts of the mineral zinc in oysters.
  • However, this substance has an important task in the making of testosterone.
  • This is the male hormone.
  • Additionally, poor amounts of testosterone can be one factor for ED.
  • A study made by an American Chemical Society presented another link.
  • It shows raw fish bears substances that facilitate the discharge of sexual hormones.
  • Thus, it happens in both males and females.
  • Therefore, you ensure to eat these two foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

Antioxidants within watermelon


  • Several findings reveal that watermelon can affect ED.
  • These effects may be equal to the ED pill Vigora.
  • Moreover, it can add to a sexual urge. Besides, watermelon is full of helpful ingredients. These are popular as phytonutrients.
  • They also work as antioxidants.
  • Phytonutrients offer a great benefit of relaxing the blood vessels supplying the penis.
  • Even if 92% of watermelon is water, its other eight percent play wonders. However, this little percentage is good for your sexual pleasure and the heart.
  • Hence, go for watermelon-like foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

Pink Grapefruit and Tomatoes full of Lycopene


  • This compound comes in phytonutrients that are useful for blood supply. Moreover, it is useful for sex-related problems.
  • Usually, deep red fruits such as pink grapes and tomatoes contain Lycopene. Numerous evidence reveals that lycopene absorption occurs best alongside oily foods like avocados.
  • Moreover, olive oil also comes in this group.
  • Therefore, you must be eating the best foods to cure erectile dysfunction. So, prepare a salad for you to defeat the ED.
  • Moreover, findings tell that antioxidants such as lycopene aid to avoid male infertility.
  • It also fights prostate cancer

Garlic & onion

garlic and onion

  • Both garlic and onion have allicin.
  • This aids to enhance blood circulation.
  • So, too much blood supply makes sure favorable and firm erection.


  • These are full of arginine and omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Walnuts are helpful for making nitric acid.
  • They lighten up arterioles and boost blood supply.
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